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    Twilight Princess Did You Like Twilight Princess?

    As a game, Twilight Princess was better than most. But as a Zelda game, I think it tried to hard to be Ocarina of Time. I believe the developers were so concerned with trying to redo OoT that they didn't let TP do its own thing. It makes my list of top 5 Zelda games, but not by much.
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    Should Some of the Classic Bosses Return?

    As I've posted in another thread, I think Gleeok would make a wonderful 3D boss. And on top of that, a 3D Thunderbird could turn out to be an EPIC boss.
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    What Does the Skyward Sword Music Tell You About the Game?

    @nicktheslayer: The music wasn't used in-game, but it WAS used for a TP trailer.
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    What Does the Skyward Sword Music Tell You About the Game?

    I'm pretty sure the music for the first trailer was used in the one for TP, so I won't count that. And to be honest, it doesn't tell me much. And I REALLY hope this isn't the direction they're going with the orchestrated music. Its nice and all, but I do hope we'll be hearing some darker feeling...
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    Countdown to E3

    A new trailer, demo, etc, etc, are nice, but what I really want is some storyline news. Nothing to grand, just a little teaser to whet our appetites.
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    The Ocarina

    I don't think the Ocarina of Time will make a full fledged appaerance, but seeing its creation at the end of the game would be pretty cool. I personally think the instrument will be that lyre like device shown in the GDC trailer.
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    How the Skyward Sword Becomes the Master Sword

    That COULD work, but, to be honest, I always thought the spirit girl thing would eventually...die. Well, not necesarily die, but she clearly isn't present in any other games (except Wind Waker...maybe.) So I agree with the sacrificing part, but as I've already posted, I don't think that every...
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    Will You Watch/ Read Reviews Before Playing/ Buying?

    I will. But only from a credible source, such as IGN. I'm not gonna search "Skyward Sword Review" on Youtube, becuase I know I'll get one of two things: An all out fanboy, who thinks SS is horrible because it "didn't live up OoT, the story sucks, etc. etc.", or a total hater who decided to make...
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    What Will the Cuccos Be Like?

    Cuccos of death, for sure. I mean, come on, when were you NOT bored and randomly hit a Cucco to see what happened? I got a game over on my first playthrough of OoT out of natural curiosity. I was scared to go into Kakariko Village for weeks.
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    Should They Reuse the Gerudo Valley Theme, Only Orchastrated?

    I think it would be really cool if they brought back the Gerudo Valley music, and the Gerudos in general. But I think they should re-do it, kind of like the Kakariko Village theme from TP. And 425, thats a great idea. I would LOVE to see the Gerudo king before Ganondorf. That could make for some...
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    What Boss Would You Like to See for the First Dungeon?

    True. And a 20 meter Cucco would probably mean instant death, judging by the normal sized ones...
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    Hardest Dungeon

    I have several, so I'll list them by game. LoZ: Death Mountain. No explanation needed. OoT: The Forest Temple. Especially when you have to find the Poe Sisters. MM: Great Bay Temple. I got turned around soooo much. WW: The Wind Temple. You remember the part where you used the Deku Leaf...
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    What Boss Would You Like to See for the First Dungeon?

    Eh...that golden statue (Ravana is what ZD has entitled it) seemed to be further in. Mainly because Link has a lot of hearts in that shot. Nine, to be exact. So the logical chances are pretty small, unless Nintendo added those hearts on. Which I doubt.
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    Will You Use a Guide?

    Ultimately, no, I won't use a guide. Save one exception. I've been wandering around a dungeon for over two hours, with absolutley no idea what to do. Before I use a guide, I want to exhaust every other resource at my disposal. But my second playthrough WILL be 100%, so I'll probably use a guide...
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    Favorite Boss?

    Argorok, hands down. He wasn't hard, so to speak, but the battle itself was intense. I mean, for a few seconds, you were riding a dragon!
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    What Boss Would You Like to See for the First Dungeon?

    I think Blazzestarre has a point here. Gohma is becoming a "staple boss", somthing I don't like to much. I like variety in my bosses, which is one of the many reasons why TP is my second favorite Zelda game. (Even if TP's bosses were to easy, but thats for a different thread.) Could you imagine...
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    Majora's Mask Happy Mask Salesman: Ally or Enemy?

