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    General Modern Zelda Wii U - What Should the Next Installment Offer?

    As the curtain closes on Skyward Sword, we look to the future of the Legend of Zelda series. In the more immediate future, we've got an original Zelda title in development for the 3DS alongside either a Majora's Mask or an A Link to the Past remake. However, as we look forward to what is on the...
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    Spoiler So What's the Deal with Skykeep, Anyway?

    The Triforce was housed there to safeguard it from Demise when that spit of land was raised into the sky, to begin with. Sky Keep was obviously created by the Goddess to test the hero that would eventually seek the Triforce. Demise was sealed by the Goddess' sacrifice of her powers, so she...
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    Spoiler Time Paradoxes

    When you think of the timeline split after Ocarina of Time, I can understand how you'd think the time theory in Skyward Sword is off. However, think of the END of Skyward Sword as the beginning of the Zelda timeline. I say this because, unlike Ocarina of Time where Link is sent back to the...
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    Skyward Sword: The Worst 3D Zelda Title

    Skyward Sword is in an entirely different league. My brother is playing Twilight Princess as I have slowly completed Skyward Sword, and I can say, there are quite a number of elements in Twilight Princess that I sorely miss in Skyward Sword. As you mention, this does include a vast overworld...
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    Spoiler Ghirahim and the Final Boss Cutscene, What is Up with That?

    Notice that Ghirahim refers to Demise as "Master", just as Fi addresses Link. The only disappointing thing was Ghirahim's complete disregard for Fi's existence. I would have loved to see these spirits go at it in some fashion.
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    What Are Your Thoughts on Heart Pieces Being in Dungeons?

    I enjoy the added exploration element to encourage players to go off the beaten path in dungeons. Heart pieces are a great reward, but Skyward Sword will be introducing a new reward scheme through treasure chests, if I remember correctly from interviews with Nintendo. Along with heartpieces, I'd...
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    Difficulty System..

    This is my point. Zelda is the phenom of its genre due largely to its accessibility and options. The game can be played in any fashion the player wishes. The 3-heart challenge surfaced due to these options. One is not forced to increase their health, but may choose to do so. In forcing ones...
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    Spoiler What if Did See Ganon?

    Many of us wanted a new villian. I think the Interlopers were high on the community's list of most wanted villians, and it's looking like they may have delivered with Ghirahim. Even if he isn't one of the Interlopers who created the Fused Shadow, he still seems like a very interesting character...
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    Difficulty System..

    To be honest, it's difficult as it is, creating a vast number of puzzles to challenge players, not only through dungeons, but in SS, through the entirety of the overworld. To go in and rehash those puzzles to create even harder ones would be quite the testament if Nintendo were to pull it off...
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    Difficulty System..

    Only one difficulty is necessary, but the incorporation of two distinct difficulties would be a welcome inclusion. These two settings would be aptly named "Normal" and "Hard." This isn't Smash Bros. Seriously, you're playing with way too many factors here with your diffuculty suggestions...
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    Spoiler Now What Does Everyone Expect in the Overworld

    The world is expected to be more dense, decreasing the overall size in order to fill it with life. I expect a more 2D traditional Zelda approach where you must traverse the vast world and fight your way to the Temples and Dungeons as opposed to simply riding your horse/bird to the next location...
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    Spoiler My Biggest Hope for Skyward Sword (Post-completion)

    Wind Waker got it right. The Nintendo Gallery was Linked between continuing saved games, post-completion, so one could take their Poctograph Box through the game before they would normally obtain it, giving the player a reason to replay the game and complete the gallery. Also, the ability to run...
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    A Link to the Past A Link to the Past Remake for the 3ds?

    I see this game being released in the same fashion as Excitebike, through a 3D Classics title. 3D Classics are 3D rendered rereleases of Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. Excitebike 3D had added touch screen functionality, so one would assume they will likely add some touch screen support to...
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    Majora's Mask Majoras Mask Remake on the 3DS?

    Majora's Mask on the Nintendo 3DS? Pros: 1. It has an extensive fanbase, and many believe the game to have surpassed Ocarina of Time. It is, indeed, a much more involved game that certainly includes every NPC within the plot through many sidequests that occompany the main quest, offering...
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    Spoiler One of Seven

    Indeed, allude does seem to be the correct term to describe The Legend of Zelda's take on religious influences. As I mentioned, they take inspiration from conventional religion, but are sure not to cross the line from fiction to non-fiction. If a take on the seven deadly sins is introduced, it...
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    I Just Thought of Something...

    I imagine they will release the date at either a media summit or at the Tokyo Game Show. Obviously, the release date has to be mentioned sometime before the holiday season if they keep to the planned schedule, but I honestly doubt they've grounded out a worldwide release window only a month and...
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    Koume and Kotake in SS?

