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Hello to whoever is reading this bio. As you can also read above, I'm Zexy (my first name is Konstantinos, but you can also call me Kostas for short), 20 years old male from Greece, living in Athens. Studying Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in the NTUA university here, currently at my 2nd year.

My hobbies include several kinds of gaming, anime, music and chatting with lots of people (including great friends) online.
My favourite games would be mafia games, video games, card games and several other party/board games. I like game nights and am in 2 game night groups, one offline with some friends and one online.
I like listening to music, different tastes depending on my mood. Mostly prefer video game music, pop, J-pop and some unique pieces of rock. I've taken piano lessons for years and can thus play most instruments with a keyboard.

My favourite series are Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Warcraft.
I've also taken a liking to the following works, most of which are anime/have an anime adaptation:
Ace Attorney, Baccano!, Code Geass, Danganronpa, Durarara!!!, Death Note, Harry Potter, Mirai Nikki, RWBY, Shokugeki no Soma, Steins;Gate and several Greek titles you've probably never heard of.

I've also developed an interest in Myers-Briggs personality types and other similar theories; my main personality type is ISTJ (yet I feel much more comfortable online and act more like an ESTJ), my primary functions are Ti, Si and Te. Temperament's Melancholic (favourite element is Earth).
May 6, 1997 (Age: 23)
Engineering Student



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