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  1. TahDiscoBall

    Photoshop Tennis

    I am stealing this idea from Marioboards, for I am nothing but a crook. Basically one person adds something to the image and then someone else add another thing and it goes on until a new base image is made. Now go.
  2. TahDiscoBall

    Blursed pieces of media.

    Just do what the title says.
  3. TahDiscoBall

    Ultimate The (Un)Official Custom Stage Thread!

    This thread is basically what it sounds like! You put in custom stages you've made in Ultimate and people get to marvel at them. You can also give help to other budding creators. ( Like me! ) Don't have any custom stages right now, but that'll soon change, I hope.
  4. TahDiscoBall

    I have to admit something.

    I'm sorry, but... I have never, EVER played a Legend Of Zelda game in my entire life. The only reason I joined this place is because of FireyYoshi.
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