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  • No she did not oh the RP she died in Dark Realm and I dont know its just Clouds well did you took a Look at my Fan Fic and pizzavto the one who wanted to met you
    Where is Mizu again? In the Dark Realm? If so i can...Oh no...erm, I have to go. I will try to get a few messages in tonight or tommorrow, ok? I'm so sorry. I'll try to get a peek at your fan fic or at Mizu before I go. Bye! I will try my hardest!!! :)

    Hey, do you have Dragon Cave dragon eggs on your siggy? I need a few tips on how to let people see them.
    ...I don't know. Saves time, I guess. It's easier to just post on my own profile.
    It does not its DISNEY Micky Mouse and Mizu is now Evil in a RP for now and Please Check out my Fan Fic and My friend pizzavto at the bottom of your Profile an the Next Page and why are you putting Messages on your profile
    Ummm....No? I have never heard of it. If it is a game, I don't know that I would be interested that much. Unless it has me or Cole or Byrne in it, of course.
    Yikes! I wonder why she did that...Oh, yeah. I really love it. It made me happy to know I have such good friends.

    And if Blue has his hammer...Then the hilarity starts! Although I don't really like Link, I do have to say that Purple is kinda cute... and Shadow rocks!
    Yeah, I did. Blue Link is hilarious! Especially when you put him and Red together in the same room... :)
    and did you notice that I am Blue Link's Girl Friend and was it sad about Mizu I been Drawling you but I fail
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