    You know, I always thought the Mask Salesman was some kind of...entity. A shapeshifter of sorts. Always just kind of...there. Remember at the end of MM when he just...faded? Creeped. Me. Out. I think hes devious at times, but also an invaluable ally. Conclusion: Hes good with a twist.
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    Twilight Princess Is Magic Armor Really That Maigical?

    I always thought the rupees went back to Malo Mart. That just seemed to be the easiest explanation. And if they go back to Malo Mart, they could be used for a variety of things, from buying more goods, maintenence, etc, etc. Secret to the success? Elaborate, please. Where did the armor...
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    What Boss Would You Like to See for the First Dungeon?

    Uh...Scorpions ARE arachnids. And I was just basing my assumption of the scorpion as a boss from the demo. Your probably right about the whole miniboss thing. I hope the first boss is WAY more epic.
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    What Boss Would You Like to See for the First Dungeon?

    I'd like to see a Giant Rope. No, not the stuff you buy at the hardware store, but basically a giant snake, modeled off the ones from the original LoZ. And speaking of Gohma, does anyone else think that giant scorpion could be the SS version of Gohma?
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    Ocarina of Time When Did You Know It Was Epic?

    For me, it was when I first walked into the Forest Temple. When the music started playing, I was in nearly perpetual awe.
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    As Pikacondon said, the Boomerang would be an obsolete item, with the Beetle being present and all. The last time I really used the Boomerang was during my 100% of OoT, and that was just so I could get all the gold skulltulas. And I suppose it was useful in WW, but after the Forbidden Forest, it...
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    When Do You Think the Realse Date for Skyward Is?

    Well, Nintendo said it would be sometime AFTER OoT 3DS, so personally, I'm leaning toward a late August, early September release date.
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    Twilight Princess Stallord Glitch

    Thats a good method Hylian Knight. I DID save right before I fought Stallord the second time, just in case.
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    Looking for a Consensus: Favorite Dungeon?

    The Earth Temple. To me, it felt like the Sadow Temple re-done. There were re-deads, stalfos, bubbles...and those few haunting notes of the didgeridoo playing every three minutes. The boss (Jalhalla) was kinda lame in my opinion, but the intricate light and fog puzzles made up for that. Over...
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    Twilight Princess Stallord Glitch

    I re-did Arbiter's Grounds, and it never occured. The battle was as normal as it should be, so I'm going to say that perhaps your right about the dust, or it just randomly happened. Thanks for responding! From now on, I'm going to thoroughly clean my discs before playing.
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    Windfall's Theif Disappears

    Perhaps she part times at Spectacle Island. You know, the one where Salvatore is? That was always my assumption.
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    Time to Be a Location Creator, Haha!!!

    The Sunken Valley. Its completley devoid of life, save one lone researcher/scientist/explorer. One of the first areas you encounter in the game. Just northwest of the valley, is the Great Gerudo Dam. During a sidequest, you learn why the Gerudos have blocked off the river. Towards the end of the...
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    If No Orchestrated Music. Still Be Happy?

    As you pointed out, Aero_Dynamic, TP had MIDI soundtrack, but some of its scores were absolutley beautiful. Now, I'm a sucker for orchestra in all its ways, shapes, and forms, so I REALLY hope SS has orchestrated music (as long as its done well). Of course, if it doesn't, I'll be disappointed...
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    Twilight Princess Stallord Glitch

    This isn't urgent (because I've already turned the game off), but I was just wondering if you guys have ever encountered this EXTREMELY frustrating Stallord glitch. So, I'm in the middle of my battle with Stallord (1st phase). I've already hit him twice, and then, out of no where, the pillar...
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    Zelda Maybe Racist....(caution for Easily Offended)

    I agree with Hanyou 100%. If was going to cry "racism" about Zelda, it would be because of the fact Ganondorf dies, not because hes evil. And as Hanyou also stated, Ganondorf knid of stands alone among the Gerudo because he's pure evil. The Gerudo may be theives, but I believe at their core...
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    Dungeon/temple Creator:D

    This is kind of my dream "final dungeon", so bear with me. Name: Fortress Of The Dark Interlopers. Think of Gerudo Fortress from OoT, but only with a darker feel. Item: The Staff of the Interlopers (title subject to change) Kind of like the magic cane from the original LoZ, but a lot more...
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    Places You'd Like to See in Skyward Sword's Hyrule

