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    Which Fire Dungeon is the Best?

    Oot fire temple is my personam favorite.
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    Paper Legend of Zelda?

    I like the idea of lego zelda more than the idea of paper zelda but imo both of those are bad ideas.
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    Are Motion Controls Really in Jeopardy?

    I believe they will go the wiiu pad route for this next title but after that you never know.
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    Miyamoto Announces Shorter Tutorials in Future Games

    I hope it is shorter than Tp but longer than OOT that would be a good mix.
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    Biggest Problem?

    exactly my thoughts
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    Best Forest Dungeon

    Easy choice for me here the forest temple from oot is easily the best imo and maybe the best dungeon ever.
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    No Motion Controls After All?

    I prefer classic as well because motion controls almost made the tail end of skyward sword a chore to me.
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    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    I love the differing opinions it is what makes zelda such a great series.
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    The Most Adventurest Zelda Out There Game

    LoZ or OOT take the cake for me.
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    What is Your Favourite Snes Game?

    Totally agree but i prefer ALTTP a little more
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    Voice Acting In Zelda Wii U

    I like the idea but i don't want Link talking.
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    Discussion #013: Is Arbiter's Grounds the Spirit Temple?

    I love the teory and hope it is true but im not sure.
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    What Was the Most Scared You've Ever Been in Your Life?

    I was most scared when i spun out while driving my car cause someone pulled out in front of me in the winter. I swerved and flew off the road and hit a telephone pole then bounced off of the pool into a budweiser factory. needles to say the car was totalled.
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    Most Hated Game

    Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 it just never appealed to me. I love all the other mario platformers but not that one.
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