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  • Yup! I'm uploading it right now! Sorry about disappearing last night, my computer died. :xd:
    Uhhh... Something about following those weird chain talking... I don't know how to exlplain them thingies.
    Indeed. :xd: I've never been good at following things in the first place.
    I'm excited that you're excited, that I'm excited to read it!

    Joking... Well not really, but yeah, that was fun. :xd:
    Yeah... :xd: I actually wouldn't be too surprised if something similar to my illustration really happened... I mean, they argue and bicker about everything else, so why not a cookie?
    Aha... That was fun to draw... I didn't mean to make Ichigo look so enraged, but I decided to keep it that way... :xd:
    It was good! My grandpa's surgery went well. ^^ He's at home recovering now. Umm.. I did some home work, and I read some manga... That's pretty much it. :xd:

    What about yours?
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