    Personally, I'd like to see the Great Deku Tree from OoT planted, and the origins of the Kokiri. Oh!!!!!!! New theory alert: What if, in order for the Great Deku Tree to grow, you had to clear Kokiri forest of evil? What if Kokiri forest is the forest themed temple in SS!? I think that would...
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    Should SS Have New Items What Would You Like to See

    Personally, I prefered the Clawshot to the Hookshot. Just because you didn't have to immediatly let go after you've used it. You could hang on the wall and get your bearings before dropping down and fighting. So if Nintendo decided to have the Clawshot (or double Clawshots for that matter)...
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    Should SS Have New Items What Would You Like to See

    I would agree with you, Link1017, except for one, crucial point. Switching items no longer interupts gameplay. So you could be fighting a boss, and while your running, switch from bombs to bow in an instant. So you no longer have to stop to switch items anymore, which to me seems a vast...
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    Should SS Have New Items What Would You Like to See

    @dadude1200: A conducters baton was present in The Wind Waker. It WAS the Wind Waker. Well, my main wish was the return of the whip, which was fulfilled E3 of last year. But...I would like to see some sort of electric device. Kind of like the Dominion Rod, except it shoots a burst of...
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    What Does Zelda Mean to You

    Wow, this is, like, a nightmare thread. You're basically asking me "what would you do without that one thing that allows to escape from everyday life?" Yeah, I'd freak out, cringe on the floor and keep murmering "struck by lightning...struck by lightning..." What keeps me interested? The fact...
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    Favorite Soundtrack?

    WW, only because of the staff credits music. It was so beautiful...it really made you feel as if something great was truly lost, but at the same time it gave you hope that something better would eventually come along.
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    What 3 Would You Pick?

    The Biggorons Sword (because it does soooooooo much damage), Blue Potion, and The Fierce Deity's Mask.
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    Is twilight princess worth playing?

    I know how you feel. After playing with Wolf Link for about an hour, I became...well, to be frank, bored. But trust me, as the game progresses, you'll begin to enjoy it more. Promise. :)
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    Which Game Comes First for You in the Zelda Timeline; Why?

    SS for me. Even before I was introduced to the timeline theories, I always sort of placed OoT first. So if the develepors say SS is before OoT, thats the first (timeline wise) for me.
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    Skyloft Vs. Hyrule

    I tend to think of the the relation between Skyloft and Hyrule to be somewhat like that of the Light Realm and the Twilight Realm. In otherwords, as the game progresses, you visit Skyloft less and less. I do hope thats not the case, though.
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    What is Your Fav Island??

    I really like Outset and Windfall. I liked Outset because of the home type feeling to it. Kind of like Ordon Village, but smaller. Windfall because of its variety of characters. From Maggie, the girl in love with a moblin, to the crazy old man obsessed with pictographs. Good times.
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    What Type of Graphics Do You Prefer in the Zelda Games?

    A combination of WW and TP, aka SKYWARD SWORD!
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    Will the Horrific Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Affect the Release of Skywardsword?

    I agree with Meego7 and arkvoodle. Skyward Sword should be the last of our concerns at this point. I'd rather the game be cancelled than a nuclear power plant go critical. Think of all the people who lost their lives, homes, and loved ones!
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    OOT Link Vs. TP Link

    From my point of view, TP Link. Because he had more to lose, thus a greater motive to fight.
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    Skyward Sword Creature

    As far as travel goes, I'm leaning more towards teleportation than anything else.
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    Ocarina of Time Where Did You Get Stuck the First Time You Played Through OoT?

    The Bottom of the Well. So...many...holes...in...the...FLOOR!!!!!!!!!
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    How Can Ganondorf Be the Main Villain of Skyward Sword?

    I couldn't see Ganon(dorf) as the villain, but I COULD see him making a brief appearance in the game. The game could end with his birth, or a prophecy that predicts the events of OoT.
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    Twilight Princess Floor 49 in the Cave of Ordeals

    If you have a bunch of rupees, use the magic armor for as long as possible. After that, I find bomb arrows helpful. If push comes to shove, try to draw one away from the crowd.
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