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  1. Woyogoyo

    If You Were a Trainer, What Would You Want Your Battle Theme to Be?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. Me, I'd go with You Will Know Our Names from Xenoblade Chronicles.
  2. Woyogoyo

    Favorite Boss Music?

    So I've been playing Hollow Knight recently (great game, pick it up if you haven't already) and discovered this little gem: It got me thinking about awesome boss music. Eventually I reached the point where I was like, "Hey, that sounds like a cool thread idea." So yeah, here we are. What're...
  3. Woyogoyo

    How's Your Turkey Cooked?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. Mine's smoked.
  4. Woyogoyo

    Next Zelda Game Predictions

    I'm posting this because I'm curious about what everyone thinks the next Zelda game's gonna be like. For me, I think it'll probably be like BotW. Nintendo like to stick with things that work, and BotW definitely worked. So yeah, what do you think it'll be like?
  5. Woyogoyo

    Explosions, Sausage, and Cheese: A Magicka RP

    You're walking through the streets, minding your own business, when something hits your face, covering it. You pull the thing off, and see that it's a flyer. On the front of the flyer is a picture of a robed figure in a familiar pose. Under the picture, there is text which, in big blocky...
  6. Woyogoyo

    Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

    So yeah, apparently Nintendo are doing the Black 2/White 2 thing again. Impressions? I gotta say that I'm not really feeling very optimistic about this. I feel like it's just going to be more of the same. I'd rather see something else, like a remake of D&P, or maybe a new Pokémon Ranger game...
  7. Woyogoyo

    What Games Have You Always Wanted To Play?

    See thread title. What games have you always wanted to play, but couldn't for whatever reason? The idea for this thread popped into my head when I was told that I'll soon be getting a computer with a Windows OS. This means that I'll have access to those games that I've always wanted to play...
  8. Woyogoyo

    A Very Pun Game.

    This sounded fun in my head, so I decided to post it. Basically, the poster must make a pun and then give a topic for the next pun. Here's an example: FP: This is pun. Tree. NP: Arbor-trary pun. Math. And so on and so forth. Next pun should be on math.
  9. Woyogoyo

    What's for Dinner?

    I'm hungry, so I decided to post this. What's everyone having for dinner? I'm having poule pour les parasseux. It smells delicious.
  10. Woyogoyo

    Pokémon Sun & Moon Anime

    As you may or may not know, the first episode of the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime recently got subbed. I would like to know everyone's first impressions. Personally, I'm feeling a bit optimistic, though the new art style will take some getting used to. EDIT: If you haven't seen it, you can find it...
  11. Woyogoyo

    Fate/Venatus RP SU

    Hello. I was reading the Fate/Zero LN when this idea popped into my head. What if, in a Holy Grail War, Nintendo characters were summoned? Since I thought this would make an interesting RP, I decided to post this. So, for all of you who haven't watched the Fate/ series, either go watch it now...
  12. Woyogoyo

    Campione RP SU

    Hi y'all, decided I'd try once again to host an RP. Basically, what you need to know is that this RP takes place in the modern world, however, it's a fantasy. Most of the Mage associations exist in aeurope, and tend to fancy themselves as knight orders. The ones in America are mostly corrupt. If...
  13. Woyogoyo

    ADVENTURERS WANTED (Great Adventures, Reasonable Prices. Apply Now.)

    Why hello, who might you be? My name is Cornelius Clutter, welcome to my adventure shop. Looking for an adventure? Of course you are. Why else would you be here? Well, you're in luck, young adventurer. I know of an adventure that's just starting that needs a few more people. Here, fill out this...
  14. Woyogoyo

    General Art Relative Dimensions

    (( Hello everybody. I like to think that I'm a decent writer, but I have a problem. I can never seem to finish my fanfics because I come up with another idea that I have to write down, and it's too difficult for me to keep them both up. So I had an idea. This. Basically, this fanfic is going to...
  15. Woyogoyo

    Color Wars RP

    (( Hi y'all. I'm back. The idea for this RP came from the book Final Education: A Novel of Empires Both Vapid and Grand. I changed up the plot a bit though, so I have a little less than 1% involvement in this. It looked like it would make an awesome RP if enough people joined, but the minimum of...
  16. Woyogoyo

    General Art Surreality

    Prologue The date was March 17, 2022 when it happened. When the massively successful VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Surreality was released. Its designer, Robert Fabri, said that it would "Bring both history and imagination to life." He said many...
  17. Woyogoyo

    General Art Sword Art Online: The Path of Kusanagi (an Alternate Ending to SAO)

