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  1. Shroom

    So, The Master Cycle Zero

    Maybe I'm late to the party, maybe I'm just seeing things, but I play a lot of BOTW, and I've had the master cycle for a long time. When you first unlock it, you're told that Link is going to get his own divine beast, and I'm paraphrasing, so I just always assumed that this motorcycle was sort...
  2. Shroom

    How Do You Pronounce "Bokoblin?"

    So, I've been wondering about this for a little while now, as I've heard various different ways people pronounce it. I've always called them "bo-cob-lins," sort of like how one would say "goblin" or how "moblin" is pronounced (at least I hope that is how moblin is pronounced), but recently, I've...
  3. Shroom

    A Modern Remake of the Original LoZ

    So I was thinking, wouldn't it be kind of neat if the original Zelda was remade into a modern 3D version? I don't know why, but looking at Zelda Wii U sort of sparked the idea. To see the dungeons revamped to fit the 3D scheme and design, and some new puzzles, but with those enemies made into 3D...
  4. Shroom

    OoT Mask Reactions

    So whenever I play OoT, I always like to see the reactions that people have towards the different masks, and if you have 20 minutes or so to kill, someone actually went around the game and recorded all in game reactions. You may have to pause at moments to read, but I thought it was a pretty...
  5. Shroom

    General Zelda Favorite Fights With Human-like Enemies

    I couldn't think of a better way to word this title, but I'm speaking about fights such as Ganondorf in WW or TP (sword fight section), Bryne (if I recall right), or the more recent Ghiriham, and fights that are similar. Think my most memorable one was in TP where you fight the ball and...
  6. Shroom

    General Zelda Items You Would Have Liked to See Have More Potential

    This happened in TP a lot especially, but I always found it frustrating when you would receive what appeared to be a very cool item, and then find no real use for it outside of the area you obtained it from. So my question to you is, what item from any of the Zelda titles would you have liked...
  7. Shroom

    OoT Just How Old Are the Kokiri?

    Just something I had always wondered. The Kokiri never physically age, but I mean, years go by obviously, so they have an actual time span that they're alive. So how old do you assume the Kokiri are? Saria may have the appearance of a child between 7-12, but perhaps she's already 40 or so? Is...
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