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  1. Vanessa28

    Special numbers/dates/whatever

    So in a couple of weeks I'll turn 50. Of course this is a special number (not to me though) and this makes me wonder. Do you have any special date(s) ahead of you or reaching a special age or celebrating a special date in the family?
  2. Vanessa28

    What character can't you forget even if you want to? (any game edition )

    Same as the thread in WoZ but this time it's about characters in any game. So what character(s) can't you forget even if you want to?
  3. Vanessa28

    Static shocks...

    ...are freaking annoying! This happens to me every morning. Whenever I touch something I get a light electric shock. It's not that bad but so damn annoying! Sometimes I have to make my comb wet to do something about static hair as well. Who else have this happen to them too?
  4. Vanessa28

    Yes! I finally bought it ...buuuut so disappointing!

    No, this is NOT about the usual homeshopping crap. Did you ever want to have something so badly and when you finaly got it the item turned out to be something you did NOT like at all?
  5. Vanessa28

    What area has the most treasure chests?

    So currently I'm playing BotW again but am collecting treasure chests. There are areas when the sensor keeps on beeping and I keep on collecting chests. Some places seem to never end and of course some places have respawning chests. But besides those that respawn what area has the most chests?
  6. Vanessa28

    Damn those allergies....

    ....as an excuse when you cry and there isn't any rain. So do you cry easily? Or hardly at all? In other words are you an emotional person? Do you show your emotions or hardly at all?
  7. Vanessa28

    Characters you simply can't forget even if you want to

    There are characters we like or hate or simply are indifferent about because they're...well not interesting enough for us to remember. But sometimes there are those we can't forget even if we want to. Love or hate Revali or be indifferent about him but you can't forget him because of his...
  8. Vanessa28

    Zelda related cross stitch W.I.P

    So I'm working on a large Zelda cross stitch. I've done 2900 stitches of a total of 37620 stitches. I'm currently at 7,8% out of the 100.
  9. Vanessa28

    What is the one thing (or more) you did that makes you proud?

    It can be a struggle sometimes but when you reach a goal you set for yourself the feeling can be very good. No matter how big or small it may seem to yourself or others. What is the one (or two, or three, or whatever) thing you did that makes you proud? It can be anything as long as it made or...
  10. Vanessa28

    Happy New Year!

    In some parts of the world the New Year already arrived. And some still wait for it to come. But I want to wish you all a great 2022 and may it be a really good one! Cheers to the New Year!
  11. Vanessa28

    Christmas is near so what you're gonna do?

    Next week it's christmas. How are you going to spend it? Any plans yet? Me and mr Vee are going a weekend to the South of my country. Unfortunately covid restrictions make a christmas dinner at a decent time impossible so it's going to be dinner time at 1 pm....yikes!! But we won't let this...
  12. Vanessa28

    Watching movies in one day

    How many movies did you watch in just 1 day? I don't know how many I watched in one day. I think 3 or 4 was the most. But that's a long time ago.
  13. Vanessa28


    Yesterday it stormed very badly over here and my fellow coworker called me early in the morning to say he had an accident with his car while on his way to work. Thank God he was okay but his car not so much. He got hit by a loose truck tyre. In the dark it's very hard to spot one on the road...
  14. Vanessa28

    Windows 11

    So Windows 11 is available for download. Of course your device has to meet the requirements. So is this a yay or nay for you? According to some reviews it's not really significant better compared to windows 10 (they say) but microsoft is looking to the future (they say) and then windows 11...
  15. Vanessa28

    What's the time of the year you look forward to the most?

    It could be christmas, Halloween or maybe a family gathering or holidays or whatever. What's the time you look forward to the most?
  16. Vanessa28

    Your fav NPC besides Groose

    In every game we find them, the NPC's. There always will be fan favs. And in SS we know the big Groose is the common fav. But who do you like the best besides him?
  17. Vanessa28

    Tips and tricks

    Do you have any tips or tricks for SS? Especially with the motion controls or button controls things can be a bit tricky. Or just tips and tricks related to the gameplay in general, post them! We like to know :D
  18. Vanessa28

    SSHD help thread

    Although most people already played SS on the wii there are also those who never played it and this will be their first gameplay. Or simply some of us run into troubles. Anyway...post it here and we'll help you out :D
  19. Vanessa28

    EC 2021

    Anybody watching the EC soccer 2021? If so, who's your fav team? It was supposed to happen last year but covid.... My husband is soccer crazy and he's from Belgium and I'm dutch so two fav teams. Although I don't really care who winst as long as it's a good game!
  20. Vanessa28

    Did you ever spoil yourself?

