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Thank you! Her name is Shino and she's a ragdoll. I got her exactly four weeks ago, and she's about 16 weeks old now, so still a kitten and very playful ^^ I love her to pieces! :pikalove:

Are you interested in getting a cat? Or maybe you already have one?
That’s awesome! How did you go about acquiring her? It’s nice to hear these stories.

I’ve had cats before, mainly when I was little, then suddenly my parents just went to mostly having dogs and feeding the cats around the neighborhood. My favorite cat I’ve had was Ollie, a long haired Siamese, he was gorgeous too and almost majestic looking!

We are currently without pets at the moment, we recently lost our dog, however we were thinking about what kind of pet to get in the future since our daughter just turned 18 months and we don’t plan on having any more kids lol.
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