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  1. Din Akera

    Taking a Step Backward in Life

    Have you ever felt that you took a step backward in the progression of your life? I have recently been working 4 different teaching related jobs (after graduating form uni) and with the end of the school semester all of them have ended. I have now gone back to waitressing in the summer, as I...
  2. Din Akera

    Spider Theme a Continual Must?

    I have noticed something with my recent playing-through of Darksiders; the spider theme in videos games is very abundant. I am curious to know the extent and reasons for this apparent pattern. First of all do you think spiders as a theme for an area/dungeon, as well as enemies and bosses...
  3. Din Akera

    Does Fighting/Combat Prowess Contribute to Building Link's Character

    Characters are built through many different aspects of storytelling; dialogue, reactions to situations, body language, background information, relationships with other characters, and much more. In the Zelda series, Link is the hero who always rises to the occasion, usually form a fairly low...
  4. Din Akera

    Gamer Love Song

    WARNING MATURE CONTENT This video is hilarious. The group's name is Tripod and the song is about a gamer and his girlfriend. I wanted to share it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! be sure to let me know what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSqFqhUzutg
  5. Din Akera

    This Meme is About Me..srsly!

    *Is not sure where to put this, is Zelda related, but just fun, not really fan work...* *Mod please move is need be* Hey guys, I thought this would be fun to share. During Christmas, my cousin (who is an art student) stayed with us and we dedicated our time to a speed run of Ocarina of Time...
  6. Din Akera

    Z-Talk: Making Your Own Podcast Segment

    This is your personal invitation, instruction guide, and rules/regulation book to making your own podcast segment to be featured on the Zelda Dungeon website. Z-Talk is proud to display the work and knowledge of the Zelda Dungeon community members and provides a space for them to show their...
  7. Din Akera

    Recommended Book for All Us Techy/Gamer/Nerds

    I have a book for all of you that I highly recommend. When it was first recommended to me I screwed up my nose and shook my head at the librarian. He insisted and told me I would love it. The phrase he used was 'just read the first 3 pages'. I reluctantly agreed and I haven't been able to put...
  8. Din Akera

    Partner Abilities Without Equipment?

    Something struck me the other day when playing OoT3D, how do Link's various partners throughout the series survive the environments Link enters? For example, Link obtains the Zora Tunic to breathe underwater and the Goron Tunic to withstand the heat of the Fire temple and crater. This...
  9. Din Akera

    Best Game/System Receiving Story

    Do you have any great stories about getting a game or new console/handheld? Share them! Here's mine (this happened a couple weeks ago): Little background info: My mom tries really hard to be involved with my life and the things I'm interested in and things I do, even if she doesn't...
  10. Din Akera

    Majora's Mask The Absurdity

    Absurdism was an artistic and philosophical movement of the 19th Century in which theater, art, literature/poetry, dance, and all art forms dipped into the world of nonsense and "the absurd". Movements, phrases, and characters were meant to convey ideas, or emotions on some level, but most...
  11. Din Akera

    Twilight Princess Midna's 'Voice Acting'

    I looked at the other threads on voice acting and found most of them were about expecting/wanting/ or not wanting it in future games and the discussion of that, but what I thought was that, Nintendo did experiment, just dipping their toes, into voice acting with Midna. Now, before you jump on...
  12. Din Akera

    General Art Video Game Montage

    Alright guys, so this is a video I made for a school project. I was involved in a debate as to whether violence in video games effected violent acts in children. There were three of us working on the project and I defended that video games were a good thing and that if violence was limited...
  13. Din Akera

    The Gerudo: The Mechanics of Life

    Alright, so I originally posted this in the article section, but after reading it over again and making some picky changes from some very helpful feedback I thought that it was much more of a theory based piece. I hope you enjoy. The Gerudo: Mechanics of life General Description: The...
  14. Din Akera

    Music Explanation Theory

    So this theory may be pointless, but it came to me so here it is. As Zelda fans and theorist, we do not except the "because it is a video game" or "It's game logic" answer to questions posed about the zelda world. So, the question i received was: WHat about the music that is playing...
  15. Din Akera

    Zelda Art The Wanderers - Reworked

    Alright, I just want to say thank-you for all of your patience. I know I made you all wait. I wanted to have more than just the prologue and chapter one for all of you this first time I posted. So... This is 'The Wanderers' reworked. You will recognize lots of it, but it is important if you...
  16. Din Akera

    Time Trials

    So a couple of my friends and I decided to compete for the best time on the sections of the game. I know that this isn't something that is new but I wanted to open the idea up to other forum members. So here is the challenge: Get a timer or stopwatch. And time yourself from when you gain...
  17. Din Akera

    Your Age?

    Just out of totally curiosity. How old is everybody? ^^ I'll start. I'm 19 going on 20. :)
  18. Din Akera

    How Does the Deku Shield Stop Metal Blades

    So the first example I can come up with is the Lizafos in dodongos cavern. I think that a wooden shield is fairly flimsy and wouldn't function overly well in battle. this obviously is why Link gets the upgrade to the Hylian metal shield. Also, discuss other things that the shield does that it...
  19. Din Akera

    Stone Tower Flip Theories?

    (I couldn't find a thread for this) So when the temple flips upside down there is a major difference. The number of blocks to get to the temple entrance from the platform from the tower changes. When it is right side up there is three, but when the temple flips there is four. I refused...
  20. Din Akera

    Zelda Art The Wanderers

    Okay so this is something I have been working on, the idea popped into my head several days ago. It is based on the TP map (with specific locations from MM and OoT appearing as well) and several years after Link sealed Ganon in the sacred realm. Rating PG-13 - violence, and suggestive...
  21. Din Akera

    Zora King

    Okay, I know pointless thread, but someone please agree with me. THe point of the Zora King taking FOREVER to move over so you can go to Jabu-Jabu is..........?! I realize that his little legs would not be able to hold his weight to stand up and walk, so he has to but shuffle, but really I...
  22. Din Akera

    TP Snowpeak Chest

    Okay so I was going through all the temples to make sure I got everything now that I have all the items. I found a room in the snowpeak temple that is very little and has a giant whole in the floor that reaches wall to wall and a chest on the other side of the room. There are no clawshot...
  23. Din Akera

    Dark Link?

    So I love the character and enemy of Dark Link. I think it is a great concept and a challenge. I have completed the main quest for TP and I was extremely disappointed and confused that he never appeared. (I haven't made it all the way to the bottom of the Cave of Ordeals yet, so if he is...
  24. Din Akera

    TP Goron Target Practice?

    Okay, so i saw a picture of Gorons standing on the side of Death mountain holding targets. So I assumed there must be a mini game there somewhere. I went and talked to everyone that I could find, but no luck. I love bow and arrow games, so I would love to do it. Is this just a game promo...
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