    Phase 1 My first memories are of being in a log cabin on floor 22. I later learned that that place was the home of the Divine Couple, Kirito and Asuna. I wonder how they'd react if they knew that some players worship them as gods? I suppose that's a moot point, because they're dead. Me, I don't...
  18. Woyogoyo

    Magic: The Gathering RP

    You are a planeswalker. There are 5 colors of magic: White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green. White is order, Blue is water, Black is death, Red is fire, and Green is forest. Instead of the traditional ways to use magic, Planeswalkers collect magic cards that can summon creatures, teleport you to...
  19. Woyogoyo

    CandyLand RP

    First off, I got the inspiration for this from the board game Candyland, and the books Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull, and other books/movies like those. There is a new international candy franchise known as Magic Candy Co. It has become so...
  20. Woyogoyo

    The Earth Corporation RP

    The year is 2655. Earth is now ruled by a company named The Earth Corporation. The world's government is now made of a board of 7 CEOs. For the middle and lower classes, life is hard. They are forced to work 21 hours a day, producing The Earth Corporation's products. A rebellion has begun. The...
  21. Woyogoyo

    Superhero RP

    It was supposed to be a cure for the common cold. The year is 2135. 10 years ago, a scientist named Frank Edwards developed a serum that he said would cure the common cold. It did, but for people with a certain bacteria that lay dormant in their blood, it had… side effects. They began to exhibit...
  22. Woyogoyo

    Magic University RP

    Welcome to Magic University. Here, we offer a variety of forms of magic. Unlike most universities, we immerse our students in what they're studying and provide them with practical knowledge, letting them develop mostly on their own. We offer 6 schools of magic under the two types. Our Elemental...
  23. Woyogoyo

    The New Iliad

    Alright, if I can pull this off right, it will be the best RP ever. If I can't, it'll suck. So, backstory: The year is 3013. Humanity has discovered several habitable planets and species of every shape and size imaginable. In the galaxy of Greece, on the planet of Sparta, the princess has...
  24. Woyogoyo

    Redwall RP

    This RP is based on the Redwall series. For those of you who haven't read Redwall, it takes place in Redwall Abbey. Please note that all characters are small woodland creatures. Weasels, rats, stoats, foxes, and ferrets are villains. Redwall Abbey isn't the usual sort of abbey. It's more like a...
  25. Woyogoyo

    ADVENTURERS WANTED ( Apply Within)

    Oh hello. My name is Cornelius Clutter. Welcome to the adventure shop. You want to go on an adventure you say? Very well, just fill out this form: Name: Age: Gender: Race: Appearance: Backstory: Weapons: Other: This adventure will take place in the land of Hyrule. The quest is to...
  26. Woyogoyo

    Mither Mages RP

    This RP is based on the Mither Mages series by Orson Scott Card. That'll give you an idea of the world this takes place in. Danny North has recently created a Great Gate between Earth and Westil. However, he is only allowing a few people to go from Earth to Westil. Since this Great Gate is the...
  27. Woyogoyo

    The Seven Year War Re-try

    Some of you might remember my first RP, The Seven Year war. If you don't, here`s the story: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/f113/seven-year-war-sign-ups-37362.html. The reason it died was because of too many Okami references. Please, let's not repeat that. Name: Liam Age: 16 Gender: Male...
  28. Woyogoyo

    ADVENTURERS WANTED ( Apply Within.)

    Welcome to the adventure shop. My name is Cornelius Clutter. What's that? You want to go on an adventure? Very well, fill in this form and I'll tell you about the one that's available right now. Name: Age: Gender: Race: Backstory: Weapons: Strengths: Weaknesses: This adventure will be...
  29. Woyogoyo

    What Would You Like to See in Zelda Wii U?

    What would you like to see in zelda wii U? I would like to see a game that takes place right after Oot, but in the Downfall timeline.
  30. Woyogoyo

    The Seal War RP

    This thread is both the SU and the RP. Anyone can join at any time during the RP. The RP takes place between Oot and ALttp. Ganon has defeated Link and Zelda and obtained all 3 triforce pieces. A war is being fought against him. While the knights are fighting against Ganon, the main characters...
  31. Woyogoyo

    Middle Earth RP

    This RP takes place in Tolkien`s world of middle earth. Lately, there have been rumors spreading across Middle Earth of a Ring to rule them all created. The Ring is said to be in the hands of Sauron. Gil-galad has called together a council in Rivendell. The council will discuss what to do about...
  32. Woyogoyo

    What`s Your Favorite Video Game Series?

