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  1. HeroOfTime

    Game Thread Dungeons and Dragons Mafia

    Welcome one and all to Dungeons & Dragons Mafia! After many days of delving into ancient caves and fighting off hordes of monsters, your band of adventurers have finally located their target. In the middle of a treasure room, awaited the artifact they pursued: “The Ark of the Dead”. They...
  2. HeroOfTime

    Dungeons and Dragons Mafia Sign-Ups

    Welcome Men, Mer, Orcs, and everything in between! The merchant Rauro has commissioned a group of adventurers to descent into an ancient cave and recover a relic called "The Ark of the Dead". Any who wish to sign up for this adventure are welcome to do...
  3. HeroOfTime

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    With the new Smash Bros game on the way, I'm personally excited to see what the new roster will be like. Super Smash Bros is one of my favorite series, and after seeing that it will be Nintendo's highlight for E3, I can't wait to see what kind of things will be changed from the Wii U version...
  4. HeroOfTime

    Alternate Dimensions, do they exist?

    I watch a lot of Sci-Fi superhero movies and shows, and a recurring element is that of alternate dimensions. But could they really exist? Is there any evidence leaning towards them? All I've seen so far is skepticism. I doubt the theory myself, but what does the rest of the forum think?
  5. HeroOfTime

    Smash 4 character mains

    As far as I checked, there wasn't a similar thread around here, but please notify me if there is. Who do you main when playing smash, what most attracts them to you, and what do you believe are their pros and cons? I personally spammed Tink since I first played him in Brawl because he had most...
  6. HeroOfTime

    Hey! Listen! - Tal Tal Heights remix

    Hey, Hero again, with another of my youtube remixes! Please give this a listen, and if you're feeling generous, head on down to Youtube and click like and subscribe! :D -Hero
  7. HeroOfTime

    Deku palace remix

    Hey guys, please tell me what you think of this! I worked pretty hard on it, and I think it turned out pretty well. If you appreciate it, please travel to youtube and hit link (oops, I mean like)! -Hero
  8. HeroOfTime

    Your view on the Hobbit

    Sorry if there's already a thread like this in the forums. So who hates this triolgy because it was so off-book? And who liked it because of the special effects and the stuff that was added? I personally would've liked to see it more like the books, but I did like what they did with it. I...
  9. HeroOfTime

    Females vs. Males game

    Okay, so the Males vs. Females game is kinda popular, and I decided it was kinda unfair that the females had no way of winning, just bringing the number up higher, so this thread is the reverse, males bring the number up, females bring it down. Have fun, and btw, the number is now 51!
  10. HeroOfTime

    The Happy Mask Salesman Way Exist in Different Games

    After recently replaying MM, I noticed that there were some other characters in various other Zelda games that looked like the HMS. For example, the "Man of Smiles" from PH. And Simon from MC. I attached screenshots of these NPCs, what do you guys think of it all?
  11. HeroOfTime

    Count Your Blessings

    So, we're nearing Thanksgiving... what kind of things are you thankful for? Post them here and discuss them. I'll start; I'm thankful for my friends, who I love as family, for food, my nation, for God, and for all the people on this forum... er, not necessarily in that order... What about...
  12. HeroOfTime

    General Zelda What Do You Name Your Character?

    What do you usually name your character in Zelda games? I ALWAYS go with "Link" (cuz that's his name!!), but whattabout the rest of you?
  13. HeroOfTime

    General Zelda Your Favorite Zelda Song

    What's your favorite song that plays in the background of those Zelda games? Mine's Song of Storms/Windmill Hut.:ocarina:
  14. HeroOfTime

    Riddles in the Dark

    Post any riddle you want here. The next people try to solve it. It can be any riddle, something you heard from a friend, on a game, or even one you made up. The person who solves it gets to post the next riddle. After 3 wrong answers, the original poster gives a hint. I'll start: 10 candles...
  15. HeroOfTime

    Your View on Gun Control in America

    So what do any of you other Americans think about gun control? I am against it. The second amendment clearly states that the citizens have the right to keep and bear arms.
  16. HeroOfTime

    Well, I'm Not Exactly New...

    Ok, well I'm not new here, but I am having a little trouble figuring out how some of the stuff works on here. Like, how do you use an image on your computer in a signature and stuff like that. Could someone at least explain how to use an image that's already on your computer in a sig? I can do...
  17. HeroOfTime


    Everyone loves a good ol' game of hangman! I won't be on the computer often, though, so I'm just wondering if anyone wants to play? If so, the next poster can take over! Ya really can't make a hung person unless you use text art, which would get really messy. So, just say the person has 9...
  18. HeroOfTime

    Did Link Find Navi Again?

    MM kinda leaves us with a cliffhanger, where Link just rides off, continuing his search for :fairy:. But it's never stated whether or not he finds his little friend again. We'd all agree that Link DID NOT die in MM, and that he returned to Hyrule and got married, as you play as one of his...
  19. HeroOfTime

    Hyrule Warriors How Many Characters Do We Know of So Far?

    Which characters do we know of that will be in this next game?
  20. HeroOfTime

    Spoiler Does Link Get the Real Epona Back?

    Okay, it's been a long time since I've played MM, :majora: and I can't remember exactly what the characters say, but did you ever stop to think that maybe Link isn't riding HIS Epona? When Epona and Link are attacked at the beginning, and Link falls down the pit, Skull kid says that Epona is...
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