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  • I'm living in Rheinland-Pfalz, that's just next to Baden-Württemberg. In a small boring village (~3000 people) near the capital Mainz to be more exact. There's really nothing going on here :/
    Oh, summer break already? Is it until September or so? Well, here it depends where you are. At school, the holidays are usually like this (varying slightly between different "federal states"):
    Xmas (2 weeks from shortly before Xmas until shortly after New Year)
    Eastern (2 weeks with Eastern being in the middle)
    Summer (6 weeks, the begging varies between end of June and end of July)
    Autumn (2 weeks, here the beginning varies between mid-September and mid-October)

    But since I'm at university right now, it's simpler:
    Spring holidays between mid-February and mid-April and "late summer" holidays between mid-July and mid-October.
    This might sound much on the paper (5 months!) but there's usually some stuff to do in those "holidays" as well, like tests, lab periods (which can be up to 6 weeks) etc. It's just that there are no regular lectures in those "holidays".
    Yeah, kind of. I'm in my semester holidays right now (some weeks off from uni) but I'm a little bored too and spring could be more spring-like than it is right now but it's getting better ;)
    Oh no! You replaced your blood and bones with cake! We have to save you! You wont last much longer! :xd:

    You're welcome. Did you do anything interesting?
    :O I missed your birthday! Oh noes!

    Well, I hope you had a Happy Birthday Y2. Did you stuff yourself with cake? (not literally of course ;p)
    Hai, happy birthday. Have a nice day and enjoy your birthday....................
    Vrolijk kerstfeest en een gelukkig nieuw jaar :) (i'm not going to pronounce it for you :P)
    Same here, My Homework is really pilling up lately! As soon as I finish one thing, another appears! But other than that, i'm fine.
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