    Apologies if there is a thread like this. What`s your favorite video game series? Mine`s Loz.
  33. Woyogoyo

    Padawans RP

    Ian was walking through the halls of the jedi academy on Dagobah, trying to find his master. " Master Yu, where are you?"
  34. Woyogoyo

    Castle of Intrigue

    Ian finished his work in the kitchen and walks toward his hideaway. He has some reports to go through.
  35. Woyogoyo

    How Do You Think Link Saved the World?

    How do you think Link saved the world? I haven`t noticed any kids in green man skirts running around.
  36. Woyogoyo

    Castle of Intrigue Sign-ups/ Ooc

    The RP takes place in the kingdom of Draaz. The characters are in the castle when they hear rumors of a sorcerer that is trying to take over the kingdom. The sorcerer has several men in the castle. You must use your wits and cunning to find out the traitors eliminate them, and destroy the threat...
  37. Woyogoyo

    Make a Loz Christmas Carol!

    Rules are: Select one line from a Christmas carol, turn it into a Loz-themed parody, and post Oh, Deku tree, oh Deku tree, how creepy are thy spiders.
  38. Woyogoyo

    Padawans RP Sign-ups

    This RP will take in the new republic era of Star Wars.the main characters are all padawans. One day they wake up to find out that there masters have been kidnapped. This RP will be about the search to find their masters. It will start at the Jedi academy on Dagobah. We will begin the RP once I...
  39. Woyogoyo

    Pokemon Art Ian's Original Pokemon Journey

    (This is my first fanfic, so constructive criticism is welcome.) FOREWORD Very few who read this will actually know who Ian is. Allow me to explain. Ian is an RP character I made. He is probaly my most realistic RP character, but I felt like I needed to go into more detail about his past. Since...
  40. Woyogoyo

    Theory on Why We Don't Ever See a Partner Twice

    Why don't we ever see a partner twice? I was thinking about this and this theory popped into my head. We all know how at the end of SS, Fi gets sealed in the master sword. Bt it's her parting words that intrigue me. She says "Thank you master Link, may we meet again in another life." What if...
  41. Woyogoyo

    How Does Link Survive All These Games?

    How does Link manage to get through all the Loz games when he doesn`t eat, drink, and rarely sleeps?
  42. Woyogoyo

    Grocery List Game

    Make up a grocery list of crazy items that you would never actually buy. The only rule about the items is the first letter of your first item has to start with the last letter of the last item of the person above you. -Manure -Red Bull -Cow pie scented air freshener
  43. Woyogoyo

    The Seven Year War

    (( We will begin 1 year into Ganondorf`s reign, The day Liam escapes. I thought this was a good starting point.)) A lone hylian staggers out of Castle town. " Free..." is all Liam is able to say before he collapses. (( I wanted to make Liam seem weak because he just escaped from...
  44. Woyogoyo

    The Seven Year War Sign-ups

    Just want to say in advance, this is my first RP, so I hope it is good. Info: The Seven Year war takes place in the seven years that Link is in the sacred realm. Ganondorf is gaining power. The characters will be part of a rebellion against him, and the rebellion is lead by the living Sages...
  45. Woyogoyo

    Creepiest Loz Character

    Who, in your opinion, is the creepiest character in all of Loz? My vote goes to Ghirahim. I mean, he licks you.:yuck:
  46. Woyogoyo

    Hyrulean Election

    It`s election season here in the states. I was pondering this and wondered, if hyrule had elections, who would the people vote for? so I decided on the 2 most obvious candidates. So my question is, who would you vote for, Ganondorf or Zelda? (I was going to pick Link for the second candidate...
  47. Woyogoyo

    Most Hilarious or Annoying Site Ever

    web address: NYAN.CAT! you will either love it or hate it.
  48. Woyogoyo

    Hylian Manners

    This is what all hylian children learn when they are young. It is polite to: 1. Break into other people's houses as long as you break their pottery and steal all their money. When you sneak into castles, do not go closer than 2 centimeters in front of the guard or you will get caught. 3. Make...
  49. Woyogoyo

    How Does Hyrule Celebrate Halloween?

    How does Hyrule celebrate Hallween? Or, more importantly, how does Link celebrate Halloween? Here is what I would do if I was a hylian. Instead of a candle in my jack-o-lantern, I would put a certain fairy in a bottle and stick it in there. Not that I`m naming any really annoying fairies that...
  50. Woyogoyo

    Zelda Manga

    I was recently re reading tha manga and I was wondering, why is it hardly ever mentined? I personally love it but I am a bit biased because it was my intro to the series
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