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  1. Blue Canary

    Spoiler Gen 7 Predictions:

    Mimikkyu’s English name is going to be “Polterguise”.
  2. Blue Canary

    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

    The point of this game is just to write your own "roses are red, violets are blue..." poem. That's it.
  3. Blue Canary

    Where Is The Page That Lists Infractions and Warnings?

    Because I didn't even know there was one until a minute ago because I've never been able to find one, and looking again I still can't find it.
  4. Blue Canary

    Any Ideas on How to Do This? (HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT)

    So, I'm trying to use a background image for something, and I don't want to repeat it. However, if I fix it in place, then the full image will never be shown. Any idea on how to make it scroll to the bottom of the image, and then stop scrolling?
  5. Blue Canary

    What is Your Guilty Pleasure Band(s)?

    ... Fall Out Boy...
  6. Blue Canary

    How Long is Your Music Playlist?

    Exactly what it sounds like. How long is the music playlist you usually listen to. Mine is 15 hours and 30 minutes long. 272 songs.
  7. Blue Canary

    Poll: Polandball or Hetalia?

    Polandball is a webcomic. Hetalia is an anime. But what makes them similar is that they are both about personifications of countries (Although, in Hetalia they are human while in Polandball they are, well, balls...) So, let them fight to the death!
  8. Blue Canary

    "I Need No Eyes, For I Can See"

    The windows blew In gusts for outside I sat up, I opened my eyes I wasn't there In the windowed room I was outside, where darkness loomed I was lost I didn't know Where I started, or where to go Not a knight But was on a quest I never stopped; I couldn't rest I climbed high Up...
  9. Blue Canary

    Why Is Porn Considered so Wrong?

    So, parents don't want their 13 year old kids having sex. And that makes sense, right? 13 year olds are pretty irresponsible, and will probably end up getting themselves or someone else pregnant, or getting an STD, and they also don't really understand how relationships work yet, really...
  10. Blue Canary

    What Are Some Good Punk Rock Bands?

  11. Blue Canary

    What is your favorite music album?

    I'm not sure if this exists already, but even if it does, it's probably a few years old at this point so I might as well make a new one. So, I know picking a favorite song is kinda difficult, since, at least for me personally, it changes with my mood. However, I find that picking a favorite...
  12. Blue Canary

    Welcome Back to Idiot

    Welcome, I am your host, Idiot McIdiot.
  13. Blue Canary

    How to Easily Convert From WMA to MP3?

    I ripped a CD on to my computer and I want to put it on my phone, but the files are all WMA. Is there a way to convert them all to MP3 without using a website or a program or something?
  14. Blue Canary

    Plz Fix Avatars

    Nobody seems to be able to change their avatars since the server move.. plz fix.
  15. Blue Canary

    Google Translated Songs

    This is a thread where you put your google translated songs and discuss them. Stuff you translated, stuff others translated, videos, entire songs, single lines, all that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Birdhouse in Your Soul" Original Lyrics: I'm your only friend I'm not your only...
  16. Blue Canary

    Unofficial "Anime Music Videos"

    First off, I'm not really sure what to call these. Pretty much, it's when someone takes a song, fitting or not, and plays it over one or multiple clips from an anime. Today I was searching for a song on YouTube and I found this video. The song (at least in my opinion) hardly fits the video...
  17. Blue Canary

    Make a Good Movie Seem Boring

    This game is simple. All you do is describe a good movie, but make it seem boring. This does have spoilers for movies, so if you want to avoid spoilers for anything at all costs, don't go further. Example: Guy thinks he is the chosen one. Not actually the chosen one.
  18. Blue Canary

    Give The Person Above You a New Avatar

    Exactly what it sounds like. If you're wondering, it doesn't have to be exactly the avatar size. So... GO!
  19. Blue Canary

    Something the Same, Something Different

    This game is simple. All you do is say something you have in common with the user above you, and something that is different.
  20. Blue Canary

    Comedy Bands?

