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    Ocarina of Time Water Temple or Great Bay Temple: Which is More Difficult?

    I'd say the water Temple is harder than the Great Bay because of all the key confusion. The first time I played through that dungeon there was one key I didn't know where to find and actually made me give up the game for a few days. But I went back and finally found it. I played OoT when I was a...
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    General Zelda Cryptids in Zelda

    There's also the Great Fairy that the old man saw in ALttP. Every time you talk to him he insists on making you believe he saw her. The fairy's aren't that cryptid because most people know about them but ALttP's world didn't seem to believe in them. At least that's what I can remember...
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I'm listening to Daft Punk's latest single "Get Lucky" I just can't stop listening to it. It's sooo good XD I really want to get their new album "Random Access Memory" I heard it was pretty good.
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    Zelda WiiU Poll

    I barely even have any idea what Nintendo is going to do with the Zelda series at this point. I kinda want them to do a realistic style of graphics because when I hear HD it automatically makes me think of something really realistic like Skyrim or Final Fantasy 13. But Nintendo's not really...
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    A Link Between Worlds LoZ 3ds: How Could Majora Fit in Diffrent Games

    Maybe Majora shouldn't be the main boss of the new game but a little, maybe, sidequest boss. Maybe they can show you how they sealed Majora in it's mask with a little assistance from Link. I think it'd be great because in a way it'd satisfy the MM3D wanters by putting Majora in the game, not...
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    A Link Between Worlds Time Travel?

    I really don't want time travel being in the game because then it'll just become another OoT, and I'm pretty sure nobody wants that confusion for the timeline again.
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    A Link Between Worlds ALttP2: the Villain

    This would be perfect! XD It would be great to see Ganondorf in ALttP style. But frankly, I don't really care who's the villian in the story. I just want to see how Nintendo pulls off the 3D in a 2D world style for the Zelda series.
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    A Link Between Worlds Oracle of Ages/Seasons?

    Dude, i'm so stoked that the Oracle games are coming out on the 3DS! :D I actually really love this because I've always wanted to play the Oracle games but was never really given the chance to. Plus, it's not like I can walk to my local Gamestop and buy both the games. So this is the best...
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    A Link Between Worlds Link's Hair

    Y'know there are some things that I don't like about Nintendo's "nostalgia" route. Like, I get that they're trying to cater to the fans of old but I think in a sense it's not letting the fans really move on to the new style of Zelda. The new route it needs to go. The changes that need to be...
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    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    All I have is: a Zelda: Skyward Sword poster from Club Nintendo's Platinum rewards a Zelda animated series VHS Hyrule Historia (really awesome by the way XD) A Twilight Princess poster from the strategy guide A golden Zelda wiimote 25th anniversary CD that came with Syward Sword and a...
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    A Link Between Worlds Young or Adult Link?

    We need more of adult Link. Nintendo can do so much more raw things with that Link. I just want to see more of a more mature Link like in TP. I want to see a side of Link we've never seen before. That's my opinion
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    General Zelda What Was the First Zelda Game You've Ever Played?

    My first Zelda was OoT on the N64 I actually had a choice between Majora's Mask ONd Ocarina of time but didn't know it until I actually got into the series after beating OoT And I still have the cartridge to this day
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I'm listening to Allen Stone- Unaware This song's so great XD his vocals are amazing man! I wish I could sing like him >.<
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    Silent Realm IRL

    this would be awesome to play in a park with guardians and everything
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    Favourite Race/species from the LoZ Series?

    the great faeries are very good looking but i will have to go with hyians because Link is Hylian and who doesn't like Link?
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