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  • I've already gone through a pack of batteries for my Wii Remote playing this game . . . . .
    I'm just about to start the Sandship !
    That's a tough topic to discuss, good luck. I found the overworld, the characters, the enemies - almost everything - disappointing.
    Indeed, it's truly a step in the right direction......still though.....gimme more Zelda rewards to choose from, Nintendo >.<
    Nah, I have the Mario Posters....I would get the Zelda 25th Anniversary poster set, but I has no room for them really =\ I am kind of up for debate on getting the Star Messenger Bag, which costs 550 Coins >.> There’s not much else on there of interest that I don’t already have……man, I want them to put Zelda stuff besides posters on there >.< Hopefully this year’s Platinum Reward will be Zelda related and awesome…..
    Just an FYI, if you need help with a 100% run I actually have the Collector's Edition Strategy Guide ( I just had to buy both the Gold Wii Mote Bundle and the Special Strategy Guide) >.> Just thought I’d thrown that out there, so if you’re ever lost or whatever and can't figure out what to do whatsoever, fell free to ask me :)
    I live in Canada, so it's 12:47 AM where I live right now. As far as Skyward Sword goes, I beat it several weeks ago, I still need to get the last couple Heart Containers though >.<
    Great, though today hasn’t officially started for me yet.....it won’t be the 28th until I wake up at 11:00 PM. My day was alright though; I was able to bring peace back between two Users…...and now I made a group in response which I named “Gratitude Crystal Collector’s” :) Anyhow, how are you?
    8 or 9 more hours until I found out if I'll be one of those poor fans . . . . The suspense is killing me!
    I definitely can't wait to see your movie !
    According to Norad, Santa's in Wyoming . . . meaning he's passed my state and skipped my house ? I haven't heard anything downstairs xD
    Oh, and of course, Merry Christmas !
    In the awkward circumstance that you don't celebrate Christmas, have a happy whatever you may celebrate!
    Goodness, I wonder if we'll ever be online at the same time xD
    And no, I haven't, fndnfgujhnguihnujnhvnihtgbhgDKSNFNDJFNUUUTTBNGNITOED
    Waiting 5 years for this game and of course it comes out and I have to wait until Christmas like a noob
    So . . . after years of waiting . . . 99.99 % chance I'll be getting it for la Navidad ^.^
    And if not . . . I may go insane and raid a Gamestop
    IS IT AMAZING ????
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