    Aonuma did mention that the game connects to Ocarina of Time and explains why Ganondorf showed up. This likely hints at an inclusion of Kotake and Koume, as they are 400 years old and are considered to be Ganondorf's surrogate mothers. Perhaps it will bring light to why the king of the thieves...
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    Epona in Skyward Sword

    Unfortunately, I don't see horseback riding returning for this one. Above the clouds is looking to be the hub world of this game, requiring a means of travel to cover the large amount of space. The world below has been mentioned to cross the line between field and dungeon, reducing a need for...
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    Spoiler One of Seven

    Assuming the cutscene from TP is anything to go by, if he is, indeed, one of the interlopers who uses the Fused Shadow to gain dominion of the Sacred Realm, wouldn't he be one of three? Ghirahim's name, like many names created in fictional universes, is undoubtedly inspired by real world...
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    I'm Calling It Now!

    Kotake and Koume, Ganon's surrogate mothers are 400 years old. Since Skyward Sword takes place centuries before Ocarina of Time, one would assume that their characters could make a reappearance. If Ganondorf is to make an appearance in some fashion, it would certainly be through his mothers.
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    Should Skyward Sword Be Moved to "Project Cafe"?

    The graphical specs are too far off. With Project Cafe slated to be even more powerful than the PS3, it would seem an insult to the system to bring in a Zelda game built from the ground up for the Wii. At this point, Skyward Sword has been in development for five years. They would have to...
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    I Have a Theory About Release

    ^ This Horrible marketing strategy. I don't expect to see Skyward Sword until at least August. I doubt they'd simply hold on to it if it is complete before then, however. If Nintendo is postponing release in the spirit of good marketing strategy, I would expect them to continue working on their...
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    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    The anatomy is too harshly dissimilar when comparing the two characters, even if the original was merely conceptual. Not to mention, the spirit, as seen in the conceptual artwork, is seen to be Link's companion when analyzing the d-pad in many scenes throughout the trailer. The "villain"...
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    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    It's funny. The first time I noticed the silhouetted figure in the background, I thought it had a striking resemblance to one of the Majora's Mask Giants. It has a similar anatomy about it, but it is difficult to tell the size of the figure, so it's anyone's guess. That room looks like it will...
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    Spoiler New Trailer

    Anyone Catch the New Trailer from the Live Feed? Well, the live feed was acting up at the time the new Skyward Sword trailer was playing. I caught the end starting from when Link was fighting a multi-armed boss and a fairy-looking woman snapped and disappeared (possibly the Skyward Sword's...
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    GDC 2011 is Soon

    I'm at least expecting news on the subject of Skyward Sword, looking at the theme of the event is 25 years of video games and this is Zelda's 25-year anniversary. That said, it's more likely they'll still focus majority of their attention on the imminent release of the 3DS in the states and...
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    Spoiler Would You Like The Interlopers As the Villains of SS?

    Honestly, I was hoping to see the interlopers in this game, seeing the opportunity in the story as a prequel and our desire for a new villain, but we're unsure as of their placement in the timeline. Twilight Princess seemed to introduce them as three wizards that wielded the Fused Shadow to...
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    Different Weapons?

    ^ This At will, I don't want to see a change in the types of weapos Link uses. Why have a Blade of Evil's Bane if you could use a Great Axe? Especially in Skyward Sword, the Master Sword is quintessential to the storyline, so diminishing its purpose with the inclusion of new weapons would seem...
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    Has Anyone Else Here Completed the Nintendo Gallery?

    I did it, and I've been called crazy for even attempting, let alone actually finishing the gallery. Unfortunately I took the picture of Knuckle for his figurine so I missed out on the figurine of Link riding the King of Red Lions, but oh well. It's not something I will be doing again lol.
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    What Easter Eggs Would You Like to Discover in SS?

    As child Link when you first talk to Princess Zelda after dodging all the guards in the gardens. There are windows in her court yard. One reveals a halway filled with pictures of characters like Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. You can shoot this window with your slingshot and a red rupee will be thrown...
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    It's Official, Skyward Sword Now a Post-E3 Title

    http://www.nintendogal.com/2011/01/28/three-new-games-announced-by-nintendo/5114/ Along with the surprising news that a new Kirby game is already coming down the pipe, Iwata, today in his quarterly adress, told us that Skyward Sword is in the final stages of development, stating that it will...
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    Skyward Sword Demo Music: Not Skyward Sword's?

