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  1. Aero_Dynamic

    Decision on Xenoblade Chronices

    Hi guys, sorry i've been away for so long! Anyways, i've been wondering whether or not to get Xenoblade Chronicles. I've seen Zelda Informer's (long ago) angry rant about it, and glorious praise from IGN, and many other critics. Honestly, I don't know what to choose! Game looks...
  2. Aero_Dynamic

    Zelda Dungeon Gave Me a Virus!

    Hi guys, some of you may know me, some may not. As the topic says, I was simply browsing the main page and looking at the new topic of the "Skyward Sword manga". When I clicked it, it took a few seconds to boot up then I got a virus. After that I had to reset my PC to factory settings...
  3. Aero_Dynamic

    Was It Really That Bad?

    Yeah, I just got Skyward Sword yesterday, and it's great! Music is grand, controls are superb, graphics can sometimes get dull in some places, but other than that it looks good looking too. I've only played 5 hours so far, and the story, characters, puzzles and combat is excellent. But...
  4. Aero_Dynamic

    Spoiler Really Funny Cutscene!

    Hi guys, Aero here, and I don't know if some of you saw this already, but I thought i'd share it with you anyways. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FatSToeahHI&feature=related I'll have the video explain itself. And beware of potential spoilers! I'll just have this...
  5. Aero_Dynamic

    Pre-Ordering Concern

    Hi guys, this is a fairly short thread, but it's been bugging me a lot lately: I was wondering, should I pre-order SS limited edition now, or wait till like... the beginning of October. Is there any difference to pre-ordering now or later? I mean, if I don't pre-order now, will it...
  6. Aero_Dynamic

    Knight Dialogue

    While skimming through some Skyward Sword videos on YouTube, I found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZsCHMLQiRE&feature=player_detailpage#t=43s Jump to 0:42 to see him. This Knight tell's us, "Watch your step! You can't depend on knights like me to swoop in and save you." I just...
  7. Aero_Dynamic

    Bird Riders and Hero's Clothes Suggestion

    Hi guys! Aero_Dynamic here, with a new (might not be new to some of you who thought this) theory! Well, it's not much of a deep theory, but it's just a simple thought that came into my head. Anyways, I have an answer (theorized answer people!) of how Link could probably get the...
  8. Aero_Dynamic

    E3 Dungeon Speed Run

    Hey guys, Aero here. Anyways, I found a video of someone actually successfully completed the dungeon. In the video, there are numerous areas of the dungeon i've never seen, and is very interesting. The video is in the Official Nintendo Magazine website, so heres a link to the site and video...
  9. Aero_Dynamic

    Link's Partner

    Hey guys, this thread is about Link's Partner, or "Phi" and/or "Fi". (Name please?) Anyways I found a video of her and a picture that I thought was pretty interesting, check them out: Ps. Sorry if the picture is so small. And here's the video...
  10. Aero_Dynamic

    Crispy Clear Skyward Sword Demo Gameplay

    Hi guys, I was surfing through the web and I found 2 newly posted videos of previously seen gameplay, but with clear sound. The videos are from IGN and I found it through Zelda Informer, so credit goes to them. Here's one of the Sky Temple demo:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIkN40yiuzw...
  11. Aero_Dynamic

    Skyward Sword is ONLY for the Wii

    Hey guys, Aero here. I've been seeing some recent talk about Skyward Sword being on the "Wii 2". Well, we can very assume that it won't be on the "Wii 2". There are many reasons, but they have already been posted on the other threads and websites that talk about it. To get to the point, I...
  12. Aero_Dynamic

    Side-scrolling or Running Dungeon Idea

    I've been having an idea that is familiar with some side-scrolling games that make you run from something. Kinda like in DKCR when you have to run from a zillion spiders: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpdE29Xy-hE Anyways, I was thinking of an idea for a dungeon like that, and it would have...
  13. Aero_Dynamic

    If No Orchestrated Music. Still Be Happy?

