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  1. Storm_Echo

    The Blazing Black Dragon, Master of Elements, Alatreon!

    Everyone, this is a public service announcement: The Iceborne DLC will, as of tomorrow evening (Pacific Time), be home to the ultimate Elder Dragon of Elements, Alatreon! Originally the final boss of Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, Alatreon has left a strong impression on anyone who's fought...
  2. Storm_Echo

    Official MinMin Appreciation Post

    Let's all applaud Nintendo for taking a total left-field character from a unique and underappreciated game, and turning out one of the wackiest and most entertaining movesets ever seen in Smash Bros! I know she only just came out, but I'm already adjusting my "list of mains" to include MinMin!
  3. Storm_Echo

    Minecraft Hardcore Factions, anyone?

    Have any of you played Minecraft on a Factions server? I spent most of my late high school / early college years on a hardcore factions server, loved the ability to claim land and make enemies and allies out of anyone and everyone, plus the risk of death and being raided at every corner. I was...
  4. Storm_Echo

    Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game!

    I've played Yugioh for about 6 years now, sometimes very hardcore and sometimes very casual, and always greatly enjoyed the game. I thought I'd ask if anyone here on ZD feels the same! What are your favorite decks? Do you still play currently, or just have cards lying around from back in the...
  5. Storm_Echo

    Favorite re-occurring item in Zelda?

    What are your favorite items that keep popping up from game to game? Things like Bombs, the Hookshot, Boomerang, Bow, Magic Rods of various kinds, world-warping items such as the Magic Mirror, are all fair game! Personally,one of my favorite items is the Korok Leaf, but since that isn't...
  6. Storm_Echo

    Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang!

    Who here has fought the returning variant monsters in Monster Hunter: World so far? I have to say I REALLY appreciate their attention to detail with the Brachy fight, I loved him in 3 Ultimate as the flagship and even moreso when Raging first appeared in 4, but his World showing truly lays the...
  7. Storm_Echo

    Storm's Top 6 Videogames from the last year

    This list will include ONLY games I played since 2019, and will thusly only rank those games among others from 2019 and early 2020. No all-inclusive top 20 (yet!) 6. League of Legends. This game has somehow managed to stay in my gaming wheelhouse for 6 years running now, and every time I...
  8. Storm_Echo

    The life (and death) of advanced technology in Zelda

    I would like to explore the somewhat jarring presence of hyper-advanced technologies in a world of high-fantasy sworsdmen, farmers, and monsters. First, the facts: 1. Highly advanced technologies exist in Zelda. Examples include forcefields, lasers, electricity, fully-autonomous robots...
  9. Storm_Echo

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons in 11 days!!

    I was curious who all will be getting the new much-hyped Animal Crossing title for the Switch on March 20th, I'll be picking up a copy myself and would love some good-natured classic town / village / island building gameplay! Is anyone here planning to pick this one up on release? We could be...
  10. Storm_Echo

    First Pokemon Stories!

    Hello all, let's talk about our Pokemon "Firsts"! First shinies, first starter, first game, first anything! I'll go "first!" My first-ever Shiny pokemon was a Zubat in the Oreburgh Mine on... my friends copy of Diamond version. Naturally I let him keep it, only to have a dry run of 0...
  11. Storm_Echo

    Storm Echo's Video and Content Post!

    Hello all, this thread will be a home for my videos. I'm currently aiming for weekly or semi-weekly releases as real life allows, so keep an eye out here! I have a content and ideas thread made for ZD member input here! Please use it, I have LOADS of games and gaming experience and want to...
  12. Storm_Echo

    Storm Echo's Video Suggestions and Ideas Thread

    This thread will be a place for you all to offer up anything you would want to see covered in a gameplay video on my channel. I want to work for you guys, making content and chatting about what you all enjoy. Currently I plan to be a channel with extreme variety, so pretty much any videogame...
  13. Storm_Echo

    [BotW] A fun foray into the Master Mode Great Plateau (by me!)

    Hello everyone, Storm Echo here. I'm a new member to this forum, but I'm already loving the vibe. I figured I would contribute my video that I wrapped up this morning, featuring a cut of funny things that happened during my natural gameplay on the Great Plateau, in my first return to Breath...
  14. Storm_Echo

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Casual Battling

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the site, but I have been enjoying making teams and battling them in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Let's have this be a place to discuss teams and strategies, and possibly even share link battle codes for casual battles! (no friend code required!) I'll start with my...
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