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  1. Farore's Chosen

    Zelda 2 Misconceptions Debunked

    Zelda 2 is a bad game. It deviates from the Zelda formula and is the hardest game ever! Its bad and impossible cuz I say so. That's usually the kinda crap I hear when being told this is one of the worst Zeldas ever. Lets examine the criticisms against it shall we? It deviates from the Zelda...
  2. Farore's Chosen

    Which Zelda has the smallest overworld?

    I haven't played all the way through ST and never touched PH or the FS/TFH games. So I could be wrong, but I think Ocarina might have the smallest, or at least one of the smallest. Everything is packed in pretty tight.
  3. Farore's Chosen

    Indie to Big Company

    What point do indie companies go from being independent companies to big time companies? Even back when videogames were just becoming an entertainment phenomenon, we didn't classify every new developer as such. Not even the small ones that weren't heavy hitters right out of the starting gate...
  4. Farore's Chosen

    If you wanted to use your rupees to buy something for someone else in the zd store, how do you do

    I'm just curious about how, like if I wanted to get someonea subscription to a special thread or something. :)
  5. Farore's Chosen

    Recommending Good WiiU Games

    We finally got a WiiU this Feb. and have been slowly working on our new VG library. We've already got Mario Kart 8 Splatoon Shovel Knight Bayonetta 2 Mighty No. 9 and plan on getting StarFox Zero WWHD Yoshi's Wooly World Pokken Tournament BotW AC Amiibo Festival Mario Maker What are some other...
  6. Farore's Chosen

    What breed do you think Epona is?

    And the others too, In my headcanon I call them Hylian Drafters. There's a lighter type and a heavier type, used as cart horses, riding horses and warhorses.
  7. Farore's Chosen

    What do you think of having nearly all the lands on one big map someday?

    What do you think about having almost all the lands on a big map and world someday? All the Hyrules as part of one big continent, with Termina, a smaller country neighboring it and Labrynna and Holodrum being two seperat continents in 3D? Minus Koholint and Skyloft. I dunno. It seems like a...
  8. Farore's Chosen

    3D Zelda II: What Would You Change?

    Sometimes I really think I would love to see Zelda II remastered into 3D. This Hyrule is huge, there's plenty of things to find, lots of villages and people to interact with and some truly great bosses and dungeons. But what would be changed? Personally I don't want themed dungeons. I don't...
  9. Farore's Chosen

    Do you like your name?

    Do you like your name(s)? First, middle or last? Me? No, no and no. My first and middle names are old fashioned and my last name sounds ugly to my ears. It's simple to say but no one ever says it right outside of my family for some dumb reason.
  10. Farore's Chosen

    Monster Designs in 2D and 3D

    For those of us who grew up playing the 8 and 16 bit Zeldas first, how did you feel when you first saw them in 3D? Did they hold up to the designs in your head? Did they exceed expectations? Did they baffle or disappoint you? And for all of you who started playing 3D Zeldas first, what it was...
  11. Farore's Chosen

    What 8-bit Enemies/Bosses Do You Wanna See in 3D?

    Even if you hate them, which ones would you like to see? What changes would you make? How do you imagine them? Aquamentus-a unicorn-dragon hybrid like in the cartoon, complete with a skyfight would be an incredible way to reintroduce Zelda's very first boss! Digdogger-How would this translate...
  12. Farore's Chosen

    Less Popular Childhood Places

    We all know Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Sea World and Chuck E Cheese, but are there places you went to that wasn't as well known? One of the places I can think of is Bullwinkle's. I don't even know if they're around anymore. It's like Chuck E. Cheese but instead of having its own mascots, it...
  13. Farore's Chosen

    Zelda Brain Farts

    Have you ever done something in a Zelda game, only to realize you forgot to get/do something important? During my second playthrough of TP, I was about to go beat up Armogomah, when I realized I forgot the stinking boss key and had to go all the way back up to get it. I had just stepped into...
  14. Farore's Chosen

    What are the Main Zelda Games You Haven't Played Yet?

    Sure plenty of us have probably never played the CDi games, or the Tingle, Four Swords etc. but what are the main Zelda games you haven't played yet. Phantom Hourglass-Since it's gameplay is similar to ST which disappointed me, I have no intention of playing it. Buying it, definitely, just not...
  15. Farore's Chosen

    Is the L-2 Sword missable in Link's Awakening?

    I forgot to get the first of the shells at the sea shell mansion. I got the 11th but did I screw myself out of the sword? Thanks
  16. Farore's Chosen

    MM-3DS The Moon

    Do you think the moon might be scared too? I do. I mean its been pulled out of orbit and is on a slow crash course into the planet. Plus whenever Skull Kid taunts it on the tower it sheds a tear.
  17. Farore's Chosen

    MM-3DS Missing Stone Tower Fairy

    I'm missing one last fairy from Stone Tower. Sorry for the bad picture. My cam sucks, but I go there and I can't find any chests. :s What am I doing wrong? Does the tower have to be right side up? Or do I leave it upside down?
  18. Farore's Chosen

    Future Zelda games took inspiration from the cartoon?

