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  1. Y2K3

    Who else Agrees That Shooters Suck?

    I usually enjoy FPS games. Mind you, I haven't played/seen a great deal of them, but there is still interest there. GoldenEye 64 was the only one I would play for the longest time, but I've learned there there are some other goods ones out there. I'm still not the biggest fan of the genre out...
  2. Y2K3

    Do You Want to See a Boss Remade?

    This. Twinrova, although up there, isn't my favourite boss, yet I think she/they would be the most ideal one to re-make, in my opinion. I suppose you could say she was re-made in the 3D version of OoT as well as OoX, but with something completely different on the Wii U or something, I think...
  3. Y2K3

    Do Older People Feel Zelda Can Be a Bit Childish ?

    I've never seen Zelda has being a 'childish' game... even as a child. In fact, when I was young and playing AoL, I figured it was aimed more at older people, since I had no clue what to do. I was, to an extent, the same when I first played OoT as well. While I generally have no problem with more...
  4. Y2K3

    Spoiler Silent Realm

    I absolutely loved the Silent Realms. And yes, I found them freaky. I knew from reading spoilers that as soon as I stepped outside the circle that the guardians would wake up, so I made sure that I could get the first soul thing as quickly as possible. And how many times have I stepped in Waking...
  5. Y2K3

    Zelda Water Dungeons

    The hardest? Great Bay Temple for sure. The most frusturating? I almost want to say Lakebed Temple. The Water Temple is really easy in my opinion, so that's just out. The others I haven't played many times, but there's no way Lakebed is hard. But Great Bay Temple I found to be a nightmare with...
  6. Y2K3

    Spoiler What's Your Least Favourite Boss?

    I haven't beaten the game yet, but according to the poll, there are only 3 bosses left for me to face, so I'll just give a shout out for the others. I would have to say that the first boss, with Ghirahim has been my least favourite, if only because I didn't know how to hit him, so it took me a...
  7. Y2K3

    What is Your Favorite Mario Game FOR THE WII

    Most definitely New Super Mario Bros. Wii. As much as I love the 3D Mario games (a la Galaxy 1 and 2), I love the sidescolling games so much more. Plus, you can play multi-player and it's fun trying not to die with everyone jumping on your head all the time. That and even though I try my best...
  8. Y2K3

    How to Pronounce Fi

    I shall be jumping on the 'Fee' bandwagon. There have beent he odd time where I would call her 'Fie' but that's not often at all. I think 'Fee' sounds nicer, and like blackice, I pronounce something based off of how I first see the word/name and that pronounciation sticks, even if it's obviously...
  9. Y2K3

    All Nighters. DDDDDDDD:<

    I've never pulled an all-nighter (except for my last job in which I was forced to do the night shifts.... and my High School Safe Grad). The latest I've ever stayed up for school work was mid-night and I thought that was too late to be doing work. I have the mindset that if it's not done by the...
  10. Y2K3

    Midnight Release? is There One

    I'm not sure if there would be one here. The only place that may be open all night would be Wal-Mart, but I'm not even sure if it's open to the pubic then or just open for the employees to do stock, etc. Either way, where I pre-ordered closes at like 9/10 so they definitely won't be having one...
  11. Y2K3

    Ocarina of Time Three Heart Challenge

    I doubt I would ever try an minimalist run of the game. I find it much too diffiult for that. I am, however (kkinda) trying a 3-Heart Challenge. I haven't tried it in ages, but I did make it up to Phantom Ganon. Of course, I usually die on him with like 9 hearts and 3 fairies, so It's going to...
  12. Y2K3

    What Super Power Would You Choose?

    This. :P But I would love the power to control time. I would love to go back and see me when I was younger/older, or even go beyond those times. Of course, I would only use this power for good, and would use it to manipulate time purely for personal gratification.
  13. Y2K3

    A Jung Personality Quiz

    I'm not really sure how accurate this is. Parts of it do seem right, but others appear to be off. I mean, I do wish to be secure and safe, but there's many other things that I would put ahead of them in terms of needing them to be happy. :P
  14. Y2K3

    How Often Do You Use the GTS and Why?

    I've never gone and used it. In fact, it's probably not even what I'm thinking about. This is the Global thingy, right? I haven't been able to connect my DS to wireless until about 3 or 4 months ago, and I'm pretty sure I haven't played Pokemon since. :P I would generally just trade with a...
  15. Y2K3

    What Operating System Do You Use?

    Well, my main system is now Windows 7. There are some things I like better about Vista, but otherwise it's pretty good. I do have Vista on my desktop, and when I got home I usually use my parents computer which has XP on it. I have used Macs and Linux before. Macs have somewhat grown on me, but...
  16. Y2K3

    How Do You Organize Your Boxes?

    I organise them by their current level. The first box is my Deposit Box,so new Pokemon end up there. The next box is for levels 1-10, then 11-20, etc. When I get so high in levels then I start going up by 5's. Needless to say most of my Pokemon are in the lower boxes. :P
  17. Y2K3

    Anyone Still Upset With The Graphics?

