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  1. Mudora

    OR/AS Demo Code Problem

    If you're a Pokemon fan, you're probably aware that the demo for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was released today, provided that you received the code allowing you to download it from the Nintendo eShop. There were many ways to receive this code, one of which being that you subscribed to the...
  2. Mudora

    A Link Between Worlds Zelda & Hilda - Names From Somewhere Else?

    When I first discovered that Hilda was the princess of Lorule, and Zelda's counterpart, I immediately knew that I've heard of these names before (together that is). After some quick Googling, I flashed back to a TV show I enjoyed when I was younger, titled Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Within this...
  3. Mudora

    Can You Fall Asleep While Listening To Music?

    Can you? Does it have to be playing softly in the background, or is any volume fine? Does the genre of music matter? Is this usually how you fall asleep? Personally, I cannot fall asleep whilst listening to music. I always find myself singing along in my head and in general, just being too...
  4. Mudora

    Game Help Wii U Youtube Issue

    Has anyone else had this problem? I usually watch all my Youtube videos in the Internet Browser, as I find it easier to use than the specific Youtube app for the Wii U. For some odd reason, whenever I press play on any Youtube video, it freezes and I'm forced to hold the power button to turn my...
  5. Mudora

    Mudora's Graphics

    I was bored today so I decided to give graphic making a try. I was too lazy to look up a tutorial :sweat: but here's what I got: I'm pretty new to this, thus they're quite basic. I'm hoping that I will improve with more practice, and be able to make some really cool designs. ^^
  6. Mudora

    Have You Ever Broken A Bone In Your Body?

    Title says it all. Have you ever broken a bone, or perhaps, multiple bones? If so, how old were you at the time? How serious was it? As for me, I broke my collarbone when I was four, and my nose when I was twelve. For my collarbone, my family went to the hospital where I had two X-rays done. I...
  7. Mudora

    Do You Get Nosebleeds?

    Odd question I know, but do you get nosebleeds? If so, how often? Are they random, or can you predict whether or not you may get them, depending on other factors. For instance, I get nosebleeds, more so in the winter due to the air being quite dry. What about you?
  8. Mudora

    Do You Use the Same Username for Other Websites/Accounts?

    Title says it all. Have you ever used the same username for multiple accounts? If so, is there any specific reason why? Personally, I have. I do it because I often forget my username/password as I have a lot of accounts for various things. It helps me remember, plus it also helps people from...
  9. Mudora

    Pet Peeves

    Feel free to remove this thread if it is a duplicate. :) What are your greatest pet peeves (annoyances caused by others)? My top three would include: 1. People who chew with their mouth open - my mom does this with gum all the time, it drives me crazy! 2. Common grammar mistakes - i.e. "I seen"...
  10. Mudora

    A Link to the Past What Was Link's Uncle Going To Say?

    I looked for threads similar to this and did not find any, soooo One of the many mysterious found in The Legend of Zelda series is what Link's uncle was about to say before he kicked the bucket. The wounded man stated, "Zelda is your..." but never finished. Now my question for you amazing...
  11. Mudora

    Allergies: Do You Have Any?

    I'm allergic to yogurt. Do you guys have any allergies? How serious are they?
  12. Mudora

    Did You Begin Playing Zelda Games at a Young Age?

    How old were you when you played your very first Zelda game? Did you begin playing at a young age, and can now be considered a Zelda veteran, or are you new(er) to the series?
  13. Mudora

    General Modern Guns in Zelda: What Do the Fans at ZD Think?

    Although I found a few older threads related to this topic, I never saw one that directly asked the ZD universe their opinion. If there is, I apologize to the original poster. :) Do you ever want to see guns appear in The Legend of Zelda series? If not, are there any other weapons, or combat...
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