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WW IsDa Bombchu
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  • Well it's actually called Age of War, only the url says war of ages. I think you're thinking about the right site though, because there aren't many Zelda RP sites out there I know of besides Age of War. I think Goron Link used it for a while, and then he happened to leave just before I arrived :/ Well I hope to see you there sometime :)
    So how have you been? There's one other zelda site I am active on if you're interested ;) We RP a lot like old times, just with a different format. It's warof ages.org (without the space, I just had to put it there so nothing got starred) in case you want to check it out. We kinda need all the new members we can get.
    Sorry I never responded, I never saw that lol
    As you can see, I'm not very active here anymore...
    Tell ya What. once i have need for a villain, i will call you, until then. you are to just sit in silence. also. you will have to give me 2 worlds that you would like to use in this game. you"ll see how i did it
    Yo, I started a new group called Link is dead 2. Would you like to join? We need a villan
    hi. 1) nice avy. 2) can't wait to fully see the villain in silver wolf. 3) hope i don't annoy you!
    I summon thee
    i have an RP
    and i need a villain
    one of worth
    one of power
    I call thee into service
    Dude! Remember me?? You active? I have been inactive, just checking if old friends are still around.
    So, wait, you forwarded that speech of mine to…..ten people? Heh, what kind of responses did you get, if any?
    Well, when I want to get something across to another person or a group of people, I know how to word things well—been called a philosopher, my statements confuse people sometimes even due to how they're structured. At any rate, it’s nice to see you again as well, my friend.
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