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  1. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    ZD Members Vs. Mods Sign-up Thread

    After years of intense waiting and training, the day has finally come for the highly anticipated ZD Members vs. Mods mafia game, brought to you by DracoMajora and yours truly. We'll take anybody who wants to play but we'd really prefer if you'd have played at least one mafia game before. Please...
  2. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    Worst Thing You've Ever Tasted

    For me, it's got to be a frozen milk popsicle. Don't try it.
  3. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    Sampling in Music?

    A recent shoutbox conversation gave me this idea. What do you guys think of sampling in music? Sampling (music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    How do you like your eggs?

    How do you like your eggs cooked? I like mine either scrambled or raw.
  5. Yoda's LSD Dealer


    This is to go with Zenox's Microphone thread. Many people nowadays have a webcam so they can video chat with friends. What kind of webcam do you use? I currently use this little webcam that was built into my laptop. It's not great, but it works.
  6. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    Should Zelda Songs Have Lyrics?

    A similar argument to voice-overs, should Zelda songs have lyrics? As in, a singer? I think that the orchestrated songs are great, but lyrics would add a whole new dimension to the series. A lot of you probably wondering how this would work, so I'm going to give you a quick example...
  7. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    Super Paper Mario?

    Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door is arguably the best game I've ever played. It was a true story, and the Train sequence remains my favorite level in a video game rivaled only by the last level in the original portal. It was an improvement on the original game, but I never actually played...
  8. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    What Buttons Do You Press when Catching Pokemon?

    What buttons do you press when catching Pokemon? Although it's confirmed that it does nothing, I usually press B + up for reassurance or something. How 'bout you guys?
  9. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    Which FF Game Should I Rent?

    Well, Ive been wanting to play a FF (Final Fantasy) game ever since I finished Kingdom Hearts back in '06. So, which one should I rent? The criteria is that it has to be available from Gamefly, and a platformer. (So in other words, it can only be PS2, XB360) Thanks guys!
  10. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    I Just Switched To Google Chrome

    Well, I just switched to Chrome. The main reason was because I had some very- very personal information that was saved when Firefox was my own personal browser. That was when the whole family used IE with the exception of me. So, I switched to the Chrome, and I'm very impressed with the...
  11. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    Userbar Above or Below Signature Picture?

    I've seen both, and now I'm wondering what the popular way to do it is. I put mine at the bottom, as it looks more natural. WBU?
  12. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    Twilight Princess I Ran Out of Water Bombs in the Lakebed Temple

    I ran out of Water Bombs in the Lakebed temple, and I'm at the part right before the mini-boss. I've gotten out, but for the life of me I can NOT get back into Hyrule field. Help!
  13. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    I Hate This.

    Don't you hate it when you get a sequel to a game, (Example, Brawl) and you trade back the one before it, and you're satisfied for a while, and then you figure out the older game was better? I did this with Melee, and Double Dash. Has anyone else ever done this?
  14. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    Spoiler I Just Beat Majora's Mask!

    I beat MM yesterday, and the ending really made the game. But strangely, I found Majora's Incarnation harder then Majora's Wrath, purely because I was laughing so hard I could aim my Light Arrows right, and I was resisting the temptation to play 'Smooth Criminal' every time he moonwalked.I have...
  15. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    Comptetitive Pokemon Battling

    I'm starting out as a competitive Pokemon battler, and I'm looking more and more into one Pokemon: Excadrill. I'm going to specially breed it, nature, and all that Jazz, but I'm wondering: Should I wait until it's evolved to start EVing?
  16. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    Four Swords Four Swords DSi... Wi-Fi Enabled?

    The question is, will FS DSi be Wi-Fi enabled? If it is, I have to say that it would be my all-time favorite Zelda game. Why? The trailers look epic, especially the newest one. I'd also have a great team (-Stares at Heroine of Time, Red, and Kemp-). Do you want FS DSi to be Wi-Fi enabled? Why or...
  17. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    Why Are Good Guys Always So- Good?

    This is a weird question, but why are good guys always so good? Like- when You have to do a quest for a random person to have him give you a random item you need? If that was me, I'd say "Gimmie it kid, I'm trying to save the world here, but with you wanting me to do all the quests for you, we...
  18. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    SSBB Co-Op Tournament

    I will be hosting a SSBB Co-Op Tournament. Rules: You may sign up as a team, or ask to be randomly paired. Every stage is acceptable Every character is acceptable The only banned item is Beam Gun Each match will be best of 3, 5 Stock Matches Suicidal moves are against the rules, if one is done...
  19. Yoda's LSD Dealer

    I'm Having Some Troubles...

    I'm not even sure if this is in the right section, but I can't VM people, and I can't upload a signature. Like, I don't even see a VM box to type things in. Help!
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