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    Any Zelda 3ds on the Software Showcase Tomorrow?

    My heart want new Zelda news, but its highly unlikely there'll be anything significant announced.
  2. Zeldafan777

    Favorite Pokemon Type

    Electric and Ice were always my favourites.
  3. Zeldafan777

    E3 Let Down?

    Certainly in terms of Zelda, E3 was a big let down for me. Games such as AC3, ZombiU and Batman Arkham City look awesome and I'm really excited for the Wii U, but I can't hellp but think that Nintendo could have done better this year. What do you guys think?
  4. Zeldafan777

    Opinions on Voice Acting

    Link does have a voice. In the manga he talks (if thats relavent). I would like to see voice acting in Zelda, but like the IGN article, people other than Link shoould be assigned voice actors.
  5. Zeldafan777

    What Are Your Zelda Related Plans for 2012?

    1)100pc complete SS 2)Start Majora's Mask 3)Complete OoT 3d 100pc
  6. Zeldafan777


    Love Swapnote. Did you know that Swapnote is known as Nintendo Letter Box in Europe? My FC is 2234 7590 9405
  7. Zeldafan777

    Bad Luck, or Nintendo Losing Their Edge?

    I really hope Nintendo can up their game with thew Wii U. OK, the 3DS didn't have the best launch but since the price drop sales have soared, even in Japan, where there were huge sales over the Christmas period. I have high hopes for the Wii U. If Nintendo can pull off a solid online...
  8. Zeldafan777

    Whats Your Favourite Minigame?

    Out of all the Zelda titles, what is your favourite minigames?
  9. Zeldafan777

    Twilight Princess What Did You Name Epona?

    Usually I name Epona. My cousin goes for more exotic names though. He once called her "Deathguy" and "Martin". Lol :)
  10. Zeldafan777

    What Was Your Favourite Side-quest?

    Mine was probably the Gratitude Crystals... Dunno Why...
  11. Zeldafan777

    Four Swords Zelda 4 Swords DSi/3DS

    Its pretty nice, but there's not much of a story to it..
  12. Zeldafan777

    Hardest Puzzle in Zelda Game...

    What is the hardest puzzle you've ever come across in a Zelda game? Which one made you do a victory dance when you figured it out?
  13. Zeldafan777

    Why a New 'Darker' LoZ Would Do Well

    The brilliant dark atmospheric feel to TP is something I definitely want to see again. Skyward Sword was so different to TP for me, it completely lost that feeling. I think the Wii U is the perfect console to introduce a new Zelda with a dark feel to it. It would be a treat for long-time Zelda...
  14. Zeldafan777

    Zelda Christmas

    New Limited Edition Zelda 3DS! Here's a pic
  15. Zeldafan777

    Mario Kart Wii Tournament X [Sign Ups Open]

    Hey i'd Love to join! Please PM me the details!
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