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    Breath of the Wild Musical Instrument? Thoughts?

    I think a string instrument would be great on the gamepad. I'm adding more to my previous statement. I think an Ocarina would actually be awesome on the gamepad. you could actually finger the holes and use the camera on it to purse your lips or something to blow.
  2. Zelda-Rocks

    Breath of the Wild Which Terrain Are You Looking Forward to in ZeldaU?

    I want like a swamp sort of thing where it's all water but you can stand in most of it and plants grow out of the water and stuff.
  3. Zelda-Rocks

    Breath of the Wild Mini-Games

    Yeah, racing, archery, swordplay... Oh and I really like the STAR game from TP. It was really fun.
  4. Zelda-Rocks

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

  5. Zelda-Rocks

    Good Bad Worse

    Good:It starts to rain 100 dollar bills.
  6. Zelda-Rocks

    Say Something Nice About the Above User!

    Has an awesome signature.
  7. Zelda-Rocks

    Males Vs Females Game

  8. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda The Stupid-looking Characters of Zelda

    This has been a thing that bugs me the most about Zelda. Most of the NPCs look terrible. Link, Zelda, and a few others look normal, but then there are the ones who are abominable and not at all realistic. Like the potion brewer from SS, the huge-headed bald guy from WW, Groose was pretty close...
  9. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda Consequences for Our Actions

    Absolutely. I loved breaking that guys pots in WW. And that lady's antiques in SS.
  10. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda More Humor in Zelda?

    I think that as long as they did it well, it could be good.
  11. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda Bosses: Making Them More in Your Face

    That would make the games so much funner.
  12. Zelda-Rocks

    Ho-Oh or Lugia?

    I like Ho-oh. It helps that i only have Pokemon Gold, but i think it's cooler. Plus, Lugia is Flying/Psychic type yet it lives in the sea. I always thought it was a Flying/Water type. It is in the card game.
  13. Zelda-Rocks

    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    Charmander. If it's in the game, I got it. I'm not really sure why. Charmander has been my favorite Pokemon forever. It's cute and it's a fire-type. And i am totally a fire-type trainer.
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    Breath of the Wild Transportation in Zelda Wii U

    Horse. Epona was the best mode of transportation ever. You could even use her in combat! Riding on the back of a loftwing was cool, but Epona was more useful.
  15. Zelda-Rocks

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U- Why Would It Have "stolen the Show" at E3?

    Zelda Wii u is probably one of the most anticipated games Nintendo has ever made. And the Zelda games they were showing off at E3 were both essentially remakes. Personally, if they had shown Zelda U at E3 i would not even think of buying WWHD or ALBW.
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