    It was performed by the Nintendo Symphony Orchestra, who have done takes on many Nintendo themes, producing a plethora of medleys. Only a small section of the Twilight Princess medley was played in the Skyward Sword trailer. The entire song sounds a bit more creepy, finishing off with the epic...
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    The Return of the Moblin

    Obviously with an overhaul to bring such an enemy into the new generation. I'd love to see a new, threatening version of the Like Like as well, and maybe the return of the traditional Redead (I didn't like the Redead Warrior in TP as much).
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    The Return of the Moblin

    They were nearly in Twilight Princess And I would love to see their return, along with the Darknuts, Skulltulas, ReDeads, Lizalfos, and Wizzrobes. What enemies would you like to see return in Skyward Sword?
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    Bosses Gigantic or Man-sized??

    I would enjoy a massive boss, colossal in size to Link, but I will say, enemies his size have always been fun, whether it's dark Link or dark nuts. Zant was a fun boss, down to Link's size, as well as the boomerang baboon. More enemies like this would be a welcome inclusion in Skyward Sword, but...
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    What Easter Eggs Would You Like to Discover in SS?

    Definitely an old man that tells you "It's too dangerous to go alone! Take this."
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    Making Link Truer to the Concept Art

    This may be true, as the 2004 Twilight Princess model changed slightly for his appearance in the final game. His fighting style had also changed drastically along with his voice for the final release.
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    Gamestop's Placeholder Skyward Sword Release Date Has Been Pushed to November.

    Hold me over with a new epic trialer at GDC to get the hype train moving. The game will be legendary if it continues with its delays, but I want to get more excited, and last year's E3 presentation just wasn't on par with the 2004 reveal.
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    Skyward Sword is One of Those Games That Begs for a Fully Orchestrated Soundtrack

    Read the interviews farthur. Aonuma was shocked when he heard Miyamoto say that because they had no plans for orchestrated music as of that point. Therefore, unfortunately, the confirmation is inconsistant. I mean, Iwata had said in 2010 that Skyward Sword was coming out that year. Obviously...
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    Skyward Sword is One of Those Games That Begs for a Fully Orchestrated Soundtrack

    To every Mario Galaxy fan here, remember fighting Bowser? Those boss fights in Mario Galaxy felt so much more thrilling and rewarding with an epic choir in the background chanting to the rythm of the battle. Since Windwaker, the Zelda series has perfected the rythm of each battle's music to...
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    Link Talking Would NOT Be the End of the World As We Know It.

    Giving Samus a voice sure ruined the experience of Metroid: Other M. I think Link's mute character is what makes him a more personal vessel to take control of, and his emotions say everything his words can't. I really enjoy my silent hero of courage and I hope that never changes. Voice acting...
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    Would You Like to See Link Swordless?

    I would assume the swordless segments would be quite the challenge, which will force you to be creative with your other weapons on hand. If we're lucky, we'll get another stealth segment, much like the first Forsaken Fortress visit in Wind Waker.
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    I Expect New Info After Christmas

    Like most, I want the sheer awe of the 2004 Zelda trailer to the point where I once again have chills. I watched that trailer a few dozen times before the game's release. They can still do that with Skyward Sword. I now believe that this may be a summer game, unless Nintendo holds a conference...
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    How Much "Link" Do You Want?

    They have to show emotions in Link due to his mute nature, and I thought Twilight Princess did a great job of really showing off Link's emotions, whether with smiles, sadness, or even evil laughter in the cutscene that shows you who made the Fused Shadow. There was a connection to Link that only...
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    Items from Previous Titles You Want to Return

    Interestingly enough, Aonuma stated that he never even thought of a pegasus until an interviewer brought it up to him (I can't remember the interview). Regardless, I don't think we'll be seeing that as an inclusion.
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    Items from Previous Titles You Want to Return

    I, for one, am hoping for a tie in between the introduction of sprinting and the Pegasus Boots. Therefore, I would like to see some pretty flashy sword moves Link can use in conjunction. Magic would be a welcome return from old games, as well. Of course, I would love the return of many items...
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    Collective Wanted Features Thread.

    1. Magic 2. Finishing blows and Hidden Skills 3. Lots of items to change up combat 4. Lanturn and Shovel 5. Stealth mission without your sword 6. Skydiving 7. Lively world 8. Lot's of sidequests 9. Upgradable items 10. New tunics and armors to wear 11. Epona 12. Incentive to replay the game 13...
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    Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

    Depends on how you look at it. If you want a realistic Zelda, you'd like TP. If you like more color in your adventure, why not love the painterly style of SS? I think both contrast too greatly to be compared. TP had beautiful graphics that rival many Wii games made now, particularly the ones...
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    Sword Swinging On SS... Yay or Nay?

    I hope it's rated T. I can imagine a 10 year tossing their wii remote around trying to swing Link's sword. That, sir, is the true face of horror.
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    Link's Voice.

    Look at the E3 2004 Twilight Princess Trailer. Link looked different, moved different, and had the same voice as the Link in Ocarina of Time. So much changed in the next two years, it's almost a shame we didn't get to play the game in it's previous form, or even in many of the areas shown in the...
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