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    Spoiler GT.TV Trailer

    Does this make the red fire absorbed by the sword Din's Fire?
  2. Yonatesf

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    It definitely won't be the same Impa as in other game, of course, but it's Impa.
  3. Yonatesf

    Any Ideas of the Next Few Places in the Game?

    Come on people, this: is obviously not snow! That said, I would love a real snow area!
  4. Yonatesf

    Korean Website + new footage

    It should work with Firefox. The videos don't show what's on-screen, just people playing. So no new footage. It does give you a good listen, since the audio's clear enough to hear the music.
  5. Yonatesf

    EDGE Gives Skyward Sword a 10/10!

    Then what does? I'm really curious as to how it's decided.
  6. Yonatesf

    Spoiler New Trailer/commercial! New Footage Inside!

    My God, I'm totally in love with the Scorpion... That thing is gorgeous, and it looks like sooo much fun to fight...
  7. Yonatesf

    EDGE Gives Skyward Sword a 10/10!

    The thing is, the GOTY-award isn't always given to the best game of the year. Like he said, SMG2 was the highest rated game of it's year, and the second highest rating of all time, and it still didn't win. It has nothing to do with preference, if Uncharted 3 is rated highest this year, for...
  8. Yonatesf

    Spoiler New Trailer/commercial! New Footage Inside!

    "This is where it all begins" New trailer on Zelda Informer or Zelda Dungeon homepage! New musical track and great footage! EDIT: Straight from the source, ONM Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHnv_07Z4nw&feature=feedu
  9. Yonatesf

    Black Beasts Name Revealed!

    I think it's more like the main baddy's pet or something. It does not strike me as intelligent in the least, and it just doesn't have that "intimidation factor" normal villains, like Ghirahim, have.
  10. Yonatesf

    Black Beasts Name Revealed!

    I think pretty much everybody had that figured out already...
  11. Yonatesf

    Ghirahim's Master

    So, according to ONM's review the "black beast" is called The Imprisoned and is imprisoned in the Sealed Grounds.
  12. Yonatesf

    Black Beasts Name Revealed!

    You beat me to it, I was just about to post this :P Anyway, the Imprisoned huh... For some reason I'm starting to have second thoughts about it being Ghirahim's master, or at least not in the shape he's supposed to be. Also, I guess this confirms it escaping.
  13. Yonatesf

    Story-line Collection Items

    Four Shards to open portals to Hyrule and probably somehow get the Harp, and then some Pearl-like items, probably to create the Master Sword.
  14. Yonatesf

    35 Hour Long Main Quest

    So? That actually means there might be more side content than in the main quest! That's sick! Also, they had to review the game, they probably rushed through it. I'm pretty sure a 'normal' playthrough could reach 40 hours.
  15. Yonatesf

    Zombie Type Enemies in Skyward Sword

    But...they're dead. And walking. So, undead. Isn't that how it works?
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