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  1. Jedizora

    New Dragon Ball Anime- Dragon Ball Chou

    So, 18 years after the Release of Dragon Ball GT, it has been announced that a new anime series will be produced, being released July 2015. Famitsu reports that series creator Akira Toriyama will be in charge of producing the new series. Source...
  2. Jedizora

    Valve Starts Charging Money for User Made Mods

    Link to Source: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/aboutpaidcontent/ For those too lazy to read the article, Valve is now allowing users to start charging money for mods that they create on the steam workshop, starting with the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Users are allowed to set the price at...
  3. Jedizora

    Quakecon, and New Doom

    Quakecon 2014 is here, and is set to last until Monday. Id Software has announced that they are planning on announcing a new Doom this weekend, the first since 2005. It is to be Published by Bethesda Softworks, known for the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. Many Bethesda titles are to go on...
  4. Jedizora

    Game of Thrones

    So, does anyone else here watch/read Game of Thrones? I read the books over the summer, but only recently watched the show. I didn't think that they would manage to pull it off, but it was great. I was kinda disappointed what they did to Stannis, though. He was one of my favorite characters in...
  5. Jedizora

    Tech Help Help with New Laptop

    Hey, guys. I just got a new laptop. I was starting it up for the first time, and it gave me the option to connect it to the internet. I put in the password, and it started to connect to our wireless network. However, after 5-10 seconds, it said "connection attempt failed" I tried entering the...
  6. Jedizora

    Elder Scrolls Online

    So, they recently announced the 6th elder scrolls game, and it will be a MMO. It isn't being devolved by Bethesda, instead by Zenimax Online studios. It takes place 1,000 years before Skyrim. Argonians, Dark Elves(Dunmer), and the Nords have the Ebonheart Pact. Interesting to see how the...
  7. Jedizora

    Ace Attorney

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever played this excellent series of games. Although new to the series, I have beaten every games besides AA investigations 2(Because it was released only in Japan) JFA(I'm on the last case), and T&T(I haven't beaten JFA, so I'm waiting to finish that first). I...
  8. Jedizora

    General Art Remade Story Of Zordo

    Prologue Death. Destruction. This was all that Zordo could see. He stood on a grassy plain, going far off into the distance. He saw a tree the size of a mountain, being ripped down by men with axes and broadswords and its roots hanging in the air. He saw oceans drying up, forest catching of...
  9. Jedizora

    Remade Story of Zordo Sign Ups

    Ugh. I promised my self I wouldn't do this. I was sure I wouldn't. But I couldn't help myself. I used to have a fanfic, a long time ago. It was called Story of Zordo, and I think it was terrible. I am remaking it, almost from the ground up. I need some sign ups, then. This will be a serious...
  10. Jedizora

    Team Fortress 2

    I'm actually surprised that there isn't a thread about this. Anyway, in case you haven't heard of this amazing FPS, info can be found here. Right now it is free to download on steam. So, who here plays it? Whats your favorite class? Mode? Do you play on Console, which doesn't have everything, or...
  11. Jedizora

    Beginners' Mafia 5-Ocarina of Time-Game Thread

    Well, here is the gamethread. Rules are in the spoiler for review. 1. Gonzo 2. Dr3w21 3. Go_Dark_Link 4. Zenox 5. Komali 6. Josh 7. Kazumi 8. Hero of Link 9. Medli 10. MightyGhirahim 11. Celeboy 12. Hachi 13. Elfen 14. Keyari 15. Linkdude74 16. Boborsonsmith 17. Guy 18...
  12. Jedizora

    Beginners Mafia 5-OoT-Sign Up Thread

    Well, Its finally time for BM 5, and I'll be the mod, Soldier of Link shall be my Co-Mod. The theme as you can see, will be Ocarina Of Time. Anyway, I need you to tell me How manyMafia games You've been in, if any. Also, I need you to restate a rule. This is a slightly edited Version of Axle's...
  13. Jedizora

    Random Pics!

