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  1. Caelus

    Skyward Sword Fanmade Trailer

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw8oy9pFyQY&feature=channel_video_title Please see it, you're guaranteed to get hyped!
  2. Caelus

    Skyward Sword Zelda FPS Style

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p17opVM4--I&feature=related 1:45 I like this kind of FPS movement in a Zelda, makes it more epic. TP Wii was close but was third person.
  3. Caelus

    A New Saving System in Skyward Sword?

    What do you notice that is similar between the two screenshots? That's right, the bird statue. It may seem like a simple temple decoration, but I think it's much more than that. In fact, it may be our new saving system. Why I think so: -This statue only appears near the entrance and boss...
  4. Caelus

    Improvements in SS Graphics in the GDC Trailer

    Nintendo themselves have stated that they have improved SS graphics after E3. Some of us may not have seen the improvement in the GDC trailer due to the poor camera quality, but after searching for a better quality trailer, I took some captures. You can watch the high quality video...
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