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  • Here in Portugal is a bit hard to find nintendo merchandise:/

    Anyways, i didn't dislike PH, but, it's my least favorite Zelda game, so far, followed by LoZ.
    :) It seems we have quite a similar story:) i now own all the games, and am collecting the mangas, and any merchandise i can get my hands on(I only have the first 3 mangas, the 4th volume hasn't been released here, yet).
    I have mixed feelings regarding Spirit Tracks, though.
    I kinda liked the trailer, and the game seems cute, but Phantom Hourglass was a bit of a let down to me
    Hm... let me see... When I first got into the series, was back in 1994 or 1993, I used to go to a friend's house, after school, and we played on his brother's SNES, he had some games, and the one I played the most was A Link to the Past.
    That Christmas, my mom bought me Link's Awakening for the GB.

    Some years prior to the release of OoT(maybe 1999, one year after), I lost my interest in videogaming.

    One day, in 2002 or so, I was shopping with a girlfriend I had at the time, and accidentally saw one marvelous thing: a Portable A Link to the Past.
    What was the first thing I did?Buy a GBA and that game:)
    After that I got both the Oracles, and LA DX, and after that...oh, you got the idea... lol
    And you?When did you get into the series?
    You don't have to thank me:)
    I am glaf to see people who love my favorite series as much as I do, specially when they are interesting, cool people like yourself:)
    Half Japanese/Half Spannish(whoo, what a combination):)
    I'm half brittish and half portuguese xD

    I'm glad you're liking it here, because, members like you, true fans of zelda, are always welcome:)
    You seem to post really well, and that's also an awesome feature
    :) Cool... But, are you spannish?If so, we're kinda neighbours xD(country related)
    Are you enjoying this place here?
    Welcome to our Dungeon:)
    You seem to be a cool person, and I hope you accept my friend request:)
    Oh, cool. I didn't know your real name was Zelda. Awesome!
    Hey Zeruda! You know me from PTH. I'm the hyper one. ;)
    Welcome to the forums!
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