    It's been a while since a made a post but here it is! Well, Shigeru Miyamoto said a long while ago (around or after E3) that he would want to give Skyward Sword orchestrated music, because they want to give it orchestrated music just like they did with SMG2 and the team is excited for it. It...
  14. Aero_Dynamic

    Rate the User Name

    Ah yes, a new rate the ___ game. Based off the other rate the ___ games. As for this, you rate from 0/10. to 10/10 (i'm sure you already know how to play) for the person's name above you Since there is no one above me, your turn then! ~Aero_Dynamic
  15. Aero_Dynamic

    Wii Remote Sound Effects?

    Yeah, I was kinda wondering if we are going to have sound effects come out of the remote like in Twilight Princess, not that it has been confirmed yet but I wanna know your opinion. In Twilight Princess, there were sound effects for slashing, item equipping, using the items, and the oh-so-famous...
  16. Aero_Dynamic


    This game is a reaction-type game, first, watch this video. Now pretend that was you saying NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now write write the reason why, it can be any reason, one that is based on something real, or something you made up. First, you must or should write "My reaction to/when"...
  17. Aero_Dynamic

    Skyward Sword is Over Half Complete

    I've read a recent interview on Pocket-Lint of Shigeru Miyamoto telling why Nintendo is still the dominant head over motion controls and 2 small parts caught my eye, one of them says that by the time when they were interviewing Mr. Miyamoto, the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is over half...
  18. Aero_Dynamic

    How Do You Pre-order?

    This is probably a really dumb question (in my opinion) but I want to know how you pre-order. It's been a while since I've pre-ordered, and I forgot how to do it. Can someone tell me how? Like, when you go to GameStop (random place) do I ask them I want to pre-order so and so, and then what? And...
  19. Aero_Dynamic

    Skydiving Mechanic Controls

    So as we all know, Link will be skydiving. I know he will. Some people speculate that he'll just teleport or something, but Link WILL skydive, because at the end of the trailer, they give us a hint when Link JUMPS off the cliff and starts falling. That is a very good indication that he will...
  20. Aero_Dynamic

    Nintendo's Pretty Quiet... Why?

    I've been wondering, why is Nintendo rediculously quiet on Skyward Sword? They've been giving out info on many of the other games, heck they even give a release date (sort of) for the 3DS for crying out loud! It's been about 5 1/2 (or 6) months already since we've seen anything new. I understand...
  21. Aero_Dynamic


    I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to see fishing in Skyward Sword. It worked pretty well in Twilight Princess, and I enjoyed it a lot. It could work even better in Skyward Sword with Wii Motion Plus/Wii Remote Plus. It would be a nice "minigame" for Skyward Sword. So What do you think...
  22. Aero_Dynamic

    Possible to Email Nintendo?

    I'm pretty sure it is possible, could someone tell me a way to contact them via Yahoo! Email? Or some other way? I wanna ask them something.
  23. Aero_Dynamic

    The Beetle Item Found in the Fire Temple

    Yo everyone, I'm back with a new theory that I'd thought you would find interesting. I believe that the Beetle item, as we know it, will be acquired in the "Fire Temple" I've been watching the trailers we have so far, and by looking at the some of the new pictures, I have come with a theory of...
  24. Aero_Dynamic

    January, to See Something New or Game Release

    As many of you know, USA Today asked Shigeru Miyamoto if he can reveal anything new for The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, and all he said was: “We haven’t prepared any press releases since the last one so there is nothing I can reveal that is new other than to say we are working on it and it...
  25. Aero_Dynamic

    Do You Recommend Super Scribblenauts?

