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  • lol Your avatar-

    Seems out of place in your profile but it's so cute. ^^

    Anyhow, have how you been, man? Do you have any plans for the holidays if you celebrate?
    Psychology? Nice. How is that class?

    I'm working on a chem lab. Ugh. So tedious.

    How much time until your break?
    It's only my first year so it's not too much of a difficulty spike yet. But yeah, I did this all the way through school too, left it all to the last minute. You'd think I'd have learnt better by now but I guess not :lol:
    Thankfully though, these assignments can be submitted online so there's not gonna be a rush to get stuff printed off and handed in tomorrow, which is nice :)
    Hi there, not much, been rough day, but im used to it by now until my house is fixed. Hope you're doing well =]
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