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  • Yes! Such yumminess. :yes: That's it! Tomorrow morning I am definitely making a cup of coffee. :P
    Oooh... Coffee sounds good. :puppy: My mom buys this really good creamer stuff... it's like... cinnamon or something. I dunno, but it's amazing. 8D
    Caffeine is always important to me... I'm always sleepy... Especially at school! Civics is such a struggle to stay awake in... :sweat:
    Ah, migraines... That's no fun. :( But it's always nice to get out of school early... :xd:
    Yes. xD Well, the hand one was awesome! I'm still having trouble on the folds in clothing and whatnot... But that's natural, I suppose. :P

    Have you beat Skyward Sword yet? :?
    :xd: I'll have to send it tomorrow because my grandparents are over, thus I'm in my room again. :D
    Sounds amazing. :yes:

    I finished another drawing today! It's chibi Ichigo and Renji fighting over a cookie! :lol:

    I'll send it to you through swapnote. ^^
    pretty good! My hands have improved greatly! I'm starting to get the hang of things. ^^
    Hm. Well, I've mostly been practicing... So... Most of the drawings are random hands, ears, hair, and eyes... :xd:
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