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  • You were here Yesterday? You could have emailed me or something.

    Yes, it's been a while, Yosh<3 I'm still around; I hope you are as well.

    Anyway... How is it going with ya?
    Yeah sure, feel free to add whatever name suits you, so long as I am in it. And what do you mean you were never into hacking? You were so fervent about finishing some hack with me as Hector, remember? Or was it Eliwood? Anyway, yeah, hope all goes well with your story.
    Oh, it's nothing fancy, I just want to put my writing to some use, thus I want to make a book. I'm getting lots of help from my ex-teachers and friends, so all is going well. It's a fantasy trilogy I want to work on, with my own world and stuff. So, if you want Yosh in it, yes Yosh, I wont have it no other way, foolis, just say so.

    I wouldn't go back to that place even if the current Ad begged like a baby. :P
    Pfft, as if, who'd want to go back to that place? Maybe you want me back, but what about myself? You think I'd go back to that lion's den? *shakes head*

    Glad you are staying busy, if you write something, let me see it, eh? Also, just letting you know, would you want me to include your *** in this project I have planned? If so, hit me with the info, eh? Just make a regular sign up sheet and pm it or vm it to me. Talk to you later.
    not very much. i'm moving again, but not very far. i have a new computer, a really badass one. also, i'm likely to be appointed feef's new admin sometime next week. dave says he'd like to consider actually handing over the site to the new admin sometime in the relatively near future, but i'm not really interested. what's going on with you? finish any of your stories here yet? i see you've started a LOT of em.

    Moving again? I hope that's not a bad thing. What kind of computer? If you aint running XP, then get out of here. XP for the win. Oh really? The new Ad? Lucky you, then. Why are you not interested?

    Ah nothing much is going on with me, just graduated recently, went back to school to get my diploma, took care of business. I've finished several stories, but there are more that are unfinished, though I am in the middle of fixing that problem, I am hoping to get a book self published. I've decided to gather all those stories I never finished and turn them into one, hopefully I will have it done this year.

    You were Agatha? I always knew that, you couldn't fool me. So, have you finished any of your hacks? Lolz. I never did finish my own, left it at chapter 17 in SS. And what about mugging, you still do that kind of gay stuff? Hahaha jk, mugging is cool. Hit me back some time, love ya always. ~Ats
    Oh, you know me, always saying stuff before I count with people. I just thought that by harassing you with making a mug, you'd do it. XD
    ....Also...245 reads? Have you been reading my story then? Because before I posted the new stuff, it had like 160 views. I guess people are reading it, which will only push me to complete it.

    Anyway...hope you are reading it, fool, your character is top buck in it. :D
    I gave the Dragir rights to Dinky Akera. :P That's why I came up with the term dravhir, lolz. It's suppose to be some kind of tougher dragon-kind race, you'll find out by reading the story. Anyway, yeah, glad you're gonna work on that Atsuma Dravhir mug for me, I know you can do it. Heck, you made that Hung Lao fellow from Dynasty Warriors, you surely can sprite an Atsuma mug just as easy. Just make sure he has horns, wil's face, wil's hair and some random scales on his face. XD
    i know, right?

    ...he put me on ignore. Guess the jig is up. Should we tell?
    Apparently I was not. No offense meant, of course.
    Anyway, yeah, that is great news indeed. I still need those horns, Yoshwa, so get to it. :P And if you could also make a Dragir female that would be awesome, I know you are full of surprises and will come up with a neat looking one. Give her blonde hair while you are at it. :P
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