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  1. Fiery Klongo

    My BotW Screenshot Album *Spoilers*

    I want to share all the Screenshots I take in BotW, so here it will be! I'll just post a batch every now and again.
  2. Fiery Klongo


    You wanna wanna fight? Yeah You Do! So do we! So lets battle!
  3. Fiery Klongo

    Your Team (As in Criminal Organization)

    I'm Team Rocket 100%!
  4. Fiery Klongo

    Your Team (As in Pokemon)

    So what does your team look like? For different games teams will look different, but go ahead and post your current team or an old team with the version of the game. My current team in Sun is: Incineroar, Butterfree, Alakazam, Poliwrath, Gengar, and Pikachu. But I always name my pokemon after...
  5. Fiery Klongo

    Trade Evolutions

    I have always hated trade evolution's since they have pretty much limited my ability to get my favorite Pokemon evolution's. BUT it's way cool that they have internet now what with the new technology and such. So as that opens a LOT of doors to people like me I thought it was time to invite...
  6. Fiery Klongo


    SO! When the U drops the Zelda bomb, I would like to see what kind of outfits are going to be used. We have seen the red, blue, and gold tunics aka magic armor used in special situations to help you along in the game. The magic armor is often only accessible after much questing and an empty...
  7. Fiery Klongo

    MM-N64 That one Airplane in Majoras Mask

    Does anybody remember that paper airplane found at Ikana Castle on one of the pillars? I was really surprised to find it and even more surprised that I have never heard of it before. Then again I guess it must be old news now. Thoughts?
  8. Fiery Klongo

    Spirited Away

    I have always love the movie Spirited Away! When I saw it I'll admit it was weird (Seeing as I was younger at the time) But now I just cannot get the soundtrack out of my mind! The Masterminds behind this great picture was none other that Studio Ghibli. They made loads of great animations that...
  9. Fiery Klongo

    Hyrule Warriors Cia's Mask in Relation to Mask Power

    So I have this thought a few days ago while playing Majora's Mask. If masks hold power, what power does Cia's mask hold? Now keep in mind that it could hold nothing special, just like the masks that the people of clock town wear. I would think that her mask gives her teleportation or something...
  10. Fiery Klongo

    Majora's Mask Majoras Mask (for Real Time)

    Yeah so this guy over at kick starter is making all the masks from Majoras Mask. I was going to get a mask myself, but you have to pay a ton of rupees to get one! My personal favorite was the couples mask for 90$ what do you guys think? Here's the page if you want to check it out...
  11. Fiery Klongo

    Ocarina of Time The Trading Quest

    Has anyone done the "Trading Quest" and been satisfied with the results? When I got the sword my first thought was WILL THIS BREAK?:hmm: My experiences have shown me that it is a very reliable sword that wont break and will kill most monsters in one swing. Do you guys think its worth it? the sword?
  12. Fiery Klongo

    How Did the Occoa Build the City in the Sky?

    The Occoa are little chicken's! how could they build the city in the sky!:hmm:
  13. Fiery Klongo

    Ocarina of Time Why Does Link Gasp when Twinrova Mold Together?

    You fight twinrova and then they turn into one lady and link gasps and twinrova winks... why?
  14. Fiery Klongo

    What Do You Think of the Kafei Quest?

    I have a finished profile in which i can do the Kafei quest whenever, but do you ever wonder what the back story is on them?
  15. Fiery Klongo

    Whos Vatii?

    I keep hearing people talking about him but don't understand.:S
  16. Fiery Klongo

    Past and Present Video?

    What's the past and present video? I know it has something to do with Oot and TP but is it the video for entertainment(just a video) or gaming preview?(new game):hmm:
  17. Fiery Klongo

    Ocarina of Time Fishing in the 3D

    The original game of Oot had a place where you can go fishing, some would wonder what it will be like in the 3D version. I'm one of those people who are wondering that so i'd like to ask your opinion on the subject.:)
  18. Fiery Klongo

    What Do You Expect of Gannondorf

    I think it would be awesome if gannondorf turned into gannon at the last battle. The game should have a secondary bad guy like zant. That is assuming gannondorf is the main boss.;)
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