    Yes, just post pics and try not to do one thats been done. And Gifs are okay, but not videos. http://www.halolz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/halolz-dot-com-pokemonblackwhite-catchall649pokemon.jpg The Pic thing hates me, so heres a URL.
  14. Jedizora

    Spoilers! The Ethics of "the Giver"

    Some of you have heard of the book, "The Giver" You may know that its a highley controversail book, and I'm here to talk about that. In the book, everyone ives in a utopia called a communtiy. On the surface, everything looks, well, normal. But Children are born to people know as birthmothers...
  15. Jedizora

    General Art Super Smash Bros: The Final Tournament

    Prologue: The hands There were Many Galaxies in this universe, this Dimension. Many People going throughout there Peaceful, content lives without ever knowing that Just the next galaxy over, there was a fight to the death between a Pink Puffball and a Penguin. And at the Center of these...
  16. Jedizora

    General Art Zelda Dungeon, in Real Life.

    Yes, I am making a Pic of ZD, as I think (In my twisted mind) What it would look like if we actually came to a real place. As you will see, It looks terrible. One of the worst trhings I've ever made. but its only draft one, and I'll put somethings into details for a seperate pic, like the inside...
  17. Jedizora

    Untitled Pokemon RP.

    Well, its begun. Zordo: (Is taking a walk near Victory Road.) Its so refreshing. If it wasn't for Vicctory road, there would be some many more pokemon trainers that come. Even then, We have to deal with trainers all the time.
  18. Jedizora

    Zelda Art The History of Hyrule

    A History of Hyrule In the beginning, there was the 3 goddess, Din, Nayru, and Farore. They were known respectively as the goddess of Power, of Wisdom, and of Courage. They created Hyrule one day. Din created the red orb, giving us all a base. Nayru Gave we order, so No force would be able...
  19. Jedizora

    Untilted Pokemon Game Sign Ups!

    Yes, SamuRaichu and I are making a pokemon game. So yes, here are the sign ups: Name: (Doesn't need a last name) Age: 7-30 First Pokemon: Home Town: Must be Sinnoh Friends: (Other users with whom they are affilated with): Name: Zordo Danascus Age: 19 First Pokemon: Squirtle, but is now a...
  20. Jedizora

    Spirit Tracks Phantom Eyes

    So, I just found my copy of spirit tracks, and i'm currently at the first time you go to the tower of spirits where there is phantom eyes, and no matter how many I kill, there is still some left. Do they respawn even when you stay in the room?
  21. Jedizora

    Ocarina of Time The Shard of Agony and the Mysterious Sword.

    Okay, So I'm sure many of us have seen the new shard of agony, that replaces the stonee of agony. It appears to be gotten from the temple of time, instead of the house of skulltula this time around. In the bottem of the photo, you see 3 swords to chosie from. Tow of them are obviously the...
  22. Jedizora

    Shiny Pokemon

    Yes, the most elusive of all pokemon. I've been playing since Red and blue and I don't have a single one, as compared to my firend, who started with Dimond and pearl, and has 5. Do you have any shiny? Did you ever encounter one, but It got away?
  23. Jedizora

    Help with Pokemon.

    So I just got pokemon black. I already have pokeomn white, but I want to know when I'll be getting the C-gear.I think thats what its called, at least onIts on the bottem scrren If its not. I wanted to trade oshawaot and tepig to Pokemon white, but I don't have the c-gear.
  24. Jedizora

    Woodfall Temple

    Exactley what is woodfall temple? At the beginning of the game, we see it rise up from the bottem of the poisened swamp, with its doors wide open yet not wet, one of the pits filled with poison, the inhabadents all safe. Someone had to make it, but who? The deku? I doubt they are strong enough...
  25. Jedizora

    Easiest Boss?

    What was your easiest boss in WW? Mine was Jahalla. All you had to do is use hurricane spin, and then its the easiest boss.
  26. Jedizora

    Your Favorite Pokemon?

    So what is your favorite pokemon? Mine is Snivy: Snivy looks awesome, is a farily powerful starter, and is a grass tpe. Although tepig is cool too. Bacon that can cook itself!
  27. Jedizora

    Zelda Art LoZ: Wind Waker.. With More Pirates!

    Well, I've finally written the first chapter. It took me a while, and I still need sevral sign ups, but the plot is good. I have the rough draft written up, and Once this is over you get to see it. Anyway, this uses milatry time. I can't really explain it to people That don't know it, so look it...
  28. Jedizora

    Majora's Mask ???