    I think future Zelda games may have possibly taken some inspiration from the animated series Sing for the Unicorn featured a cool girl ninja-forerunner of the Shiekah? Kiss n Tell-had an old lady emerging from the wall and this may be a bit of a stretch but perhaps ALBW's painting mechanic? A...
  19. Farore's Chosen

    What kind of teas don't you like?

    Inspired by Mellow Ezlo's thread I don't like Peppermint tea Vanilla is the yuck! Earl Grey Butterscotch Lemon and Honey
  20. Farore's Chosen

    How do you rate yourself as a kisser?

    On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate myself a five. I'm not gonna knock your socks off, but I'm not gonna drool like a St. Bernard either like some people I've had the mis-pleasure of smooching. So average. In my defense I've never liked kissing all that much. It does nothing for me pleasurably or...
  21. Farore's Chosen

    What's Your Astrological and Chinese Zodiac Signs?

    I'm an Aquarius and born in the Year of the Pig. Oink oink. I'd say I fit a lot of those characteristics very well, being compassionate, open minded, extremely stubborn and emotional, proud to be weird, sensitive, self-indulgent and see-sawing between independence and dependence.
  22. Farore's Chosen

    Favorite Boss Fight From Each Game

    What's your favorite boss fight from each game you've played? TLoZ-Ganon AoL-Barba ALttP-I can't really think of one, they're boring, but I guess I'll go with Arghus. MC-The flying stingrays TP-Stallord SS-I don't have one yet OoA-the shadow lady OoS-the one where you play with the magnet gloves...
  23. Farore's Chosen

    MM-3DS How Many Masks Do You Have and Which Ones?

    How many masks do you have right now? And which ones? I have 13 Deku Bremen Great Fairy Kafei Blast Bunny Hood Mask of Scents Goron Mask ETA: I now own the Zora, Kamaro, Romani, Troupe Leader and Stone Masks
  24. Farore's Chosen

    MM-3DS Epona and the Romani Ranch Girl

    So I can only get to romani ranch on the third day and I tried talking to this girl so I could hopefully get epona back? but she just rocks back n forth and asks me who I am. Am I talking to the wrong person? Am I supposed to do something for her? Or is she not anyone important? I tried playing...
  25. Farore's Chosen

    MM-3DS I think something is wrong with my game? Missing Fairy

    I've finished Woodfall Temple but I can't find the last stray fairy. The map says I've gotten all of them, but the count says 14
  26. Farore's Chosen

    Favorite Instrument

    Flutes, Ocarinas, Harps, Animal Whistles, Howl Stones, Baton are just a few of the instruments Link gets to play, whether your calling up a storm, summoning a sassy witch, or warping through time, instruments have played a part in nearly all Zelda games. What are some of your favorite...
  27. Farore's Chosen

    Favorite Little Moments

    Some of your favorite little moments TLoZ-draining the lake to the entrance of the 7th dungeon, hearing the old lady saying "Boy! Your rich!" AoL-getting into Hidden Kasuto and climbing up the chimney, finding the knights in Mido and Darunia rescuing the kidnapped child on the island...
  28. Farore's Chosen

    What do you think Hearts would be in reality?

    When I was a kid, hearts were hearts. Now I think that if they were in reality, they'd be heart-shaped berries that promoted healing/good health and the juice could be used to help make potions. I dunno about pieces of heart/heart containers though
  29. Farore's Chosen

    What tunes would you like to see make a comeback in future games?

    For every song of storms, kakariko village and legend of Zelda intro there are so many great songs that should make updated comebacks. Which of your songs would you like to see in future Zelda games? Nayru's Song-this one may be 8 bit but it totally enchanting Tarm Ruins-this is a magical...
  30. Farore's Chosen

    MM-3DS New Players are you anxious about the time limit?

    I can't wait to try this game but I gotta admit I am a little intimidated by the three day time limit. Anyone else feel that way, or is it just me? ^-^'
  31. Farore's Chosen

    Rank the Indiana Jones movies

    Inspired by the Chris Pratt could be Indiana Jones thread. Timeless adventure, great theme, Harrison Ford's hunky self (I had a puppy crush on Indy when I was a kid), awesome and beautiful locations and each movie had its own distinct voice. Rank em! Temple of Doom-I thought this was the best...
  32. Farore's Chosen

    Ocarina of Time 3D Changes?

    Having only played the 3DS version, I'm just curious if there were any changes to this one besides the graphics? And if you think those changes were better or worse
  33. Farore's Chosen

    MM-3DS What's the Best Dungeon?

