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    General Zelda No New Characters

    I like having a few characters that I already know you they are, but I do wish that they would add more newer characters. I would like to see them bring back characters that we haven't seen in a long time not ones that were just in the previous game. I would actually prefer to have almost all of...
  2. ZeldaFan11235

    General Modern Goron Vs. Zora

    I like both races, but i feel like the Zoras :zora:were a little more awesome. I've always loved anything having to do with the water so i think that might have had something to do with it. In Majora's Mask the Zora mask was my favorite transformation mask because of the way it resembled adult...
  3. ZeldaFan11235

    General Zelda Upgrading Companions

    I'm not a huge fan of upgrading stuff, but I think that would be really cool. It does also depend on what or who the companion is, and what you could upgrade.
  4. ZeldaFan11235

    General Zelda The Zelda Story - Is It Too Happy?

    The mood is great, but I do like the darker graphics of TP:midna:
  5. ZeldaFan11235

    Should Nintendo Remake Zelda Games More Often?

    I don't think so. I think that they are doing remakes at a good pace. I would like to see more new games than older ones, but seeing remakes every once in a while is great.
  6. ZeldaFan11235

    Spoiler The Gossip Stone Behind the Deku Tree

    I haven't read that gossip stone, but I think you may be on to something... It would explain a lot. I do also think that JuicieJ is on to something by saying that no one knew that Link wasn't Kokiri, and they never did find out either.
  7. ZeldaFan11235

    General Modern Modifying Link Yes or No?

    No, just no. It would take me an hour to just START the game
  8. ZeldaFan11235

    Twilight Princess Why Does Link Live in Ordona?!

    WE don't know who Link's parents are so we can't really make up any good reason, but if we go by a theory like after MM Link went off and married Malon and they had a kid and so on and so forth (which I believe) they became ranchers and Ordon was just where he lived. If that's the case, that's...
  9. ZeldaFan11235

    Spirit Tracks Your Fortune for Today

    I think it's based on the same because I got "just like my mother" when I told her brown eyes. Then I talked to her again and told her brown eyes, she told me "just like my aunt"
  10. ZeldaFan11235

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I know this sounds facinating, but I went to school. Now I'm waiting to go to my basketball game and doing homework (not really anymore). Then I'll probably go to bed ...story of my life
  11. ZeldaFan11235

    General Modern The Best Name in Zelda History

    I like Error, Nayru, Farore, Din, and Sheik. I could list a lot more, but those are just a few.
  12. ZeldaFan11235

    Zelda : The Movie

    It would be cool to see happen, but it would be really difficult to do because it's a video game and not a book or something. It would be easier to make a tv show. There was a submission in the podcast a while ago talking about doing a Zelda tv show. If they would do a tv show, it would be...
  13. ZeldaFan11235

    Zelda Manga

    I've only read the ones of the games I've played. I read them on the media section of the website. I really enjoyed the ones I have read. I really really like the OoT. It was really funny and I really enjoyed the extra stories that came with it.
  14. ZeldaFan11235

    Favorite Color?

    i like Blues, greens, and pinks. Blue is my favorite. :)
  15. ZeldaFan11235

    The Legend of Zelda Zelda 2013

    What game is going to be your first Zelda game of 2013? Mine will probably be TP. And Happy New Year :party:
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