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  1. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Oekaki Junk

    Doodle for Valentine's days and days ago:
  2. Zeruda

    How Excited Are You For Skyward Sword?

    I'm excited. Always for a Zelda. But more excited is for the preorder bonus whatever it is (action figure, cards, etc). I will obtain many, then sell them for more. Yaaay. :> But also yes very excited for SS.
  3. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Oekaki Junk

    More oekaki crap doodles. Ilia -> Freaky Midna -> Young Zelda -> Zelda & Midna (newest)
  4. Zeruda

    Ocarina of Time What Do You Want to See Fixed?

    Maybe it's strange, but I'm hoping for also the story to be enhanced. Not totally new parts, but more detail in description. Maybe more cutscenes. Remember the dying soldier in the alley? His presence added more level of depth to OoT. I want to see more of such things. OoT has many parts that...
  5. Zeruda

    Metroid Other M-love or Hate

    My personal opinion, I think it's an okay game. I actually like the controls, but sometimes they are slow responsive or not at all. There is one battle where WMP would have made a great difference, but aside from that the controls are actually fun. Not oldschool like the advertising made many...
  6. Zeruda

    Where Are the Goddesses Now?

    "The three great goddesses, their labors completed, departed for the heavens. And golden sacred triangles remained at the point where the goddesses left the world. Since then, the sacred triangles have become the basis for our world's providence. And, the resting place of the triangles has...
  7. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Oekaki Junk

    ...it's been long enough, double posting: An art trade with another artist on my oekaki board: And then, a failed attempt to try my friend's paint style. I cannot do it. :<
  8. Zeruda

    General Art ZELLY TUTS: Learn How Zeruda Works

    This thread will be dedicated to various graphics tutorials. Avatars, sigs, wallpapers, etc. Even artwork at some point. The title of the thread will probably change, but keep an eye on the thread for the tutorials. [1] Manga Avatars > or Go from a bland manga scan to something nice and...
  9. Zeruda

    Does Gaming Need to Cater More for Females?

    I think it depends on the game, really. For games like Fallout, I will like for there to be a female option. Games that still hold onto the "you are the character" idea, it's much easier to relate if you can choose a character that is the same gender that you are. And that's not even always...
  10. Zeruda

    The Disappointments

    When I was younger, I don't think I ever experienced disappointment with Zelda games. But lately, with the newer ones, I feel that disappointment in certain areas, and it makes me very sad because it feels (to me) like the series is in danger of becoming something other than "Zelda". Like...
  11. Zeruda

    Are You Happy or Sad Cammie Dunaway Left Nintendo?

    This, exactly. I have never liked her. I'm not going to judge her as a person, but her representation of Nintendo and gamers was not satisfactory. She ALWAYS frowned, never looking happy or excited about any new games. She only enforced the stereotype that girls can't or don't play games, and...
  12. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Zelda's Yummy Graphics

    If you'd like a sig like that, you'll have to find different Adult Link and Zelda art. The image you provided is somebody else's artwork, and I don't steal peoples' work. If you'd like a custom avatar, you'll have to provide different art. Those avatars you posted are created by somebody else...
  13. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Zelda's Yummy Graphics

    (made the top two with my friend Ilu) Glad you like them. Though, if you're going to use one of my sigs, be kind enough to link back like I requested on the first page.
  14. Zeruda

    Zelda Art Oekaki Junk

    Haven't had a chance to doodle on my oekaki board for some time now. Playing with bright colors in a different coloring style. Seems to work well for sloppily and hastily doodled pictures such as this.
  15. Zeruda

    If You Lost All Your Zelda Games but Could Only Keep Three.

    I'd prolly keep..... A Link to the Past, The Wind Waker, andd..... I don't know, one of the Oracle games? If I had ALttP, I would need OoT or TP since they both pretty much play on ALttP. TWW because it'd be a nice game to mix things up, and an Oracle game because puzzle-ness is good. :>
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