    Yeah, my birthday is coming soon, well, 20 more days. Anyway, I'm thinking of getting Super Scribblenauts. To some of you who may have it, do you recommend it? Also, what games would you recommend me to get that aren't so freakin expensive or not M rated? Thanks guys!
  26. Aero_Dynamic

    Interesting Things I Noticed

    Hi everyone, I recently watched a presentation of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword at Paris Games Week. Heres the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx2qIYp3uXo And, here are the new things I have noticed: On the slope where you have to dash to ascend it, there are these 2-3 rather...
  27. Aero_Dynamic

    Time Travel Speculation, a Rumor, or Possibility Now?

    I remember, before Skyward Sword was announced, was that time travel theory and that it was going to be in the game. I was simply wondering, do some of you people still believe in this theory, or have another idea? As for what I myself personally think, I don't think it will be a role in the...
  28. Aero_Dynamic

    25'th Anniversary The Legend of Zelda

    Hey everyone, Aero_Dynamic here, and I was kind of thinking, about the 25'th Anniversary for the Super Mario Bros., and how there's going to be a Red Nintendo Wii that comes with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, as well as Red Nintendo DSi which has Mario Kart and those Brain Age stuff. With all this...
  29. Aero_Dynamic

    Hero Of...

    There has been many titles for Link, such as: Hero of Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda) Hero of Time (Ocarina of Time) Sworn Brother of the Gorons (Ocarina of Time) Hero of the Essences of Time and Nature (Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons) Hero of Winds (The Wind Waker) Hero of Men (The Minish Cap)...
  30. Aero_Dynamic

    Lets Count to 2,000... by Fives!

    [Inspired by the "Lets count to 1000" game. Simple as before, but now we have a bigger goal... 2,000! Rules: Count to 2,000... by fives! And say something random next to it!] 5. May everyone has a great time in another Lets Count!!!
  31. Aero_Dynamic

    Do You Plan on Buying Kirby's Epic Yarn?

    Just a really quick question, do you plan on buying Kirby's Epic Yarn? Comes out tomorrow 10-17-2010
  32. Aero_Dynamic

    Skyward Sword Link's Moveset for the Next SSB Game

    I didn't know which place I should put this thread so I'll put it here. I suppose there will be a new Super Smash Bros. game, probably on the next gen console or the 3DS. I also think Skyward Sword Link will be in it. What do you think his moveset will be? Up B: Skyward Sword shoots him...
  33. Aero_Dynamic

    How Will The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Change the Zelda Series?

    Forgive me if there is already a similar thread to this but, Miyamoto stated "Quote" Twilight Princess is the last Zelda game as you know it "Unquote" , or something similar to that. What he means by that is that Skyward Sword will dramatically change the Zelda franchise as we know it. We...
  34. Aero_Dynamic

    Is It Possible for Me to Get the August Issue of Nintendo Power, or is It Too Late?

    Yeah, I accidentaly missed the August one, with the Skyward Sword special stuff. I REALLY wanted that one but i MISSED it! Is it possible for me to um.. "re-get" it? Or will I never get my hands on that Skyward Sword packed Nintendo issue...?
  35. Aero_Dynamic

    A New Skyward Sword Trailer?

    I've been thinking, If Nintendo releases a new trailer, will it be another gameplay trailer, or one that includes some story and NPCs? We have 2 gameplay trailers, and it's been a while since Nintendo said anything new for Skyward Sword, especially about the story, so maybe if they release a...
  36. Aero_Dynamic

    Combinations of Other Zelda Game's Graphics.

    Yes we all know that The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword has a new "Impressionist" art-style, but what combinations of other Zelda game's graphics look like it? For me, Skyward Sword has the realistic-porportioned feel of Twilight Princess, has the brightness of Wind Waker, and it somehow has the...
  37. Aero_Dynamic

    Prices and Versions?

    Well for starters, how much is it? Gamestop put it for $49.99, so is it official? And, do you think Skyward Sword will have different versions, such as Skyward Sword with/without Wii Motion Plus/Wii Remote Plus? Or one that has a poster and keychain? Disney's Epic Mickey has a special version...
  38. Aero_Dynamic

    What Are Your Favorite Quotes?