    On the contrary, I don't think I've loved these graphics more. They're just so beautiful and even surpass my love for WW's graphics. As I have stated before, I think the (semi) cartoony graphics work best for Zelda as the games are fantastical in nature and these graphics help emphasis this...
  18. Y2K3

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Aerosmith - Janie's Got a Gun I know I've liked this song for ages now, but it's only recently that I've fallen in love with it. It's just so intense.
  19. Y2K3

    Pokemon Puns!

    I really enjoy these. I don't know of very many, but my favourite one is probably 'I'm not going to Raichu (write you) a love song" There is another one that I really enjoy, but I don't think it's one that I should really be putting up here.
  20. Y2K3

    Do You Nickname Your Pokemon?

    Sometimes I'll name them, but other times I don't; it depends on how I feel when I start a new game. Lately when I've been naming them, I've been giving them names like "Flash" or "Armeen". Some names mean something, but others were just some random rowd that popped into my head. I think it's...
  21. Y2K3

    Dominant Hand Issues

    I'm not bothered by this at all. I mean, I didn't even know Link was Left-handed until after TP came out. I dont' pay attention to what hand real people use as their dominant hand, I'm certainly not going to pay attention to fictional peoples' hands.
  22. Y2K3

    6 Hearts from the Start

    It's a little odd starting off with 6 hearts, since we're so used to having 3 to start off the game, but really, it's not a big deal. There's a logical reasoning behind it. Although, I guess now my first run through will have to be my attempted 6-heart run. :P
  23. Y2K3

    Favorite Generation

    I hav to say the second generation and the remakes are my favourites. I'm a little biased I guess as Gold was my first pokemon game, but I just became so attached to it. I still love generation one, but not as much. Generation 3, I barely played. Gen. 4 is alright, better than I thought, but...
  24. Y2K3

    Favorite Zelda Logo?

    I had always liked Majora's Mask's logo. I can't put my finger on it, but it's just so captivating. Skyward Sword has an amazing logo, with the crest and the vines and the awesomeness. Finally, there is Ocarina of Time 3D. I think it's just just because of the animations from the trailer that I...
  25. Y2K3

    Spoiler Nintendo Power Article Reveals New Info!

    This is great! That's certainly a great deal of information - some of which we already knew, but it's nice to see it in respect to new things. I wonder if the other provinces from TP will make it in. It would seem odd to only have one province, after all. With the ability to break/move houesolh...
  26. Y2K3

    Is Banjo Kazooie Good?

    Not only is this game my favourite for the N64, but it's also my favourite game of all time. Strangely, I used to hate it, but after I started to play it, I enjoyed it. Then, after I got older, the game got so much better (even if it did get easier as well). I highly recommend the game.
  27. Y2K3

    Rolling the Ball in the Lava

    I actually quite liked the controls from SMG/2, so this wouldn't be a big deal for me. Plus, it woud add to the challenge. However, the point about slashing the Keese does indeed make it seem like it might not work out to be that way.
  28. Y2K3

    Will You Get This Game at Midnight.

    I'm fairly certain there won't be any stores opening/staying open just for this game, and really, even if they were to, I would wait until after I sleep. I probably wouldn't be able to play it for almost a day anyway, with work and all, so the closer the time when I buy the game to when I can...
  29. Y2K3

    Upgrade System Video

    I am a huge fan of this. I have always been a fan of being able to upgrade things, and this does it in a way that is different in Zelda. I also got to thinking about how many times you can upgrade an item. Can you only do it the one time, or can you upgrade them a second time, etc. as you get...
  30. Y2K3

    50-100 Hours:

    I don't know how I feel about this. I mean, there's the whole thing about at least I know I can't finish the game in like 2 hours. That's nice, I must say. However, I found TP to be way too long and drawn out, and that was nowhere near as long as this. Now, until I atually play it for.. the...
  31. Y2K3

    Spoiler Siren Realm- Re-named "Silent Realm"

    Ahhhh, I liked the name Siren World/Realm. It sounds much more mysterious. Then again, I think Silent Realm sounds a little creepier, due to the silence and all. Maybe it's supposed to give off that feeling... I don't dislike Silent Realm. I actually rather like it. I just liked Siren Realm a...
  32. Y2K3

    ZD After Skyward Sword.

    I'll probably mostly do what I did with TP. I kept coming on here, reading up on the ocassional post dealing with the game, but not diving too far into the mess. However, unlike TP, I don't plan on using a walkthrough for half the game. So, basically, the forums are okay to visit, SS section I...
  33. Y2K3

    Strangest Zelda Characters

    This was the first character that came to mind after seeing the title of this thread. I mean, there are several strange characters in the series, but I come on... this guy lives in the toilet. Pretty sure that takes the cake for being strange.
  34. Y2K3

    SwS or SS?

