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    General Modern Zelda Wii U - What Should the Next Installment Offer?

    As the curtain closes on Skyward Sword, we look to the future of the Legend of Zelda series. In the more immediate future, we've got an original Zelda title in development for the 3DS alongside either a Majora's Mask or an A Link to the Past remake. However, as we look forward to what is on the...
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    It's Official, Skyward Sword Now a Post-E3 Title

    http://www.nintendogal.com/2011/01/28/three-new-games-announced-by-nintendo/5114/ Along with the surprising news that a new Kirby game is already coming down the pipe, Iwata, today in his quarterly adress, told us that Skyward Sword is in the final stages of development, stating that it will...
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    The Return of the Moblin

    They were nearly in Twilight Princess And I would love to see their return, along with the Darknuts, Skulltulas, ReDeads, Lizalfos, and Wizzrobes. What enemies would you like to see return in Skyward Sword?
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    Skyward Sword is One of Those Games That Begs for a Fully Orchestrated Soundtrack

    To every Mario Galaxy fan here, remember fighting Bowser? Those boss fights in Mario Galaxy felt so much more thrilling and rewarding with an epic choir in the background chanting to the rythm of the battle. Since Windwaker, the Zelda series has perfected the rythm of each battle's music to...
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    Items from Previous Titles You Want to Return

    I, for one, am hoping for a tie in between the introduction of sprinting and the Pegasus Boots. Therefore, I would like to see some pretty flashy sword moves Link can use in conjunction. Magic would be a welcome return from old games, as well. Of course, I would love the return of many items...
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    I Expect New Info After Christmas

    But that's as far as my speculations can be taken. They may have promised an early, 2011 release, but I'm feeling more of a mid, Spring-Summer release based on the boost in Nintendo's 2010 fiscal year profits due to the release of the Nintendo 3DS before March 31, 2011. Zelda may have to be...
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    Stylish Sword Maneuvers

    We saw it in TP in the form of Link sheathing his sword in style after defeating an imposing enemy. What new ideas will be thrown at us in SS? Will we see special maneuvers in swordplay such as the Finishing Blow or Back Slice? How about new and stylish ways to sheath or draw your sword. Say...
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