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  • So did I. I remembered when I saw that said the Song of Storms.

    I think I got Great Bay's fairies before I figurued out where all of Snowhead's were. lol

    Or me. I know quite a bit about that game. Unfortunetly, I haven ot attempted to get 100% yet. I spend too much time enjoying kicking thier behinds.
    I don't think I've gotten that one before. I'll try that next time I get on my N64.

    Well, you can always use the Song of Storms. If you don't have that yet, the first place that comes to mind is the Swamp, next to the Hags' place. Seems to me there's an easier spot but I can't think of it right now. Hope that helps!
    Okey-dokey. Hope you did well. :)

    Look forward to them!

    Fun! History especially. We were discussing Massachutsus(however you spell that darn state's name) and the Puritans. I thought it was so funny how strict they were. Profesor Xydes said she looked through the courthouse record book once, and one of the crimes was showing too much skin. Another was having sex with sheep! How the heck can you even do that? :lol:
    You won't do bad, Zelway. Essays can be easy if you know how to do it. Four paragraphs? That's not too bad, it could be four pages. You'll know what to write.
    Tell you what, we can prepare together. Tell me what the questions were that he told you. I can give you four base sentences you can think about when you write the answers. You can use those sentences to sculpture the actual essay after. Would that work?
    I'm good with begininer, and I'm okay with intermediate. I can usually guess fairly accuratly, when I have to. Thankfully, that's not very often.

    I'd be impressed too. Who knows, you might have a future in I.T.
    Well that must have sucked.
    I look forward to the results.
    lol Clever Zelway.

    Minesweeper is pretty fun, though I die more times than I win.

    Not too bad, I guess.
    Yeah, that's pretty much what we do too. Also coo over the babies. My second oldest cousin has two daughters, one is two, the other I think is just over a year.

    That sucks.
    Thursday: cleaning floors, making couple things of cornbread for Saturday.
    Friday: colledge courses
    Saturday: family get-together
    Sunday: homework, and I'm most likely going to be trying to relax. Sundaýs are usually my chill days when I'm not doing school.
    Hmmm...Mostly depends on how busy I'll be. Tomorrow through Sunday, I'll be too busy to make it, but I might be able to do it Sunday or Monday. It might be a little hard. I dunno.
    Majora's Mask...I can try to do that. Most of the reason I haven't done it yet is because I haven't found a good picture to use as a blue-print. Thanks!
    I hope so too.

    Nothing. I'm chatting with friends on AoW, sorting through perler beads, and trying to find something to do. lol
    No, I don't. Most jobs don't need a degree. It just makes it easier. I think photography would be one of those.
    Ugh. That's a lot.
    I think I understood some of the words I saw on those pages. As to what you have to do, I have no idea how.

    Swimming, the only things I can think of are lifeguard, Olimpic swimmer, and possibly boatman.
    Video games, most likely a game designer. Or you can write walkthroughs for them, see if you can get money for that.
    If the pictures you've shown me are anything to judge by, you'd make a killing in photography. And there are several things you can do with that. First thing that comes to mind are taking pictures of models, or for newspapers and magazines.
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