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  • I made a role play group called Guardians of Gahoole:the Untold Tales, if your interested in that. I'll try to join your group.
    yeah, at least without the I it can still be pronounced the same way, the k would be weird. and anyways I like talking to people on here, everyone's nice. Some people aren't nice to me when I'm not on the internet so...yeah
    In your drawing album, i think they are good. Not the best. But not the worst. Lol. Im not critizing you. I think they are rather good. Especially #16. :) keep up the good work! :triforce:
    you think I'm nice... thank you. yeah, it's funny, the Lnk was originally a typo I made when creating my account
    It should just be one post, but I could be wrong. Twilight King should have permissions, but kwolf's post count is still 0. Make sure she's posting in a section that increases post count, not one like Forum Games.
    Awh don't feel that way! If someone's annoyed they'll tell you, and you'll never hear that here. We're always open to be helpful. No problems! :)
    That's one thing. I help people out and give people a little hand every now and again :) There are a lot of things to do as a HK. It all depends on who you are really. :D
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