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  1. Xanthus

    Who is the Hottest Character in The Legend of Zelda?

    Twilight Princess Zelda of course.
  2. Xanthus

    What Would You Do if You Had 24 Hours Left?

    Write my novella, the Death of Gilgamesh, to the best of my ability. Which is interesting, as it's about the inevitability of death. I don't know how I'd feel. Perhaps liberated, knowing it would all be over soon.
  3. Xanthus

    Which Anime Character Are You?

    Light Yagami.
  4. Xanthus

    The Symbol of Legend of Zelda

    The Shield next to the Master Sword, as shown here: or here: This seems to be the official symbol.
  5. Xanthus

    Spoiler Are the Names of Some of the Dungeons Odd?

    Earth Temple is so named because the interior of the earth is made of lava. Skyview was chosen because it sounds cool.
  6. Xanthus

    Would You Like a Gay The Legend of Zelda Character?

    There already is one- Ghirahim.
  7. Xanthus

    Anyone Still Upset With The Graphics?

    I hated them at first, though I've grown tolerant of them as time goes on. They can look quite good at some points. Not to mention, they've improved since they were first unveiled.
  8. Xanthus

    Spoiler New SS Creature, What Could It Be?

    I think it's a traditional Asian dragon, which are associated with water and weather rather than fire.
  9. Xanthus

    What Ancient Time Do You Wish You Were in Right Now?

    Pre-Marian Roman Republic. Provided I was a citizen, of course. Or maybe Byzantine Constantiople, or the Florentine Republic. The Classical Maya interest me as well, though I couldn't bear the self-sacrifice. And maybe Imperial China, or Rome under Marcus Aurelius.
  10. Xanthus

    Spoiler Is This a Zora?

    I'm kind of confused as to why the immediate response upon seeing new race is to proclaim it to be an evolution of another one. Can't Nintendo just use a different line-up?
  11. Xanthus

    Spoiler SS World Map Revealed!

    What, only three disconnected provinces? Only three inferrent dungeons? Something tells me that either this game will be awfully short, or Nintendo's keeping much of the game from us.
  12. Xanthus

    Spoiler Is This a Zora?

    It looks more like a jellyfish or squid.
  13. Xanthus

    Are You Guys Gonna Get Mad if Link Begins with 6 Hearts?

    Yes. I will. The game should be harder.
  14. Xanthus

    Would the Addition of Voices Be a Plus or a No-no?

    No. It's fine the way it is, and I prefer silence generally as well- I don't need an obnoxious voice actor to read the subtitles for me.
  15. Xanthus

    Does Ganondorf Pay His Minions?

    I've always thought that they looted those from towns they sacked or something like that.
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