    Any suggestions of good comedy bands? Thanks. For anyone else who's maybe looking for some or doesn't want to be redundant here is a list of the ones suggested *Not suggested but still I might as well put them there.
  21. Blue Canary

    Rate the Fake User Rank!

    I feel like enough people have them now that this could work. So... yeah. There is no one above me.
  22. Blue Canary

    Give the Person Above You a New Name

    Exactly what it sounds like. It can be something silly, something that fits their personality, or something completely different. Just nothing perposely harmful. There is no one above me so... yeah.
  23. Blue Canary

    [Movies] Do You Think Expectations Are Becoming A Bit Too Low Nowadays?

    A little bit ago, I was staring blankly at the homepage of this very forum. That was when I saw a thread with the title "Do You Think Expectations Are Becoming A Bit Too High Nowadays?" in the gaming part of the forum. After seeing this, I looked at when was written, and I ammediatley thought of...
  24. Blue Canary

    Who is Your Best Friend on ZD?

    Sorry if this already exists. I want to know: out of all the people you are friends with on ZD, who is your best friend? Mine is Fig. ^^
  25. Blue Canary

    How Do You Think?

    What I mean by this is, how are your thoughts phrased? Do you think in pictures, words, concepts, numbers, etc? I myself think in words. Everything I think is in the past tense, and phrased as if I was talking to somebody. Sometimes I talk about myself through someone else's perspective...
  26. Blue Canary

    Do You Write Things Wrong on Purpose?

    Whenever I am writing, I will always write certain things wrong on purpose. Such as "going to" is "gonna", "what are you doing" is "watcha doing", and a lot of words ending in "ing" become "in'". The reason for this? It makes my writing feel more human. I write the way people talk. This is...
  27. Blue Canary

    Do You Think It's Wrong to Lie to Children About Their Bodies?

    I know when I say this, you might say I am too young to be thinking about these things and wether or not they are right. However, I believe I have a right to an opinion, even if I am barely a teenager. So with that, I shall continue. ... Ever since I have been old enough to know about sex...
  28. Blue Canary

    Hex Heroes

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/prismaticgames/hex-heroes This is a thread to discuss the upcoming indie game "Hex Heroes". It is a Party/RTS game (The developers call it a ParTS game.) being devoped for the Wii U. So, yeah. I love the concept of this game. It is very rare to see...
  29. Blue Canary

    Hyprocritical Against Children

    The title is weird because I couldn't think of a better name. As a 12-year-old on the internet, I have observed something: a lot of adults (Usually in their 20s) are very annoyed with anyone under the age of 15. They have long discussions about how "Children now are annoying. All they...
  30. Blue Canary

    How Do You Unfriend People?

    I want to know.
  31. Blue Canary

    Do You Like Jokes Because of What They Are or Because Of The Actual Joke Itself?

    I was thinking: There are a lot of types of humor I don't find funny. However, oddly enough, I like things with that type of humor in them. I realized that it's not neccecarily the humor I don't like, it's just how it's used. I don't think things are funny just because of what they are, but the...
  32. Blue Canary

    What is Something About Yourself That You Find Suprising or Out of the Ordinary?

    I am a 12-year-old girl who's favorite YouTube show is GameGrumps. It seems like something I wouldn't like but hey.
  33. Blue Canary

    What is the Most Surprising Thing About the User Above You?

  34. Blue Canary

    Who Here Watches GameGrumps?

    Sorry if this already exists.
  35. Blue Canary

    Who's That Pokémon?

    How to play: You have to guess the Pokémon the person above you is describing. The catch is, the person describing the Pokémon has to describe it like a person who knows nothing about Pokémon! Rules: 1. You have to describe it based on looks alone. 2. No using the typing in your...
  36. Blue Canary

    Does Anyone Here Use Pokémon Showdown?