    Well...DID YOU?! Let me explain a bit. Sometimes we need to take a break from things around us and look at ourselves. It's not easy though. Especially when you've got a low selfesteem. But that's not the part I wanna talk about. Sometimes you want to buy something but can't afford it or you...
  21. Vanessa28

    Movie franchises that should've ended a long time ago

    There'll always movie franchises that are dragged out way toooo long. Some that could've had avgreat ending if it wasn't for....THE NEXT MOVIE! For instance I personally think that the Alien franchise should've ended after Alien 3. When Ripley killed herself and the Queen. But nope....they...
  22. Vanessa28

    Color combinations

    So are there any color combinations you don't like? It doesn't have to be the usual colors that really don't fit well but any combination you don't like. It can be blue flowers combined with yellow to name something. Or red stocks with green stripes :D Just an example. So, spill it!
  23. Vanessa28

    31 day challenges worthy or not?

    No, I don't talk about the entertainment challenges. I talk about the so called health or life changing challenges. Like 31 day squats challenge, 31 days diet challenges, 31 days no smoking or alcohol challenges etc. What do you think of them? Do they work? Is it possible to keep it up?
  24. Vanessa28

    Would grandma and Ariel ever see Link again?

    What we see by the end of WW is Link joining Tetra & co to go searching for a new land. We see grandma and Ariel waving goodbye to Link. We know in ST it has been 100+ years since Tetra and Link set foot on wall to the new land. We never hear anything about grandma and Ariel again. So do you...
  25. Vanessa28

    Your pet's eating/drinking habits

    What are your pets eating habits? Do they eat everything or are they picky? Can they make a mess when they eat? Yuga eats literally EVERYTHING. He's not picky at all and he can make a mess while eating. Sometimes I find food all through the hallway. And his drinking habits are so silly. He uses...
  26. Vanessa28

    Do you ever expect Atari to make a full come back and become as big as they used to be?

    Oh good ol' Atari. It was such a big name. I remember when friends of my parents bought an Atari because that was the big deal back then. Atari seemed to have it all until a certain alien arrived and couldn't phone home...... I bet you all know what happened. ET "that selfish lil' bastard"...
  27. Vanessa28

    Did you level all your warriors up to the max?

    Did you level all your warriors up to the max? Currently it's still level 100 but we know what they did in HW. Everytime DLC became available the max level capacity went up. So are you prepared for this to happen again? Currently Link and Teba are at level 100. Mipha is at level 87 and Revali...
  28. Vanessa28

    What did Santa bring you this Christmas?

    Well....what was it? :P I got a sustain pedal for my yamaha keyboard and 2 cross stitch kits but the kits haven't arrived yet. So Christmas takes a bit longer :D I got my hubby a big beer glass, boxers, crocs footwear and a light pad to use for his hobbies. Now it's your turn to reveal what you...
  29. Vanessa28

    Happy christmas ZD!

    It's almost that time of year again. I want to wish everybody on ZD a great christmas time and may 2021 be waar better than 2020 for all of us!!
  30. Vanessa28

    Dynamics/ interaction / chemistry between the champions

    So we got all champions together. Old and new ones. What do you think of their interactions or chemistry? And by this I mean all of them combined. What chemistry do you like the most? I love the chemistry between Mipha and Sidon. If they weren't siblings I would totally have shipped them. But I...
  31. Vanessa28

    Is the mastersword the most powerful weapon in AoC?

    In HW the mastersword is without a doubt the most powerful weapon. In AoC however you can maximize all your weapons to a certain level. But what do you think? Is the MS still the most powerful weapon or do you think they could've done a better job with it?
  32. Vanessa28

    What weapons and seals do you use/ recommend?

    We'll get tons of weapons with different seals. Weapons you'll merge with the same seals are going to make the effect stronger. So what are your fav weapons to use and what seals do you use? What kinda weapons are more effective against certain enemies? And what do you think about the...
  33. Vanessa28

    Are the enemies cool enough? *spoilers*

    Well it's obvious Astor is up to no good. I haven't finished the game yet but it's clear he's the big bad here. What's your opinion about him, Sooga, Kohga and the big ol' Ganon?
  34. Vanessa28

    Did some characters grow on you after playing AoC?

    After playing BotW we might dislike or even hate some characters. Did this opinion you have on those characters you dislike change after playing AoC? It doesn't need to be one of the champions. Heck...it can also be Boss Kohga or any other evil character :whistle: :P Even though he's a cool...
  35. Vanessa28

    Fav Champion to play?