    I'm asking this as someone who's never played the game before.
  34. Farore's Chosen

    General Zelda Top 10 Shocking Behaviors of the Hero of Time

    http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/top10/2761-the-top-10-shocking-behaviors-of-link-the-hero-of-time :lol: This isn't my list, but I wanted to share it with you guys cause its really funny.
  35. Farore's Chosen

    General Zelda #1 Most Despised Tune From Every Game

    TLoZ-Death-I'm sure a lot of people do like it and it only makes sense to give the final dungeon its own theme, but I don't like it. ALttP-Dark World Dungeon Theme-I don't like ALttP's soundtrack in general but this one takes the cake MC-Mt. Crenel-meh, I get that its supposed to sound epic but...
  36. Farore's Chosen

    General Zelda Your #1 Favorite Tune From Each Game

    What is your #1 Favorite tune from each Zelda game? TLoZ-The Title Screen-still the best version of it AoL-The regular palace tune-it's a little dark and a little dangerous and its telling you to get ready for a good fight ALttP-Fairy Fountain -peaceful MC-Temple of Droplets-it's beautiful, sad...
  37. Farore's Chosen

    Animals Recognizing Names

    I know that some domesticated animals, humans included obviously, have learned to recognize a specific set of sounds as the names of themselves or other individuals. But do you think wild animals make a specific set of sounds that pertain to an individual? I mean our ancestors were monkeys and...
  38. Farore's Chosen

    Collectible: What Has Top Shelf Priorities?

    When it comes to collectible toys, figurines, curios etc. what stuff has top shelf priority? And who has to hope they get some shelf space? Lol My Model horses have top shelf priority, they line my closet shelf and have a lone cabinet all for themselves. The My Little Ponies take up part...
  39. Farore's Chosen

    Top 10 Favorite Non-Disney Animated Movies

    What are your top-ten favorite non Disney animated movies? Disney wasn't the only superstar when it came to a good animated film. In no particular order here are mine. 1-The Land Before Time 2-Princess Mononoke 3-Secret of NIMH 4-My Neighbor Totoro 5-The Last Unicorn 6-Howl's...
  40. Farore's Chosen

    General Zelda Who Was Your Favorite Teacher of Techniques?

    :mastersword:For me it was the Legolas-ahem I mean the Switchblade clan. I know it was automatic but they all just have such great personalities. :D
  41. Farore's Chosen

    General Zelda Who Was Your First Companion in Zelda?

    Who was your first companion and what did you think of them? For me it was Ezlo. I think he's absolutely hilarious, he has so many little line to cycle through and I love hitting the select button to hear what he'll say next. I haven't played every Zelda game so I could be wrong, but I think...
  42. Farore's Chosen

    General Classic What Zelda Game Took You the Shortest Amount of Time to Beat?

    There was one for the longest now here's one for the shortest. For me it was Ocarina, this is partly because I didn't have the patience to try and get every gold skultula. But it took me a couple of months since the day we got it. :ricky:
  43. Farore's Chosen

    There's a Hawk in Our Atrium Room!

    Isn't it just beautiful? sorry about my phone cam guys. ^_^'
  44. Farore's Chosen

    Used Games With Old Save Files

    Do you think it's common courtesy for people to wipe their saved games before selling them? And do you delete your saved file before you sell it or do you just think eh whatever? Do you think it's interesting to see where someone was when you buy a new game and they didn't delete stuff? Do...
  45. Farore's Chosen

    Which Games Have You Beaten?

    Not including games like game show games, tetris style, repetitive arcade types, etc. any systems NES 1-Castlevania II 2-Duck Tales 2 3-Faxanadu 4-Kid Icarus-only twice and just barely 5-Kirby's Adventure 6-Legend of Zelda 7-Adventure of Link 8-Little Mermaid 9-Maniac Mansion...
  46. Farore's Chosen

    What Was the First Handheld You Ever Owned and Which Game(s)?

    GBA light blue with Yoshi's Island and Sonic the Hedgehog Anniversary Edition
  47. Farore's Chosen

    Which Candy Would You Like to See Made Into Ice Cream?

    It's summertime people! And summertime means ice cream time as a great way to beat the heat with lotsa great flavors to choose from. We've got mint chocolate chip, butterfingers, toffee even gumball. What candy do you think would make a great new ice cream flavor? Whatcha-ma-call-it Heath Bars...
  48. Farore's Chosen

    Zelda Art Links to My Zelda Fanfics

    There's Something About You Description: As Ezlo observes Link he can't help but notice some strong similarities between him and his ruthless apprentice. Minish Cap with elements of Adventure of Link. Alternate theory about what Vaati is...
  49. Farore's Chosen

    Water Drop Cake

    https://www.yahoo.com/food/weird-cake-looks-like-giant-drop-of-water-88509002826.html This looks amazing I wish I could try it
  50. Farore's Chosen

    Ocarina of Time Five Fabulous Frogs Question?

    I wanted to know about the frogs that were staring at me from underwater in Zora's River and found out that playing my ocarina for them will get me a piece of heart. So I'm trying to get them to come out so I can do the mini game but I only see the blue frog and no matter what song I play or how...
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