    Just wondering. I know Smogon sucks (as you can clearly tell from my signature), but hey, it's nice to be able to battle Pokémon without spending hours, even days, making a team. I'm just not that patient.
  37. Blue Canary

    Spoiler MOTHER 3 (EarthBound 2) & Pokémon Black/White

    I posted this thread awhile ago, however it was horribly written. I wanted to repost, so Vanessa deleted it for me. (Thanks again!) So, here is my updated version. Please enjoy! ^-^ As you know, I am an advid fan of both Pokémon and the MOTHER/EarthBound series. Awhile back, I was reading up...
  38. Blue Canary

    Who is Good At Yo-Yos?

    So I went to one of those arcade place with the tickets yesterday. I got a Yo-Yo, and I've realized I'm really bad at it. Are you good or no?
  39. Blue Canary

    Eating Dog Meat

    I have learned something today: In most places in the world, eating dog meat is illegal. I mean I knew people didn't eat dog meat in most places, but I didn't know it was flat out illegal. And this made me angry. Just so you know, I am not saying people should eat dog meat. I'm just saying it...
  40. Blue Canary

    What is Your Favorite Online Flash Game?

    When people talk about video games, they most of the time talk about console games or downloadable PC games. But those aren't the only games that exist... there are a lot of good quality flash games online. My personal favorite is Bloons Tower Defense 5. It's really addicting, so if you play...
  41. Blue Canary

    What is Your Favorite Time of Day?

    My favorite time of day is morning. Although if you ever see me in the morning, I might not seem like a morning person, because I like doing what I want during this time. Of course, I usually don't get to. :P
  42. Blue Canary

    Pigmask Chimera Research RP (Sign-Up)

    So I was doing some stuff. AND IT HIT ME. PIGMASK RP. The amount of people that can play is unlimited, however we need at least 15 people. Story: This Role-Play is about the enemies in the JRPG Video Game MOTHER 3. The story of this RP is that we are Pigmasks and we are creating chimeras. But...
  43. Blue Canary

    Who Do YOU Want in SSB4? (Crazy Wishlist)

    I was thinking, almost all of the newcomers that are going to be in SSB4 have already been announced, and the rest will probably be released shortly. So, there really isn't much fun in predicting characters anymore. Pretty much, I was on the BitF forums and there was a thread titled...
  44. Blue Canary

    What Does Your Favorite Shirt Look Like?

    Mine is a blue, plaid button up. It's really nice and soft.
  45. Blue Canary

    Food You Hate?

    I hate carrots. Ewe. Also Spaghetti. I don't like Spaghetti...
  46. Blue Canary

    Skeewor Swors

    I decided to post a thread for a game I just made up. Pretty much, you take the sentence the last person posted, and you make it sound really funny. Example: Chimera: Skyward Sword Fig: skeewor swors This is a sentence. Chimera: dees izz ah sinteens I am writing...
  47. Blue Canary


    So, I was thinking, what type of mattress do you like? Like, do you like really soft, fluffy ones, or really firm ones? I like firm ones because, while soft ones are compfy, they hurt my back and I don't get very good sleep when I sleep on one. Although I don't wanna feel like I'm sleeping on a...
  48. Blue Canary

    Half-Life 3 Confirmed

    This is a game that I thought would be fun. Here is how you play: You have to post a sentence that has nothing to do with Half-Life 3. Then, the next poster will have to come up with a way it confirms Half-Life 3. Example: User123: I like spaceships. ZDMember1: Astronauts ride in...
  49. Blue Canary

    Who Has Seen The LEGO Movie, and What Do You Think/expect of It?

    I won't spoil it, but I watched it yesterday and it is now my favorite movie. I thought it would be wonderful, but it far supassed my expectations. It is absolutely hilarious, and even a little heartwarming. So, my question is, have you seen it? If so, what did you you think about it? Who...
  50. Blue Canary

    How You Say Things

    So a lot of people in chat today found it weird that I say "The lawn needs mowed" instead of "The lawn needs to be mowed" or the "The lawn needs mowing." So, how do you say it, and how do you say other things that you think people elsewhere might say differently?
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