    So who's your fav champion to play so far? I only have played as Revali and I actually like his gameplay. I don't have unlocked the others yet so I can't say who's my fav playable champion. I don't like his attitude but Revali's fighting style is pretty good. so what about yours?
  36. Vanessa28

    The official AoC help thread

    Now that the game is officially out a lot of people are going to play it (I assume of course ;) ). If you're stuck in the game and need help you can ask it here. There'll be many people helping you out. The purpose of this thread: -To ask for help if you're stuck in the game or having troubles...
  37. Vanessa28

    Did you ever name ...

    ......your pet, child, pc, car or whatever after a fictional character (games, books, shows, movies etc) or a real person? I named my cat after Yuga, the villain in ALBW. My cat is red/white and Yuga popped in my head. I think this was mainly because I levelled Yuga up in HW switch and so he was...
  38. Vanessa28

    How do you celebrate Halloween this year?

    So with covid 19 almost every event is cancelled. Or limited. So for those who celebrate Halloween....how are you going to celebrate it? I don't celebrate it over here but for those who do...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  39. Vanessa28

    Eddie Van Halen

    So a few days ago Eddie Van halen died at the age of 65 after battling cancer for a long time. Damn that man could play the guitar like there's no tomorrow! I'm currently listening to his solo in Eruption. That guy was so ****ing good! I'm not really a fan of the band Van Halen but hey I do love...
  40. Vanessa28

    Badges yay or nay?

    So in HW we had to collect materials to create badges which gave us more options to the warriors. Like combo's for wapens, higher defense, more options for focus spirit, faster keep captioning etc. Even though they are necessary sometimes collecting materials was a hell of a task. Do you...
  41. Vanessa28

    Challenge mode?

    So in HW for the wiiu we had a challenge mode which included Ganon's Fury and when you beated that one you inlocked Cucoo's fury. In HWL they removed challenge mode only to bring it back for the switch version. Do you expect a same kinda challenge mode for AoC? And would you like it to be...
  42. Vanessa28

    Do you ever feel like not wanting to do anything?

    Like when I want to watch netflix I find myself watching a movie for just 5 lousy minutes and then quit. I got a ton of shows and movies I still need to continue to watch because I just don't continue to watch after 5 or less minutes. Or when I want to listen to the radio I quit after 5 minutes...
  43. Vanessa28

    Weird things you can do or sense

    So I don't know what precise title I should give this thread. Here's the description: Are there any weird senses you have or weird things you can do? Let me explain a bit more what I mean. For years I have this weird sense to discover spiders. From very small till big. But big ones aren't hard...
  44. Vanessa28

    That's a rip-off!

    Pretend a blockbuster movie has been released and you want to watch it but instead of watching the right one you watch a rip-off and you're like what the hell did I just watch?! Especially The Asylum is known to make rip-offs of movies. It wouldn't be a problem if the movies they make are...
  45. Vanessa28

    When Mother Nature calls you

    Everytime I go to the beach or come near the water I have this strange nostalgic feeling. Or sometimes even melancholy. I've no idea. It has been like this for as long as I remember. When I think about the ocean it feels like I'm floating above it and become one with the waves and clouds. When I...
  46. Vanessa28

    Does your pet show affection towards you?

    My cat is continuously giving me face rubs and head bumbs all the time. Wherever I go he keeps on rubbing his head against my legs, arms, feet. He kisses my fingers and purrs like crazy when I lift him up and rub my face against him. I can't go anywhere without Yuga following me (except when he...
  47. Vanessa28

    Nervous, scared or both

    Doing exams, job interviews, meeting your fav celeb at a con, being on stage. Your hands shake and so do your knees. Is this because of you being nervos or are you scared to death? Maybe both? Or you don't feel any different at all? When I was younger I was nervos and scared all the time but...
  48. Vanessa28

    Your fav summer song/tune

    It can be a song from the radio, a show, movie or game. A song or tune you associate with summer.
  49. Vanessa28

    Is your country/city still in lockdown?

    My country was partly in a lockdown but most restrictions have been liften. However the amount of infections are slowly rising again. My fiance expects us to go in a lockdown again soon. I don't know yet. How's your current situation?
  50. Vanessa28

    If you were to find a portal to another dimension...

    ...where would you hope to find it? Would you like to find it in a mirror? A doorway? Maybe at the end of a tunnel you're passing through? So?
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