    I have been waiting in the tolight room at stock pot inn so I can get the heart peace from ???, but whenevr I I get to the time They kick me out! What do I do?
  29. Jedizora

    Wii Shop Channel-deleting

    If i delete something, can I get it again for free?
  30. Jedizora

    Spoiler Your FavoriHalo Reach- Your Favorite Spartan

    Halo Reach- Your Favorite Spartan okay you favoite spartent. My favorite is Jun, because he was the only one to survive, he has a couple of good quotes, and he's with you during nightfall. The spoiler tag is there becasue some people will list how heroir emile was when he kept on fighting after...
  31. Jedizora

    Wind Waker Pirate Version Sign Ups

    Okay, this is wind waker, except link is a pirate with his own pirate crew and ship. all of the events still go on, and he already has someof his items,(manily gappiling hook, bombs, fire arrors, and telescope) he was taken during a raid on outset and rose threw the ranks. any way we need people...
  32. Jedizora

    The Hardest Game You Own?

    So what was the hardest game you own? Mine is super maro sunshine. The jumps, and the timimngs are impossible without using walkthorughs. Whats is your hardest game, and why?
  33. Jedizora

    Oracle Series OoA The Graveyard Entrance

    I just got OoA today. I just saved the maku tree. In the futer she told me to go to the grave. When I got there I found the door was locked. I tried everything, but I can't find the key. Where is it?
  34. Jedizora

    Forsaken Fortress(2nd) Sidiling

    I'm at forsaken fortress, for the 2nd time. I am nearly done, and i'm at the part where you ahve to sidil along the wall to get to theother side. I got threw the first one, but I keep getting blown up by cannon on the second one. What do I do?
  35. Jedizora

    Zelda Art Which Fanfic Shall I Do Next?

    I have decide To make another fanfic, Story of zordo shall not be abandened. My first option is kinda out there, and It features the 4 sword links doing crazy stuff. Probly the most funny, but also likely to be abandoned. My second option is one based off minish cap, from the perspective of...
  36. Jedizora

    Zelda Art Jedizora's Paint Pics

    Edit I just made my first sig. These are all the one's i've done, and they are all failed attempts at avatar's. I will do request! for avatrs only, and i can't do backrounds.
  37. Jedizora

    Google Yourself

    This is based off of google me. You googggle yourself and find the most weird thing you can. This is mine. on a star wars mmo, you can get the zora skin pack. Heres the link: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/JediZora;94306. And theres the thing in my sig.
  38. Jedizora

    Story of Zordo

    The ones in ittalics are the narriater speaking. others are zordo.This is my first story I hope you like it! Chapter 1: The floating isles. It happened every night. It was always the same. An explosion, ripping through the stars, obliterating everything, creating a massacre, a bloodbath...
  39. Jedizora

    Story of Zordo Sign Ups

    I need you guys to sign up for this. You can either sign up for name or for a charecter with personalty that you choose. You are more likely to get heard about more if you choose name, but this isn't always the case. Any way the second chapter of the sory of zordo won't be up until i get some names.
  40. Jedizora

    Eragon Rpg

    Ok this will be an rpg based off of eragon. some of you may be thinking: "Hey! Didn't Rytex already make an RPG like this that never too off?" He did but i've decided to make an improved version. There is no eragon,nasuda, orik or Gallbatorix. Lets just go say they are dead. There are 5...
  41. Jedizora

    Island Trading Sequence.

    I have been trying to get the heart peace and i've followed the guide , but the merchants are giving me diffrent items!
  42. Jedizora

    Spoiler Stone Zelda in WW Gallery?

    In the figurine gallery look up at the top shelf above carlov, next to the submarine. there is a stone statue there and i think it looks like Zelda. there is little chance Carlov would have seen Zelda before she was kidnapped, and the statue is always there, even before tetra is revealed to be...
  43. Jedizora

    Adventure of Link A Question...

    I was looking at a couple of AoL threads and it said that if you lose all yours lives the game restarts you back to the beginning point. Does it only send you to where you started it or do you have to do everything again?
  44. Jedizora

    Favorite iPhone Zelda Apps

    I was just wondering, what are your favorite Zelda apps for the iphone/Itouch? I Like fairy ocarina which lets you play Oot and MM songs. What are your favorite Zelda apps?
  45. Jedizora

    The Running Guy.

    I did what the walkthrough said and I couldn't find him. I even waited on the given path for 10 day/night cycles. Please give me some help.
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