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    A Link Between Worlds Multiplayer

    Multiplayer in Zelda 3DS, eh? It's something that I've been thinking about, and with a system like the Nintendo 3DS it would be easy to pie to incorporate some sort of online/multiplayer functionality. But, the sad realization that comes to my mind is that, while multiplayer in a Zelda game...
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    Well said, friend. Great that you pointed out that feminism is about equality to the human being; people often get deluded misconceptions on feminism, and it's nice to see someone with a brain. ;j
  3. zeldahuman

    Are You Afraid Of Death?

    I don't feel like reading through all 4 pages, so excuse me if there's any redundancies. Alas, I am afraid not of death, but what happens after death has occurred. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, death is our destiny. We live to die. It's the one thing in our existence that isn't an...
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    Ocarina of Time The Fire Temple Chant & Gerudo Symbol

    I'm not sure if this has been said yet, but alas, here I go. :P I think that, in relevance to videogames, unless the developers intentionally try to, nothing is racist in them until we, as people, make things racist. In regards to the Gerudo symbol matching the Star and Moon symbol - just...
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    Rate the Siggy!

    Very generic, yet still pretty cool. ^^ VERDICT: 7/10
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    Rate the Siggy!

    Your sig captures art in its truest form. I assume, since you're saying "Kudos to Furie," that this "Furie" gentleman/gentlewoman made the signature pic. If that's the case, then he/she did an amazing job. It does seem slightly plain though; perhaps that's just me and my knack for...
  7. zeldahuman

    The One Thing You Can't Go a Day Without Having/doing?

    Every weekday, I need my travel mug of hot chocolate in the morning. Also, I don't understand how people can go out in public without doing anything to their hair? It baffles my mind; I'm nothing without my luscious goldilocks that flow in the wind. Moreover, I can't go a day without...
  8. zeldahuman

    "Rethink the Conventions of Zelda"

    I think that it's great that Nintendo is taking a step back into the direction of Zelda's roots and past gameplay styles. I'm especially glad that they're planning to bring back non-linearity; this is something that I've always loved about the Zelda franchise and was disappointed to see it get...
  9. zeldahuman

    Last Words on ZD/Post to Remember You By?

    Well, hmm... this is a lot to consider. Leaving this site is hard; I would know. Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do; be it in real life or elsewhere, like a forum. Regardless though, I don't think of it as saying goodbye... but rather, saying "I'll see you again sometime." I want to be...
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    "You've Insulted an Entire Nation!"

    While the idea would be excellent elsewhere, I don't see any Zelda game where that would make sense. I would find it extremely tedious and even annoying to go to form a bond with every character and race met in the game. I would be okay with having to befriend someone to progress the storyline...
  11. zeldahuman

    Zelda's Mother

    First and foremost I don't think the story of Zelda's mother is as complicated as "she had to leave Hyrule for some reason" or "she died from a disease," she's merely never mentioned. But we can safely assume that, since in most games Zelda possesses special ability like telepathy and contacting...
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    OoT-N64 What Complaints Did You Have with Ocarina of Time?

    Rupee System: Rupees could be collected too easily, and eventually Rupees just ended up collecting dust because you couldn't spend them. Nintendo, as much as I loved Keapora Gaebora, I heard him the first time, I don't need to hear him again. It bothered me that you recieved the Golden...
  13. zeldahuman

    Hell - Exothermic or Endothermic?

    Hello guys, It feels like it's been forever since I've made a thread on here. Anyway, I'm not sure if this is where this belongs, but alas, I have a question I'd like to ask you all. But first, let's start with a little thing called "Hell Explained by a Chemistry Student," which you can read in...
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    Rate the Siggy!

    Very interesting concept... I like it! 9/10!
  15. zeldahuman

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    For some reason I've been addicted to the songs "If Tomorrow Never Comes" by Garth Brooks, and "Good Morning Beautiful" by Steve Holy. :P
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