    Simply put, what are you favorite quotes and phrases? Mine are: I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!! What the toast? What the firetruck!? BOTTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (credit goes to Axle for introducing this awesome phrase!)
  39. Aero_Dynamic

    Is It Official That Skyward Sword is Getting Orchestrated Music?

    I am confused, Miyamoto says he wants to do it
  40. Aero_Dynamic

    Where Can I Buy Nintendo Power's Official Guide to The Legend of Zelda?

    Yeah, it looks cool with the posters and information. What stores sell it, and what section is it in? And how much is it?
  41. Aero_Dynamic

    New Shield Bash Movement?

    Okay, before you say anything this forum I made is intended (for me) to be really quick. About the Shield Bash, (In the Wii software lineup video). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnT3Aa5q3Os&feature=player_embedded#!#! @ 1:29, Link does a shield bash but instead or extending his arm forward, he...
  42. Aero_Dynamic

    Do You Think There Will Be a Weather System?

    I'm pretty sure there will be a Day/Night system of course because, Oot, MM, WW, and TP had it so why not for Skyward Sword? But my main question is do you think there will be a weather system? Such as rain, wind, thunderstorms, cloudy days, sunny and hot days, or will there be only a Day/Night...
  43. Aero_Dynamic

    Do You Approve or Disapprove Posts?

    Which do you do more, approve, or disapprove? Just wondering. I guess this is a question for moderators too cuz they moderate? idk.
  44. Aero_Dynamic

    Which Dungeon Did You Not Enjoy and Generally Hate?

    For me was the Ocean Temple (PH), I hated every inch, it was annoying with the time limit, that's what I didn't like, the time limit. My most grudged dungeons is the Wind Temple and Earth Temple (WW) the partner stuff was fine till those hands caught them, I didn't like the dungeons at all...
  45. Aero_Dynamic

    Transformers 2007Revenge of the Fallen(crap) Vs. Transformers the Movie 1982(awesome)

    Yeah basically who's better?? And why?? For me it's the 1982 one, It was so great!! Good dialoge, and it was action packed and put many memories into me(even tho i'm 14 lol!!) But for the newer ones, they're crap. No offense tho, but the first one was dialogue heavy and the humans were annoying...
  46. Aero_Dynamic

    How Do You Think Link Gets the Hero's Clothes This Time?

    Yeah, so how do you think? Given to him by spirits or it's just his clothes with chain mesh and boots and hat and armguards, or do you have something in mind that you think? BUT, how do the Kokiri tribe have similar clothing to Link's????
  47. Aero_Dynamic

    Release Date is Further or Sooner Now?

    Yeah, cuz if Japan has the 3ds coming in February 26th, and for Europe and North America is March, Skyward then WILL be released in April!! nooo!! Or maybe January??? tell me what you think!! January or April:hmm:?
  48. Aero_Dynamic

    Wii Motion Plus or Wii Remote Plus?

    Yeah, Nintendo now has Wii Remote Plus, it looks like a normal Wii remote, but it has Motion Plus built-into it. FlingSmash, a new game was supposed to come bundled with Wii Motion Plus, but instead got bundled witht the Wii Remote Plus. My theory is that maybe Skyward Sword won't be bundled...
  49. Aero_Dynamic

    Some Things I Noticed

    WELL! Well, it's gonna be short. I see how Aonuma wanted less empty fields. The demo was kinda, slightly small, but it had meat to it. Many paths to take, good amount of enemies, hidden ruppies and fruits to chop. 2 minibosses. And some places to explore. The thing I noticed the most is that...
  50. Aero_Dynamic

    Should Skyward Sword Have a Take Em All on Challenge?

    Yeah, In previous Zelda titles, I like the boss battles especially the 3d ones. But I want to fight them again without starting the game over. Minish Cap had something similar, but it was just random enemies. Finally, Spirit Tracks introduced the Take em all on minigame WITH bosses! I think that...
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