    I always use SS. The whole Nazi thing is irrelevant as, at least here, whenever people use the term 'SS', they would clearly mean Zelda. Plus, as others have said, the other abbreviations could possibly stand for something just as bad; you just aren't aware. Besides, lots of everyday (or...
  35. Y2K3

    Should Nintendo Change Their Mascot to Link or Keep Mario.

    It should definitely stay as Mario for like all the reasons already stated. It would just be odd to change it to Link at this point, Mario has beent he face of Nintendo for so long. Plus, I think Mario is a better fit. Link only seems to find his way to certain genres of games (fighting, action...
  36. Y2K3

    The Button Interface:

    That seems to be rather small compared to the other games, and where it's not bright in colour, it's certainly less distracting. I don't see the problem. It would be rather pointless to remove it, as you probably wouldn't be able to use any items then...
  37. Y2K3

    Ocarina of Time Why Do People Find the Shadow Temple Difficult?

    I haven't gotten that far in Master Quest as of yet, so I cannot account for that, but otherwise, I've always found it to be pretty easy. Pretty sure I beat it in like an hour and a half my first time playing it (and this was without a guide). For me, the hardest part is Bongo Bongo, and even he...
  38. Y2K3

    Have You Pre-ordered SS?

    Well, now that the release date is released, I went and pre-ordered it. Now all I have to do is wait and get it before it's too late!
  39. Y2K3

    What Are the Top 3 Most Overrated Games of All Time?

    Tope Three? Hmmm.... 3) Ocarina of Time - I may love this game, but people hype up waaaay too much about it. Still, nostalgia can be a nice thing, so it's somewhat understandable. 2)World of Warcraft - While it can be fun for a little while, it's so repetitive, and not just for like an hour or...
  40. Y2K3

    Have You Pre-ordered SS?

    Didn't realise you could pre-order it yet. None of the stores have anythign mentioning it yet, so I haven't bothered to ask about it. It'd be a little awkward trying to pre-order it if you're not able to. I WILL be pre-ordering it though... at some point, I'm sure.
  41. Y2K3


    I saw Great Big Sea live, but that has been the only concert I've been to, and that was about a year and a half ago now. There's not many concerts over here, and most of the bands/artists that come over either I've never heard of, I don't like them, or I don't like them enough to care about...
  42. Y2K3

    Do You Think Collecting Tears in the Siren World Will Be As Tedious As It Was in TP?

    Whether or not it will be long and boring, is still something that is unknown. However, based off of what we know about the Siren World, it will be quite a bit different than the Twilight Realm in terms of collecting Tears. In TP, there were Twilight Beasts, you killed the insects for Tears...
  43. Y2K3

    Twilight Princess Ball and Chain: Too Good?

    Like what was already said, I think it were a little useless with how slow it was. I rarely ever used it 'cause I found that pretty much everything else in the inventory (that could deal damage, anyway) was more effective, because of this factor. Perhaps it is strong, but, for me anyway, there...
  44. Y2K3

    Skyward Sword "number"

    Well, I already have LoZ, AoL, OoT, MM (all on CE), OoT (N64) WW, TP and OoT3D. So if I count CE as four seperate games, and all three versions of OoT as seperate entities, than SS would be my 9th game... unless I got another one somewhere in between. I've been thinking of getting either LA...
  45. Y2K3

    Ocarina of Time How Quickly Did You Beat This Game?

    First time I played it it took me about 2-3 months, maybe a little more. Actually, probably a lot more. But the last time I played it (a couple of weeks ago) I beat it in about 3 days... so about 10 hours or so.
  46. Y2K3


    I have it, and it's pretty fun. I do like the earlier stages in life the best though. I haven't played it in a while now though, but I've been meaning to play it again.
  47. Y2K3

    How Will You Play Through the Game and What Will You Name Link?

    As I have always done until like 2 months ago, I will give him my name. On other play thoughs, I will probably name him Ozzy (which is what I seem to have started doing), which is one of my nicknames. In TP, I raced through the game, beating it in like 19 hours. Even though it was stil really...
  48. Y2K3

    Do You Ever Have Username Regrets?

    I suppose I have a couple. Ones that I mainly use (or used to mainly use) I think are fine, but about 7 years ago or so, on another forum, I had a couple of names which, at the time I thought were great, but now I'm like 'What was I thinking?' My name on this forum, which is basically the one I...
  49. Y2K3

    What Was Your Very First Video Game?

    My first video game was probably Super Mario Bros. when my sister got it with her NES for Christmas back in 1989. Now, seeing as how I was 1.5 years old at the time, I probably didn't play it then. If it wasn't that game it was Super Mario Bros. 3, which my sister got not longer after. By this...
  50. Y2K3

    Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple Really That Bad?

    Having recently played this temple on my runthrough on OoT3D, I timed myself (well, not really, but I was talking on skype at the same time so I just looked to see when I had started and compared it to the time it was when I finished) and it was pretty much exactly an hour. Now, this was not my...
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