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  • I recall seeing you, chap, once but you haven't been here in eons. Welcome back! You don't know me but I love your profile picture and your avatar is very recognizable!
    hey I need your help I hoping to do a Lets play over a game but I dont know witch game I wanna do my choices are TP,Kirby 64, Pokemon Yellow, New super mario bros Wii, or Pokemon Silver/Gold
    Hey there! I just wanted to point out something. When you want to reply to a Visitor Message, click "View Message" in the top-right corner, so you post on their profile, and not your own.
    Hey ZD. Sorry for giving you your userbar. Apparently, My neighbor erased all my stuff from my laptop and I have to get everything. Somehow I can't.
    how about you get off the stupid Xbox and go get TP its $20 okay it wont last go get it while you can or get the gamecube version ofr $15 at gamestop
    Thanks for the welcome and to answer in the same order.

    -The bottle, a useful item you just had to find more off.

    -Probably the mastersword, only because I still remember how great it felt to pick it up back in the link to the past and Ocarina of time, even in wind waker to an extent and to realize just how much stronger you were than before, as you slew enemies that would otherwise take 3 or so hits in one. Although that surprise died with twilight I think :(

    -For more triforce wishes :p

    -Gorons, I like their simple yet honorable ways.

    -Thats a toughie, I find my favorite game changes frequently over time but atm it's between Majoras Mask and Wind Waker.
    Ahh, Welcome to ZD, ZeldaDungeon!

    I do believe that your avatar looks like a Final Fantasy sprite, or some-sort of sprite from a JRPG, so it's not really 'stealing', but it seems to be re-coloured, so I'm not sure on that.
    I also see that you also enjoy drawing! That's great! Can't have too many Zelda Artists!

    Well, enjoy your stay, keep active and don't try to take advantage over your name, ja?
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