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  • Happy Birthday Mistah Y2 :D I hope you have a wonderful day, full of cake...and cake...and cake...Did I mention cake? :eek:

    Anyway, i'm sure it's not a lie...at least, I hope it isnt. o.o

    Happy Birthday!
    Danke Schon vor deine geburtstag gelukwunsch, Smiecht :P (and no I don't know how to get small dots on the letters while they should be there)
    Why didn't you log on earlier??? We need cool members!!! Du bist sehr toll!!! Und du sprechst deutsch!!! :lol:
    Well Italy and Greece are rather large countries :xd: I suggest visiting places like Pompeii and Athens though :P They were rather cool for their historical value. You can also see a lot about how the Ancient Roman's and Greek's generally live. It's pretty awesome when you see some of the ideas they had like their version of a pedestrians crossing point on the road. :xd:.

    Manx Ice Cream is really nice too :P You should totally visit sometime, even if it's for like a day trip, just make sure you go to a Davidson's Ice Cream shop. :P
    The manx Ice Cream is awesome. :P I've never eaten better Ice Cream from anywhere else in the world anyway, although Italian Ice Cream is really nice to if you get proper Italian Ice Cream and not a cheap attempt to copy it. :xd:

    There's a hell of a load of places to research then. :P If you like historical sites though, Italy and Greece are the best places to go in my opinion, especially if you go by yourself and not pay to go on a tour. I find sometimes that going on a tour that it's too rushed to go through anything and you miss out on a lot of the best things about where you are visiting. :(
    Yeah, I think it's pretty weird for someone not to take pictures, it's how I remember most of the things. :xd:

    You should do some research on all the places you want to go to and then choose for the holiday. :P Make sure to come to the Isle of Man to! :) We've got awesome Ice Cream. :xd:
    Nah, I think everyone takes a lot of pictures on holiday xD on my brothers wedding we took like 200 in total. :P I didn't think you were, although I don't like them that much either unless I'm with my friends, it's better when I'm with them (or at least family anyway :xd: just as long as it's my brothers or cousins :P). If you like to just visit small villages you'd probably enjoy the Lake District or Wales, I've been to several small villages in both that were nice areas. :)
    Yeah, I usually click on View Conversation first but sometimes I forget and send myself a VM :xd:

    Yeah, there are several tourist friendly places in Britain but you also have the areas where you are in danger of being mugged, especially if you have anything that my contain valubles left in the open. It's not as bas a Spain I believe though, I've been told that my Nan was dragged by a handbag that was around her arm down a street by some thieves on a bike =\...which is rather unfair considering she was into her 60's at the time.

    There are some really cool places you can go over here though, but at my age when you prefer to go to places that have Theme Parks then other european countries can be better :P but there are some fun Theme Parks in England too. I'm not sure if you are the kind of person to go around a Theme Park though. :P
    Yeah, it's a weird country, although I respect it for it's old empire xD The Ottomon Empire was rather powerful, I just think the British Empire was the best there was, then the French Empire =P

    Although, there are places I wouldn't recommend going to in England, they've got good areas to go to but some cities like Liverpool and Manchester have areas in which you don't want to get caught, especially if you have a lot of money on you There are still some pretty awesome areas to go to in the UK though, Wales is rather cool and Scotland is a good place to go if you like mountain climbing, although there are much better places around the world for doing that.

    And god damn it, I just posted this on my own profile page xD I keep doing that for some reason =\...I did it when I used to talk to Zarom a lot.
    Yeah, it was pretty tasty =D

    Yeah, I've been around a fair few places in Europe including France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey (I think that last one is European anyway :xd:), the UK for a obvious reason :P...but never anywhere like Spain or Germany even though they are some of the biggest countries in Europe =\. I've also been to America but it was only for a few hours in Miama because we went straight to the Caribbean Islands on a cruise. :D

    You should try Greece and Italy, they are both cool countries if you like food and historic places. :)
    Yeah, my brother's fiancee is Australian and her mother offered to pay for some of the wedding if they held it in Australia :)

    It was a chocolate and...erm, I can't remember the other flavouring, I think it was something to do with a cookie anyway, or choc chips xD. Yeah, it was pretty awesome =D
    I know D= but I was in Australia so I just went and bought a Monster Ice Cream =D but it was rather hard to eat with it melting so quickly =\ it was still tasty though :) better than a cake :P...but yes, the lack of cake was the first time ever :<
    Thanks Y2 =D I believe this is the first time we've spoken to each other outside of the SB :xd:...I got about 80 pounds too but no cake D=<
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