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  • I often do a variety of different reps 15,10,5 8x4 and strip sets.
    I always train with a partner so I can lift as heavy as I can possibly go for the low rep sets, for instance for the 15,10,5 the 5 should be with a weight you can only do about 1 rep with, so if I can do 1 or so reps with 220lbs on the bench my partner will just take that little bit more weight off each time so I can get the full 5 reps out, so I'm always lifting the max I can on that final set. It can go for anything really, if you are about to fail to get the full number of reps out, someone can just help you a little so you complete the set. You can grow much faster this way if you are constantly pushing to the limit.
    Have you ever tried the 10x10 workout? I did it for two weeks once, two weeks of hell but it's a big shock to the system, you might see a big improvement in definition if you were to try it. When I want to strip a few lbs I'll probably go on a high protein diet with about 3000 cals a day. I worked out I needed 3200 a day just to maintain my weight so a couple of weeks of that and see what happens.
    How many cals do you think the diet is? Also, have you changed your workout to do your cut or are you just doing the same things and just eating less carbs?
    I'm doing great. I'm eating 4000 calories a day now and I have to eat 1g of protein for every lb of bodyweight, I basically just eat lots of meat and lots of rice and pasta and one or two mass proteins a day. What is your cutting diet consist of? I'm not really a pizza person, but the chocolate I would certainly miss.

    I put on 35lbs since September, I've not not really put on much fat from it but I think I'll put on about 5 more and then I'll do a cut so that my abs still resemble abs.
    That's no problem. My partner Selina Kyle will be here in a bit to kill you with my Batpod.
    Damn you Bane. Tell me where the trigger is...and then you have my permission to die. :keese:
    Thanks for reading and liking my intro, I really appreciate that. ;) I dunno if the next update will be longer than the first one, but chapters will surely vary in length. Oh, and the next update is ready, I just need to go over it and check that it doesn't contain that many mistakes, then I will check it. XD
    lol definitely

    I'll probably spend the New Year with my family the way I usually do but we'll likely head out to the city this time around.

    Hey, we're having a Skype VC. Wanna join?
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