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  1. YIGAhim

    OoT Secret Gauntlets

    Never heard of this. Will have to check it out.
  2. YIGAhim

    Dimension hopping RP

    "excuse me?"
  3. YIGAhim

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    They needed Falcon as the hero in his jet thing
  4. YIGAhim

    Link's shocking anatomical reveal

    ... They should have just done the shorts thing, not made him a barbie doll
  5. YIGAhim

    What would you want from a new 2D Zelda?

    I want the BoTW 2d prototype. That would be sweet.
  6. YIGAhim

    Gender ratios in Zelda

    It's pretty even compared to everything else. Not too few females at all. This being said, I don't interact with NPCs much
  7. YIGAhim

    Which run of years was the most consistent for you?

    91-2001 for sure. Most of them ended their good streaks way earlier
  8. YIGAhim

    Is Breath of the Wild a good foundation for the future of Zelda?

    What's 2 and 1? Isn't OoT number 1?
  9. YIGAhim

    Dimension hopping RP

    Certainly. What is our next course of action?
  10. YIGAhim

    Ultimate Your Smash Tier List

    You don't like RYU?! You don't like FALCON?! Whaaaaat
  11. YIGAhim

    Best way to play Ocarina of Time?

    It's great that you are showing interest in the Zelda series! I hope you stick around here and try some other games too. I don't remember exactly, but believe we have some kind of rule against talking about or giving links to emulators, but I don't quite remember. Just keeep that in mind for...
  12. YIGAhim

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    We are about 5 billion pages away from being the longest
  13. YIGAhim

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 333!

    Mmmmm... Probably OoT Fire Temple. It's the one I remember the most
  14. YIGAhim

    How tall do you think the main characters in Zelda are?

    Link's probably like 5'8 as an adult. Maybe a few inches taller Ganondorf is probably like 6'6 but I know it's somewhere in Hyrule Historia. Actually I think they all are probably, but I bet Child Link is around 4'11
  15. YIGAhim

    Is Ocarina of Time, just a 3D reimagining of A Link To The Past?

    Well, that is just the formula. You can't say it's a copy if it's the recipe
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