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  1. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Pretty sure my time just slowly walks everywhere, waiting at all red lights on the way.
  2. Mellow Ezlo

    Your Favorite Kind of Cheese?

    Aaahh how could I forget cheese curds, I'm such a bad Canadian :(
  3. Mellow Ezlo

    Your Favorite Kind of Cheese?

    My favourite is Swiss cheese, but mozzarella is always really good. I also enjoy aged cheddar, jalapeño jack, provolone, tex mex (which ik is a blend and not an actual kind of cheese), all the classics, though not a big fan of blue or cottage cheese, and I hate cream cheese. Also, @Azure Sage...
  4. Mellow Ezlo

    Favorite Zelda Characters Drawn by Me! (CLOSED TEMPORARILY)

    I have a request! I want a new profile picture for my music channel. Would you be down to draw a sloth playing a Xylophone wearing Ezlo on its head? Your art is seriously amazing and I know whatever you're able to do with this will look fantastic! Have a field day! :)
  5. Mellow Ezlo

    Tristan's Moosic Shtuffz

    Two videos to share! Mostly just random noodling on piano, playing some neat video game tracks. They ain't v good but beggars can't be choosers and me lazy ok time to hibernate for two years again
  6. Mellow Ezlo

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    The last game I played through (over 2 months ago, man I really need to game more often) was It Takes Two. Simply put, an amazing game. A little short, yes, but the variation in gameplay more than makes up for that. It handles co-op excellently with puzzles that are brilliantly designed for two...
  7. Mellow Ezlo

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 510!

    I'd be interested to see the old poll, as I am sure my answer has probably changed since 2014! To answer it this time, I think the Forest/Fire/Water cycle is pretty tired at this point (even after Skyward Sword attempted to amend it with the Desert/Mechanical theme for the third dungeon). I...
  8. Mellow Ezlo

    Being Sick In Public....

    I've gotten sick at social gatherings after drinking heavily many times, if that counts. I've learned my limits since then, though. I recall a time when I was a kid, I don't remember exactly what caused it (probably ate something I shouldn't have) but I let a big one out in the car. It kinda...
  9. Mellow Ezlo

    What new skill would you like to learn?

    I recently took up the saxophone and have been working to improve on that a lot. I also plan to start taking professional singing lessons within the next year or two, as I have a decent range but don't know how to properly control or support my voice. I've always wanted to try writing, but...
  10. Mellow Ezlo

    Best kind of nuts?

    Sugar glazed pecans are the best! Though I can never say no to peanuts. Or almonds. Or cashews. Macadamia nuts are great in cookies though. Also, do coconuts count? Because mmm mmm, I love me a pina colada.
  11. Mellow Ezlo

    Mellow Ezlo attempts that writing thing...

    Hi. I'm not much of a writer, but I've had a set of characters and some interesting storylines floating around in my head for a few years that I've decided to finally try attempting to put into words. My writing in the past has been rather unimpressive, so I've written out the first little bit...
  12. Mellow Ezlo

    Moon knight

    The show has been a brilliant mind**** so far, especially the most recent episode. I really like how self-contained the show is and how it stands out as something different. I'm worried that the finale will just be another typical CGI fest like most Marvel projects are, but until then I would...
  13. Mellow Ezlo

    Static shocks...

    I feel bad whenever I go to pet the cats and feel a static shock bc ik they feel it too lol
  14. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Had an interview on Monday for a job I've been trying to get for a long time. Got an email yesterday saying I'd been denied. I am sad about it. It seemed like a really nice place and the owner and I seemed to have a pretty good connection when we were chatting. But, to be honest, I am just glad...
  15. Mellow Ezlo

    Mafia Championship Season 9

    Fext has received more votes in the poll and can therefore be our chosen representative. @Fext can you PM me your Discord so I can give it to one of the MU reps?
  16. Mellow Ezlo

    Holiday 2022 Release Date?

    This thread aged well
  17. Mellow Ezlo

    Sign Ups ExLight's Custom Role Mafia

    I'll sign up as a sub for now. Finals are coming up but I don't have many so my schedule should be opening up soon. And if it doesn't fill up for a while I'll jump in.
  18. Mellow Ezlo

    Mafia Championship Season 9

    Aight so we have 2 good nominations. I'll add a poll to the OP and set a 5-day limit, whoever wins in that time will be sent to champs!
  19. Mellow Ezlo

    What colour are your eyes?

    This question is inspired by a discussion in a discord server. Simply put, what colour are your eyes? Are you someone with a relatively rare eye colour, such as green or hazel, or do you have brown eyes which are the most common? As for myself, my eyes are a green hazel colour. They were...
  20. Mellow Ezlo

    Mafia Championship Season 9

    Aaaahh okie, Fext is my personal choice then!
  21. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I have taught private lessons before and have been actively searching for work in that field, but even that hasn't struck me as something that would make me happy. I've always kinda just liked doing music related stuff as a hobby or as freelance work, which is incredibly difficult to sustain and...
  22. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Been wondering a lot whether I'm following the right path. I've had a few classes in which I had opportunities to practice teaching, and I taught a clinic late last year. It's not that I haven't enjoyed those experiences, but I feel unsure whether it's really for me. I feel like I used to think...
  23. Mellow Ezlo

    Does anyone even read these?

