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    China limiting videogaming hours for kids. Do you really care?

    I dont care since I dont live in China anyway. I understand them limiting gaming hours since its the school year for kids over in China but its really not important news for us in the USA anyway
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    What's the weirdest bonkers vampire movie from the late 1980s to mid 1990s?

    out of these vamire movies which one or at least two do you think are the weirdest and bonkers vampire movie/movies? Love at First Bite even though its a 1979 flick it still counts as a 1980 flick since it would be on HBO all the time and for VHS rentals Once Bitten Vampire's Kiss Innocent...
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    Things that your DVD or blu ray players do when you have a DVD disc in it

    I still have an old Apex brad DVD player since 2003 and when I press stop when Im done watching a movie, all the time or for certain movies like Sam Raimi's Spider-Man there will always be a themed background wallpaper or whatever theyre called. I think its neat when certain brands for DVD...
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    Researcher act surprised and horrorfied that 200 year old turtoises are eating baby birds

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/totally-surprising-rather-horrifying-giant-115907583.html So, since researchers assume that 200 year old turtoises aka giant turtles are herbivores they only eat plants and leaves, the giant turtoises are going around eating stranded baby birds. Stupid researchers...
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    Comic books. What new stuff do you read and what old/new comics do you like?

    New stuff I dont mind reading recently is the new Avengers comic and Im still busy with reading Image Comics' Regression and Gideon Falls and Snotgirl. Old Marvel stuff I love and buy back issues of from the comic book shop are stuff I grew up with back in the 1980s Power Pack Alf Alpha Flight...
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    Escape Room movie and Nerve. What the hell is up with these movies?

    So, whats with the hype/craze for these life or death movies such as Escape Room and Nerve? They trying to be like the new The Game for younger kids these days or something?
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    Anyone recently hear of a missing EIP stimulus thing?

    Just this morning in the mail I got a letter where it claims there's some missing EIP stimulus thats going on or something. its gotta be a scam or something since I never heard of such a thing. Everyone had the previous 3 stimulus check money months ago and then there's the recent current...
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    Movies that are 20 years old now and aged pretty good still great to watch

    Saw Saw 2 Saw 3 Shadow of the Vampire Treasure Planet Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring One Hour Photo Super Troopers Fantastic Four Fantastic Four Rise of Silver Surfer Spider-Man Spider-Man 2 Freddy vs Jason 28 Days Later Dog Soldiers X-Men X-Men 2 United
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    Movie that had the best gory VHS front covers

    Headless Eyes has the best old VHS front cover art that is a bit gory and scary
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