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  • Kewl. To me, the only flaw is the controls. Link will always slash diagonally when I want to slash horizontally or vertically. It makes Deku Babas amd Bokoblins a pain.

    :zora: HH
    Hey there, Gummi. How do you like SS? Was it as good as you thought it would be?

    :zora: HylianHero
    Haha, yeah, me too! xD Wow, I am gonna have to try that next time I need a new avatar!
    Oooh, where did you find it? And actually, I haven't gotten to that cut scene yet. I saw it from the harp trailer and I HAD to make it my avatar. ^^

    I'm actually considering making my page a light blue. Hmm. I'm going to experiment!
    I LOVE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE THINGY! Did you make it?! And your page colors are so... cheerful! I LOVE IT. xD
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