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  • Que paso, Zeruda? I just want to tell you that I sent that game on Friday, hope it gets there safely. Do let me know when you get it, ok? I just wish to know if it made it. ^^
    wah!.......ugly:kawaii:........I think it's pretty cool.....you should't beat yourself up like that......
    insulting yourself will only result in negative feelings.
    woah WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your name is ACTUALLY zelda!!!!!!
    wow....that is pretty awesome, you also have a profile picture!
    Very Cool!
    Ah, I think it would be nice because I could have more than one native language.
    My native language is portuguese (I'm from Brazil), it is very similar to spanish, so I can understand it well. Ask your mother, if she lived some time in spain, she certanly have already heard portuguese.
    I like unusual names too. It's a wonderfull feelling to know that almost no one has the same name as you.
    My name is unusual (at least in my country) and I love it!
    Really? It must be fun to be in a interracial family.
    Where are your family from?
    I don't think there's a word for how I am. >< Well, I'm on right now...but you aren't. Oi. I always time this horribly. How have you been doing?
    Mooooom. You really need to get on Skype. Or...reach me in some way, even if it's PMs. Mmkay? Please. ^^; Love you.
    :OOh my goodness! I love that wallpaper!!!! Thank you so much Zeruda! I really appreciate it. I'm sorry if this might have caused any problems for you...

    (..........gosh It looks FREAKING amazing!!!:kawaii:)
    Hey mom. Sorry I haven't been around lately. I've been getting on later and whenever I hop on, I never see you on. My timing is horrible. :x
    Hey, Did you get zelda smiling on g-mod?
    Or is it a drawing?
    Or is it something else?I ask more questions for my known mistakes:xd:
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