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  • I passed Math in Grade 11…..with a 50…..but who cares, I passed and that’s all that matters to me :bleh:
    Same as always…...and I passed that art class with a 61…..good thing to, cause after doing some Math regarding my Credits……I said "Oh $#@+ I do need that credit o_O"
    Yeah. I can't choose which team to be/play against so I can get a good seed in the tournament.
    Yeah, me too :P My schedule now is kind of out of whack though….I failed half of Careers and Civics, and have to do it again, but because I passed the Careers part I have the first 6 or so weeks on spare……and I need to know if I failed Art or not…cause if I passed I should be able to get another spare for period 4 :D Then I'll be able to go home early again like I did in Semester 1 :bleh:
    It's about this guy on a ledge (Hmmm, Really?) Anyway. I feel like I rarely get on here anymore. Too busy playing MLB 2K10 in anticipation for my 2K12 preorder and my Million dollars.
    I've only had my English one so far…..and it was easy enough really, but due to me being a slow writer I wasn’t able to do the Essay portion of it before 10:30 :sweat: But, meh, I went in with a 75 so my chances of failing are rather low ^^ I have one on Monday and then my final one on Tuesday…..after which I have the Wednesday and Thursday off :D Then Friday’s the beginning of Semester Two I guess :? I'm almost certain that I'll be bombing the one on Tuesday.....Art this time around was a pain :dry:
    Hi. In response to your question in the article editors needed thread, no. I'm 14 and I'm an editor.
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