    Does anyone even read these?
  24. Mellow Ezlo

    Mafia Championship Season 9

    Eh no, we all played like crap, and one of us had no experience with forum mafia
  25. Mellow Ezlo

    Mafia Championship Season 9

    Lynched D1 as maf and then my team got swept :P
  26. Mellow Ezlo

    Mafia Championship Season 9

    Believe me, you will never be able to dethrone me as the biggest embarrassment in champs. Even if you suck you'll play better than me :P
  27. Mellow Ezlo

    Mafia Championship Season 9

    I'd be fine with sending Fext through! I would also personally nominate Ragnarokio.
  28. Mellow Ezlo

    Mafia Game Queue

    Y'know, I think I'm gonna scrap my wind waker game, at least for now. Change my game pls to "Trivia Mafia: Music Edition". I took many notes after my last game and have come up with a few ways to make the trivia mechanic a bit more fair, and I really want to try them out. You can make me...
  29. Mellow Ezlo

    Mafia Championship Season 9

    Forwarding a message from Lissa of MU in regards to this year's mafia championship: Feel free to use this thread to nominate players whom you believe would rep ZD well! Anybody who has participated in at least one game since the last championship last summer can be nominated! Feel free to...
  30. Mellow Ezlo

    Is soup a drink

    Guys please help me settle this most important of disputes
  31. Mellow Ezlo

    The Definitive Apple Tier List.

    I love jazz apples lol, they are a nice size and perfect a little under-ripe. S tier for me. A lot of these I haven't tried, but of the ones I have I'd probably mostly agree. Maybe fuji in A tier.
  32. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Advance Wars: Re-Boot Camp has been delayed again, presumably due to the conflict in Ukraine (the reason given was simply "recent world events"). Seeing as the game features an army based on Russia, it makes sense as it could be considered poor taste, but it makes me sad because I was genuinely...
  33. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    The former! Even my piercer said that in an 8 year career he'd only performed this on males maybe 5 times.
  34. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I got my belly button pierced last week. So far, I really really love it. Pain was about a 4/10, but lasted for roughly two seconds and then was over, and the healing process has been really smooth so far (though only a week in, it's hard to say, navel piercings are temperamental and prone to...
  35. Mellow Ezlo

    First game that impressed you graphically

    Twilight Princess. I was almost exclusively a Nintendo gamer at the time this game came out, so I had no idea about games like Oblivion or any other decent (at the time) looking games so TP completely blew my mind. It was like I had no idea games could look that good. Funny how times change...
  36. Mellow Ezlo

    Have you had the dreaded Virus?

    We've had three positive tests at work this month alone, before which we only had one ever. I felt sick on Monday but it passed extremely quickly so I don't think it was Covid. Unfortunately, unless we can get our hands on the free take-home test kits that every pharmacy is out of, I wasn't able...
  37. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I sad reacted because I sympathize with your teacher. For the most part, at least.
  38. Mellow Ezlo

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Winter storm came through last night which caused my car doors to freeze shut and the ice was too thick to scrape off. So now I'm late for class. Good thing there are leeways for situations like this.
  39. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    This is page 2022 of this thread :eyes:
  40. Mellow Ezlo

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    To The Moon Wasn't sure what to expect knowing nothing about this game, but I played through it in one sitting the night of New Year's Eve and I have to say what it lacks in gameplay it more than makes up for with its intensely emotional story and incredible soundtrack. One of the most...
  41. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Idk why I was happy that I'd be able to spend Christmas with my family this year after being unable to last year, because so far this trip has just been miserable. Christmas is supposed to a happy time in which you hang out and laugh with your family but for some reason I always seem to feel...
  42. Mellow Ezlo

    Do You Ever Find It Predictable?

    Zelda is extremely predictable. Even BotW has its fair share of typical Zelda-moments. But tbh, it's part of what makes the series great. I mean, if it ain't broke, right? Though I do agree that sitting waiting for a boss to reveal a weakpoint is boring combat design. BotW's bosses can be made...
  43. Mellow Ezlo

    Your fav NPC besides Groose

    Funny enough, Groose isn't actually my favourite NPC from the game, nor is he probably in my top 3. My #1 would be Ghirahim, probably followed by Batreaux.
  44. Mellow Ezlo

    double dash cam in cars?

    I've known people personally whose use of a dash cam saved them in court when an officer tried to give them a ticket they didn't deserve. They are also incredibly useful for if you get into an accident that's not your fault but the other parties try to blame you. They can really save you from...
  45. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    This says literally nothing about society.
  46. Mellow Ezlo

    What are you cooking?

    No idea, probably just gonna make spaghetti or something.
  47. Mellow Ezlo

    Christmas 2021 Avatar & Signature Competition - Entry Round

    Putting my entry from last year here as a placeholder, though I will likely make a new one.
  48. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Wait lmao is this a thing? First I've ever heard of it.
  49. Mellow Ezlo

    How Did Daruk Lose to Fireblight?

    What's even better is the blight most affected by arrows killing a bow wielder. Ravioli truly was the greatest archer of all the rito if he couldn't overpower something that was weak to the only weapon he uses.
  50. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm sorry, but this is a really bad take.
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